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Commercial Shawarma Kebab Grill Machine Price In Bangladesh

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Different Type And Shape

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Floor standing and table top, both shawarma kebab grill machines are available. Usually, table top structured shawarma kebab grill machines are imported while local made products are floor standing machine. Floor sanding shawarma machine will facilitate you by an extra storage box. Table top size shawarma kebab maker may help you by minimizing your business space.​

Strong Body Materials

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Commercial shawarma kebab grill machine is made of strong stainless steel to make it durable and useful. This feature made the machine long lasting and weather resilient. The outer part of the body of the Commercial shawarma making machine is well furnished which brought good looking to the machine. The parts that are in touch with food are made of food graded stainless steel which ensure safety as well.​

Moving Body

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Sometimes chef face problem with the placement of the burner. As a result, shawarma kebab remains unburned and uncooked. This shawarma grill machine can remove this kind of problem. In this machine you can move the body if you need burners come close to the meet stick. Your shawarma kebab will be tasty and well cooked. So, buy this shawarma kebab maker machine and enjoy tasty and delicious shawarma kebab.​

Customized Size

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Besides available sizes and structure of the Kebab machine, you can ask customized size of this machine. We are ready tom provide your desired version. You can customize the number of burners. You can ask 1,2,3, 4 or more burner for your machine. Moreover, you can attach glass protection in front of the machine. There is some other customized feature you may add.​

Individual Burner Control

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Individual burner control is one of the most important and amazing features of this electric shawarma making machine. If you need to keep off a specific burner, it is possible. When you cook little shawarma kebab, you can do it by one or two burners. By this feature you can do this appropriately as Commercial shawarma kebab grill machine allows you to control burners individually.​

High Performance Motor

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To cook shawarma properly, it needs to be rolled continuously. So that, all side meat of sticks can be burned appropriately. Pinion make the meat stick rotate continuously and the pinion is connected with a high performing motor. This motor can serve for long time without damaging the rotation speed. So, you are highly encouraged to buy this shawarma maker machine with strong and High-performance motor.​

Specious Cutting Table/Inbuilt Drip Tray

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There is specious cutting table under the meat stick which function as a top table. Chef can cut meat and keep cooked shawarma kebab on the table. On the other hand, the table contain dripped masala from meat. For this reason, it is also known as drip tray of floor standing shawarma machine.​

Production Capacity

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Basically, the capacity of the shawarma kebab machine depends on the size of the machine and stick. This commercial shawarma roll machine has high capacity which minimize you labor and cost as well as boost your business. Usually, you can load 25 kg to 45 kg meat on the stick of the Kebab machine.

Simple Operation

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The Shawarma Kebab maker requires no complexity to be operated. This is a plug and play machine. You just need to load the stick and turn on the machine and burner. The machine will automatically heat kebab and make it perfect for eating. So, this machine does not demand any expertise for operation. Chef can operate the machine effortlessly.​

Easy To Move And Clean

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This shawarma machine adopted easy movement though its wheel system. These wheels are strong and durable, can take heavy loads. So, you can move the position of machine anytime you need. On the other hand, the frequently used body parts are easily removable. So, you can clean them easily and efficiently after heavy use.​

Safe And Long Lasting

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This Commercial electric shawarma making machine has used food graded stainless steel for food contact area which ensure you safety. So, you don not have to worry about the food safety using this Commercial shawarma kebab grill machine. Every parts of the machine are commercial equipment which will ensure long durability of the product undoubtedly. Buy this machine sustainable and safe shawarma making solution.​

Product Special Features
  • Heavy Load Capacity
  • Easily Use
  • Durable Body structure
  • Customized Size
  • Specious Cutting Table
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60-70 kgs

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Frequently asked questions and Answers

Commercial shawarma maker roll machine is a stainless-steel automated machine that cook shawarma kebab perfectly within minimum time.

There are several benefits to using the Commercial Shawarma Kebab Machine, including the fact that chicken shawarma or grilled chicken is frequently tasty. You can prepare Chicken Shawarma, Turkey Shawarma, Beef Shawarma, Lamb Shawarma, Doner Kabob, and Tacos al Pastor using this vertical rotisserie shawarma. Customers will congregate around your rotating grill, relishing the scent and anticipating the exquisite flavor that only you can produce. Let the others barbeque hamburgers and hot dogs; you'll be utilizing our chicken shawarma machine to give your customers a taste of the unique. Our multi-burner archway kebab machine is built of high-quality stainless steel.​

Shawarma kebab grill machines are available in both floor-standing and table top models. Typically, tabletop constructed shawarma kebab grill machines are imported, whereas floor standing devices are produced locally. An extra storage box will come in handy with the floor sanding shawarma machine. A tabletop shawarma kebab maker might help you save room in your business.​

Roller grill shawarma machine is mainly used in restaurants to make shawarma kebab for their customer quickly and efficiently. Barbecue shop, flow barbecue, food shops also use this shawarma making machine for the same purposes. Fast food shops have seen to use this machine frequently.​

The commercial shawarma maker machine is constructed of stainless steel to ensure its durability and utility. This characteristic ensured that the machine would survive a long time and would be resistant to the elements. The outside of the Commercial shawarma manufacturing machine is well-furnished, giving the equipment a nice appearance. The pieces that come into contact with food are constructed of food-grade stainless steel, ensuring safety.​

Chefs occasionally have issues with burner positioning. As a result, the shawarma kebab is left undercooked and unburned. This is an issue that this shawarma grill machine can solve. If you need to get closer to the meet stick, you can move your body in this machine. Your shawarma kebab will be delicious and grilled to perfection. So, get this shawarma kebab maker machine and have some great shawarma kebab.​

The wheel mechanism on this shawarma machine allowed for simple mobility. These wheels are robust and long-lasting, and they can handle big weights. As a result, you may change the machine's location whenever you choose. The commonly utilized bodily components, on the other hand, are easily detachable. As a result, after extensive usage, you can clean them quickly and effectively.

No. The operation of the Shawarma Kebab maker is quite simple. This machine is ready to use right away. All you have to do now is load the stick and turn the machine and burner on. The machine will automatically heat the kebab till it is ready to eat. As a result, using this equipment does not necessitate any knowledge. Chef knows how to run the equipment with ease.​

Under the meat stick, there is a large cutting table that also serves as a top table for serving food. The chef can chop meat and keep prepared shawarma kebabs on the table while the meal is being served. The table, on the other hand, is covered in spilled masala from the meat. The drip tray of a floor-standing shawarma machine is termed as such as a result of its function.​​

In addition to the standard sizes and construction of the Kebab machine, you can request a bespoke size for this machine. We are prepared to give you with the version you require. You have the option of customizing the number of burners. You can request one, two, three, four, or more burners for your machine. Furthermore, you have the option of installing glass.​

 Using the Commercial shawarma kebab grill machine, you can roast wonderful meat for your shawarma!
 There are machines that heat up quickly and can hold a significant amount of meat at one time, allowing you to work with a large number of meats throughout the day. If served on a platter (usually with accompaniments), shawarma can also be served as a sandwich or wrap.
 The rotary support provides plenty of space for lamb, chicken, turkey, beef, veal, or a combination of meats, and the burners will ensure that the meat is cooked to perfection and remains warm at all times.​

It is vertically rotated in a shawarma machine near an open flame and thin slices are shaved off with a long, flat knife until the required thickness is reached, while the outer layer continues to cook. Because the filling does not need to be cooked to order, preparation time is reduced, and the dish can be served hot at the drop of a hat when needed.​

The capacity of a shawarma kebab machine is mostly determined by the machine's and stick's size. This commercial shawarma roll machine has a large capacity, which saves you time and money while also increasing your profits. On the stick of the Kebab machine, you may usually load 25 kg to 45 kg of meat.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, The commercial shawarma kebab grill machine starting cost is 40,000 Taka price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.​

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