About us

Everything is changing nowadays very fast because time is elapsing. Starting from the lifestyle, we see massive improvements in the business along with behavior as well. Coping up with this flow, we have tried something beyond ordinary which would bring the business to a new level. A goal can be achieved when you have a lot of things on your plate! This is the reason why we came up re-establishing and reforming ourselves as Nobarun International in 2017, which has been operating under the name of Projuktishop.com Our objective was always to hold a sanctuary in the minds of entrepreneurs.

An office, factory or a corporate house needs a variety of equipment, which is why you have to undergo a lot of hassles to find the right vendors, which consumes a lot of time and finally the product you are going to get may have no assurance about the warranty. To evade the complications, we Nobarun International are here where you can get all the equipment with a hassle-free experience.

Basically we work and provide service within 3-4 parts. Firstly, current state Bangladesh is in, our life has become unstable without the safety security systems.With that in mind, we have arch gates, luggage scanner, metal detector, anti-shop lifting, flap barrier, turnstile gates, safety bollards and relevant security equipment for use. We also have wide range of road traffic safety cones like convex mirror, parking barriers, traffic cones, lane divider, rubber speed breakers and so on to reduce accidents and improve safety on the roads.

Moreover, if you are going to open a supermarket or super shop, we can provide all the equipment starting from the plan and designs to all the products. You will get all the products like gondola racks, commercial freezer, chiller, fish cutting machine, meat grinding machine, POS system at the counter as well from us with warranty.

A restaurant’s kitchenis its opportunity to stand out and make a lasting first impression. Nobarun International is the global name for unique and creative goods. It is home to a universe of special, extraordinary appliances and gadgets, for unique masterpieces.Launched in 2017, Nobarun International offers a wide range of kitchen appliances starting from deep fryers, dough mixers, pizza ovens, commercial bakery ovens, juice dispensers, juice extractors or juice makers, food warmers, grill machines, shawarma machines, ice cream machines, coffee maker machines,popcorn makers and all the commercial kitchen equipment is there that a restaurant, food court or a place relevant to the food needs. Not only for a restaurant,these commercial appliances can be used in a commercial place, airport, food court, workplace - anywhere. You can also get the technically advanced electronics like bike security systems and so on. We decorated the product line in a way that it catches the attention of any customer’s unique sense of style. Our appliances and accessories are carefully curated to provide our customers with the latest models and technologies. To keep our customers up-to-date we introduce new arrivals in a week, as well as offer the best picks to help any indecisive shoppers. In terms of Bangladesh, the demand of commercial kitchen appliances are increasing day by day due to the number of restaurants and food courts are increasing. So you will need some high-quality kitchen accessories with a quality service; then we are right here! Just give a call, and then we will be knocking at your door! With our variety of top notch brand items and the very best equipment for you, Nobarun International provides all the equipment and components that you will need in your restaurant, coffee shop or food court.

Beside our product lines, we work for to decorate a new and old restaurant. We can import products or equipment from abroad if necessary within a short period of time. We are such a type of company that will be a trustworthy name for you related to business. We are developed to provide all our services, equipment and gadgets according to your requirements. We will provide you with an idea about the pros and cons of a particular equipment or gadget so that you can choose on your own or what you need. If you cannot choose, then don’t worry! You can leave it on us. We are going to provide the best for you according to your budget and space.

Nobarun International is an owner's best place to make the ideal investment and it will worth every penny.Nobarun International strives to make every purchase a positive experience. Our top priorities are excellent customer service, exceptionally quick order processing, ultra-fast delivering times, and hassle-free experience with lifetime service.

We honor your feedback, whether it is positive or negative and we are continuously working to enhance your experience.As a company, we strive to lead with our guiding principles and to help spread ideas of sustainability and responsibility whose impact can reach far beyond our own business.

If you are a first-time visitor or long-standing customer, we hope you will be thrilled with every aspect of Nobarun International shopping experience.We ask for your blessings so that we can go ahead through honesty and by working hard to reach our goal!