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Restaurant Electric Grill Chicken Machine

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Totally Customized

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Electric grill chicken machine is a totally customized product. You can order any size of grill machine. There are 9, 12, 16, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 chicken grill machines available We also customize our range of products in accordance with the requirements of the clients. Moreover, you have access to choose either electric or gas grill chicken machine.​

Body Materials

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The body of this electric grill machine is made of high-quality mild steel. This mild steel is strong and durable which extended the durability of the product and weather resilient. The parts that in touch with foods are made of heavy quality stainless steel in order to ensure the health safety of customers. High quality rubber and plastic used to construct handle covers and heavy-duty wheels. High quality chicken sticks have been used inside the machine and different sizes of Chinese motors and motor gears are used according to the size of the machine.​


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Different electric chicken grill machine has different capacity. Available capacity starts from 9 chickens to 50 chicken. 9-chicken rotisserie machine has three sticks, each stick has capacity to contain 3 chickens. On the other hand, the rotisserie machine that has capacity to grill 50 chickens, has 10 sticks. You can extent or decline the capacity based on your needs. However, medium size griller machine has a high demand in market which can grill 20-40 chickens.​

Hit Proved Glass and Light

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Electric grill chicken machine used hit proved glass. Anti-scald K-glass reduces external thermal radiation which is energy saving. Glass overlaps drip pan to keep splatters inside and made it anti-slip protection. Lighting behind tempered glass for excellent product merchandising, made the roaster attractive and make the operation easy in day or night. The lights that are used inside the glass are hit proved.​

Strong Pipe Burner

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Electric chicken griller has robust pipe burners that burn the chickens to make it grilled easily. Strong pipe burner is made of high impact metal and has smooth gas flow to ensure the continuous burning. You have also access to control their pipe burners according to your needs.​

Spit System

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There are spits to contain the chicken strongly. So, you have no risks to fall the chicken from containing sticks. Because the spits hold the chicken firmly. When you need to release the chicken, you simply loosen the screw and remove the grilled chicken easily. Moreover, this spit system ensures burning of chicken from all side.​

Masala Containing Tray

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When you are grilling the chickens, Spices on the skin of chicken is seeping continuously. Don’t worry! There is a masala containing tray to hold that masala. It will protect wastes and help you keep the machine inside clean. Moreover, you can smear the chicken with gathered masala. This tray also helps you to cut chicken and keeping other cutting accessories.​

Heavy Loaded Wheel System

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When you load all chicken in the electric grill chicken maker, it becomes heavy. Considering this problem this griller machine used heavy loaded wheels. These wheels are made of high impact plastics and rubber. In addition, wheels have a smooth operation. At the same time, Electric grill chicken machine heavy loaded Wheel system help you move the machine from one place to another.​

High Quality Pionium

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Pionium help helps chicken sticks to roll continuously so that the chicken can be grilled appropriately from all sides. This electric grill chicken maker machine has high quality pionium that can be operated restlessly and effectively which is made of high-quality mild steel. Low quality pionium may break down after heavy uses. So, you should choose the high quality pionium with smooth gear movement.​

Low Energy and Gas Consumption

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The motors are designed to consume less energy based on the size of the chicken rotisserie machine. If the machine runs 8-10 hours a day, it will cost only 200-300 taka monthly. On the same estimate a 12kg LPG gas can serve 15 days spontaneously. This low energy and gas consumption feature made this product cost effective and useful to commercial organization.​

Individual Burner Control

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When you grill chickens, you may need to control burners. Because you need to grill less chickens that time, and you need less temperature. To make this situation easy, this grilling machine installed Individual burner control which serve you best. At the same time, independent burner control protects wasting gas. This feature makes you grilling more comfortable and independent.​


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Mainly this is a commercial product. Restaurants and food providers use this machine commonly. This is heavy use product. So, fast food restaurants use this product to supply grilled chickens to their customers quickly and effortless. Any commercial organization can use the Restaurant Electric Grill Chicken Maker Machine to meet huge demand of grills daily.​


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Restaurant Electric Grill Chicken Maker Machine provide 1-year warranty. You will get any kind of services free for one year. Electric grill chicken machine after expiring the service warranty, you have to pay for services. If you need any kinds of equipment, you have to pay for that product.​

Frequently asked questions and Answers

The machine that is used to cook or grill chicken commercially is called a chicken grill machine. These machines are usually used in restaurants or food delivery institutions to meet huge demands of customers.​

To roast chicken, you need to follow these simple steps as below –
First of all, you have to fix the chickens inside the chicken stick. Make sure you have fixed the chicken by spits firmly. Once all the sticks are full of chicken, set the sticks inside the machine, turn on the gas and start firing, then all the burners will catch fire and the meat will start burning. Then, as soon as the electric motor is switched on, the chicken filled with sticks will start rotating and will continue to burn calmly around and cook evenly all around. This is how the chicken had to be roasted using a chicken grill machine. After the chickens have been grilled, tune off the energy connection and gas connection. Follow all safety instruction to avoid any kind of accident.​

The commercial grill chicken machine is used to roast or cook chickens. Restaurant use this machine to grill the chicken within a very short time. They can grill many chickens at the same time by this heavy-duty machine.​

Chicken grill machine is a fully customized product. This machine can be made of any capacity as per the demand of the customer. But, Electric grill chicken machine usually the capacity of this small size machine starts from 9 chickens and can go up to a maximum of 50 chickens. You can roast 9 chickens, 12 chickens, 20 chickens, 25 chickens, 30 chickens, 40 chickens, 50 chickens by available machines in market.​

The Chicken Grill Maker Machine can be used in any restaurant, food shop, food court, canteen, hotel and any food supplier institution. This can increase your restaurant sales and food items using the Chicken Grill Maker machine in your restaurant.​

Yes, you can move the commercial chicken rotisserie machine from one place to another pace. Heavy-duty wheels are installed in this product.​

From our practical experience and considering quality of the material, we can ensure you 15 to 25 years lifetime without any problem. Though the lifetime of a machine or product largely depends on the appropriate use of it.​

There is no mandatory size of chicken to roast in this machine. You can roast any size of chicken that fit in it.​

There are some safety instructions to use this griller machine.
 Use cloth or gloves to release the hot stick from the machine.
 Clean the inside and outside of Restaurant Electric Grill Chicken Maker Machine regularly.
 Keep the gas cylinder away from the main body of the machine.
 Don’t forget to adjust the temperature when you grill less chickens.
 Use cutter to cut the roasted chickens.
 Tighten the screw when you fix the chicken on the sticks.​

Installation of the commercial chicken rotisserie machine requires simple steps.
Place your electric grill chicken machine.
Connect the gas cylinder to the grill machine.
Plug in the electricity cable.
Control pipe burner if you need and enjoy roasting chickens.​

Cleaning Restaurant Electric Grill Chicken Maker Machine is easy and simple. Wipe the inside and outside of the machine. Then soak a wet cloth in detergent mixed water, wipe the inside and outside of the machine carefully.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, The Electric Grill Chicken Machine Starting Cost is 40,000 Taka price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.​

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