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Key Points Of Product

  • Material: The casing of the Commercial Tandoori Oven For Restaurant is made from stainless steel. The clay is of the greatest quality and also it is strong and robust using traditional natural materials which have been used for centuries in the making of clay oven pots.
  • Best Cooking Experience: This tandoori oven will offer you the best cooking experience. While using, the combination of spices, high temperature, metal skewers and Clay give the food a unique flavor.
  • Type: We provide two types of tandoor oven (Table Top & Floor Stand Type). You can choose any as your need.
  • High Quality Sheet: This tandoori oven is adopted multiple high-quality Magnet and Non-magnet sheets. You can choose the Magnet sheet (20 & 22 gez mixed), which can affect by acid or rust but has 5year lifetime guaranty. Else, you can go for the Non-magnet that is acid proof and anti-rust and has 15year lifetime guaranty.
  • Portable & User-friendly: You can call it a personal gas oven tandoor. It’s a lightweight product. This is the reason why can easily transportable, you can keep it in the back of your car to the beach, party or picnic camping, caravan. There is also an optional wheel for moving.
  • Received Fully Custom Order: Commercial Tandoori Oven For Restaurant can come in different dimensions so that you can choose on your own. For your satisfaction, we are available for customize order.
  • Delivery Time: It will take maximum 10 Days for this commercial tandoor oven to reach at your door.


Product Features

·         Can be operated using Gas or Charcoal.
·         Durable stainless steel material
·         Burners heat the clay pot up to 60,000 BTU
·         Wheels at the bottom for easy portability
·         1 year free service warranty

Product Specification

·         Measures·         32" widthx32" depthx37" height
·         Weight·         400 Lbs approximately
·         Fuel Option·         Gas/Charcoal

Why Use This Product

We all love the flavor of the great smoky delicious chicken prepared in the tandoor oven.  Cooking foods in a tandoori machine can be fun, especially when you are welcoming your friends for a party, or providing customer in your restaurant. Furthermore, cooking foods in a tandoori oven stick is a much healthier option than other using them such as pan frying, deep frying, and sautéing. This is the reason why we have brought Commercial Tandoori Oven For Restaurant in Bangladesh.

In most restaurants which provide Indian or South Asian foods, tandoori chicken is a very popular dish. The chicken is a little bit burnt and is ready with a lot of butter. Commercial Tandoori Oven For Restaurant is a cylindrical oven made of clay and is used to make and cooking delicious foods. It is very generally found in countries like India, Pakistan, Turkey, Central Asia, and other Middle Eastern countries. Though food can be cooked in a gas stove, electric stove, and microwave too but the food cooked in Commercial Tandoori Oven For Restaurant is much tastier as compare to food cooked in these cooking appliances like gas stove, electric stove, and microwave. Our electric tandoor can cook bread, naan, pizza, paneer tikka, barbeque and several other types of food so that you can prepare a variety of your menu in your restaurant and your customer are going to love it.

Cooking food in a tandoor clay oven is a dry cooking method where foods cook in its own natural juice. You do not need to add extra oil or butter in the food items.  Hence, foods are prepared in a tandoor oven contains less fat than foods that are fried.  Reduced intake of fat helps cholesterol level in the blood, preventing heart-attack. When we are cooking foods on gas stove, the natural aroma and taste of the foods gets evaporated and actual taste of the foods get changed. But foods ready in a Commercial Tandoori Oven For Restaurant, maintain the actual taste of foods as it cooks foods in its juice only. This tandoor clay oven can impart excellent great smoky taste to the foods which may not be present in foods ready on gas. Smoky flavored foods taste great! Meals ready in a tandoor oven remains tasty as well as much healthier. You can eat much healthier vegetables, chicken, beef and any other foods with its full healthy value. Cooking foods in Commercial Tandoori Oven For Restaurant ensure no lack of healthy value from the foods. As you can prepare foods in a shorter time, there is minimal lack of vitamins in the vegetables and chicken. Once tandoor oven gets heated, it remains hot for a very long time. This means you can cook an excellent amount of foods in minimal time without wasting much electricity. Tandoor ovens are huge clay-based ovens which are heated with the help of cooking offered in their system. This cylinder is hollow inside where the charcoal is placed if you use the charcoal one. The foodstuff which you are going to cook is either set up right above the fireplace or stuck to the sides of the clay-based place. Because the foods come in direct contact with the fire, this kind of foods cooking is also known as hot air or radiant heated foods planning. The temperature is maintained for hours, making the procedures of cooking quick and easy. When using charcoal, Commercial Tandoori Oven For Restaurant can reach a temperature of approximately 400c. The skewered meat is placed upright regenerating on the side of the pot. About 60 mm of the skewer is placed into the red-hot charcoal, which holds the heat into the centre of the meat, so the end result the skewer gets hot and cooks the meat from the inside and the radiating temperature from the clay cooks the meat from the outside, closing in all the goodness and flavor. Commercial Tandoori Oven For Restaurant is a perfect machine in your restaurant or home for providing to the family and customers. Once it gets to temperature variety it will precede cooking food for at least several of your energy and once you become an expert you will know how to keep it going more time. After usage, change the lid and allow cooling absolutely naturally, never put out the oven when it is hot, before cleaning and wheeling into your garage or shed.

While cooking your foods in the Commercial Tandoori Oven For Restaurant, ensure that that you are using the right technique and cooking food least temperature. Add fresh lemon juice to your foods instead of salt, it will add great flavor to the foods and will also slow up the sodium content. Make sure to clean the tandoor oven effectively after every use to avoid the creation of chemical inside the tandoor that can be transferred to the foods.

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