Commercial Bone Saw Machine

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Key Points Of Product

  • Smooth Cutting Equipment:  Electric Meat Cutter Bone Saw Machine  is a smooth cutter machine which can be easy to cut all your meats and bones smoothly with a shape. You can easily adjust the cutting thickness of this machine.
  • Commercial & Home Use: We have two kinds of Bone saw machine which is used for commercial use and another smaller one is perfect for restaurant or home kitchen.
  • Blade Size: The saw blade is 48 Inch,64 Inch,82 Inch,89 Inch which is imported from China,Italy,Korea,Sweden and it’s sharp and stable, and the saw blade tension organism can adjust the blade to the best mode.
  • Blade & Parts Available: Finding each part or blades of these types of bone saw machine is hectic because it’s rare. But don’t worry, you can find each and every part or blades available here for this machine.
  • Usage: Electric Meat & Bone Saw Machine is ideal for slicing meat and bones. This can be largely used in hotels, restaurants, food processing factories and butcheries.
  • 1 year Service warranty: This electronic bone and meat cutter machine will offer 1 year warranty at your service.
  • Delivery: We deliver this super quality product in Any District in Bangladesh. if you want to this machine in your area, call us now.

Product Features

·         Saw the tough bones without any effort through this machine.
·         Simple design and attractive appearance.
·         High efficiency with saving energy.
·         Adjustable thickness for cutting bone.
·         Stable and reliable304 stainless steel rustless high quality saw blade.
·         High quality big wheel, tension adjustment handle for simple and safe operation.

Product Specification

·         Product type·         Bone Saw Machine (Mean processing)
·         Material·         Stainless steel
·         Power·         650w
·         Voltage·         220V/50Hz
·         Cutting thickness·         5-155mm
·         Cutting height·         0-180mm
·         Rotation speed·         1420r/min
·         Thickness of the saw blade·         0.5mm
·         Length of the saw blade·         1650mm
·         Size of the bench·         500x380mm
·         Bone saw machine pulley diameter·         300mm
·         Place of Origin·         China

Why Use This Product

Electric Meat Cutter Bone Saw Machine is one of the best machines for sawing the bones and cutting the meat in perfect size that a user desire for. Many times we get suffer and invest hard physical labor for cutting and chopping the tough bones and meat through our conventional way and not only that the other problem we face that, the size and pieces of bones and meats are not perfect in size that requires for preparing different types of recipes but the invention of Electric Meat Cutter Bone Saw Machineminimizes our labor and time. The Machine we bought for you is enrich with high quality features, now I am referring these, This saw machine has high quality stainless steel sharp blades that coated with anti rust for existing longer time service. The blade is strong enough to cut any size and strength bone into pieces. This machine has adjustable cutting process by which you can cut the pieces as much thickness as you want actually a scale is facilitate on the sliding base plate so that you can cut the meat according to your measurement. This Electric Meat Cutter Bone Saw Machinehas double safety guard for safe operation with a safe handle so the user is quite safe during operation. The motor of this machine is overheat protected and also included direct water flashing and the diameter of the wheel is big. Installing this machine in your kitchen or butcher shop is not complex actually anyone can fix it in anywhere. This machine is perfect for large meat processing store, butcher shops, or in the kitchen of large hotels where lots of meat and bones are use to cut daily. This machine requires less energy to operate and the body structure of Electric Meat Cutter Bone Saw Machine is build with Aluminum Alloy body. You can able to cut any size and types of bones like curved, zigzag, or tough bones without any effort. Sometimes in the aristocrat or famous hotel or restaurant the recipes need actual size of meat and bones for enhancing the beauty of the recipes in that case if you cut the bone and meat by knife or chopper you will see that the size of pieces are not being perfect. In this case this Machine could be the solution. The use of this machine is now available in Dhaka. You can buy this machine from us by placing an order. We can deliver the product at your home in Dhaka city and in case of outside of Dhaka we will deliver this product by means of Currier or Parcel anytime and anywhere in Bangladesh.


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