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Commercial Slushy Maker Machine

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Various Chamber Option

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Commercial slushy maker machine has few numbers of chambers. You can get a slushier maker of 1 chamber as well as 2 chambers. You can also get 3 chamber slushier machine which is good for making different types of slush items separately. According to your needs, you can buy any of three types.​

Smart Temperature Control

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Automatic slush making maker has automatic temperature control. This machine works on from -2ºC to -7ºC temperature. Once you set the temperature, the automatic slush maker is able to make that temperature consistent. If temperature is interrupted, the slush machine will automatically reset the desired temperature. So, it is very convenient to use.​

Commercial Refrigeration Technology

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Electric frozen slush drink dispenser is made of advanced refrigeration technology so that can be used for many years. Its compressor and condenser are extremely high quality. Hence the refrigeration system of the machine is very fast to work on and can take only few minutes to make slush. Moreover, it has fast-cooling evaporator to release hot air.​

Hardness/Softness Control

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Hardness/Softness Control Slushier maker with crushed ice has a special feature of making slushies' physical quality. It can control the hardness and softness of slushier. In hard slush, the amount of ice is much. In contrast, the amount of liquid is much in soft slush. There is a knob in the slushier maker by which you can make slush hard or soft.​

Individual Chamber Control

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 One exciting feature of automatic electric slush machine is its individual chamber control. There can be more than one chamber in the machine. And you can control each chamber individually by individual switches. For example, you can make hard slush in one chamber and soft slush in others. You can also run a single chamber switching off the others.​

Strong Body Materials

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Commercial slushy maker machine is made of strong body materials. Most of the body parts including cylinder in the tank are made of pure stainless steel. As a result, the machine is highly rustproof. The tank and handle are made of high standard plastic. Both materials are extremely food grade quality which ensures health safety of the users.​

Different Tank Capacity

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The tank capacity of commercial frozen slushy dispenser can be different according to the number of tanks in the slush machine. A single tank can be 12-15 liter. If there is 2 tank machine, the tank capacity will be 24-30 liter. In 3 tank machine, you can make 36-45 liter slush. You can choose any of them on your necessity.​

Various Beverage Making

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​Frozen slushier machine with crushed ice can be used to make various types of beverages. You can make many slushy beverages like granita drinks, frozen cocktails, lemonades, mixed fruit juices, smoothies, cold coffees, cappuccino etc. in the electric slush maker. You can make slushies with different color, flavor and taste.​

Inside Lighting

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Portable slush maker machine has LED lighting facility inside the tank. The light makes slush items visible from outside during night. Sometimes there are same quality slush items in tanks with different color. In this case user can easily identify the particular color of slushy at night or in dark. Moreover, the light makes the electric slushy maker very attractive.​

Perfect Design for Any Place

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Electric frozen slush maker is not a big machine. It is designed such a way that it can be set in any place. It occupies very low space. You can easily place it in tabletop. As it is not a heavy-weight machine, so you can set it from one place to another place according to your convenience.​

Frequently asked questions and Answers

Slushier is one kind of beverage that is made of crushed ice. It can be hard or soft. It can also be in different colors and flavors. This beverage is very common in the country especially in urban areas. Commercial slushy maker machine is used to make slushie.​

Frozen slushy beverage machine ensures high quality slushy drinks. Slushie is getting very popular for its taste and flavor. Hence it has great demands on beverage-loving people. So commercially the slush machine can be very profitable. That’s why it is highly used for commercial purpose.​

Commercial frozen beverage maker for slush has number of advantages. It can make extremely high quality of slushy drinks with great flavor and taste. It has different chambers of individual controls. Its body materials are highly standard enough to be used for many years effortlessly. Moreover, the materials are food grade quality. The temperature of the machine is controlled automatically. Its freezing components are very durable. Besides, the tank capacity is highly effective for commercial use. As the machine is small in size, it occupies low space. Hence the slushie machine can be set in any convenient place. Moreover, it has smart ventilation system. It does not make noise much.​

The size of automatic slush making maker varies according to the number of chambers. There are different sizes of slushie maker. Its dimension can be: length 10-24 inch, width 19-21 inch and height 28-31 inch.​

The weight of commercial slushie maker varies from size to size. Its weight can be 30-60 kg. So, it is not a heavy-weight machine.

Electric frozen slush drink dispenser has few numbers of tanks. There can be a single tank as well as 2 and 3 tanks. You can choose any of three types slush making machine according to your needs.​

T4he tank capacity of commercial slushy maker machine depends on the number of tanks in the machine. The capacity of single tank can be 12-15 liter. If the slush machine has 2 tanks, the capacity will be 24-30 liter. If there are 3 tanks, the capacity will become 36-45 liter. For commercial use, you can choose any of them according to the demands.

Yes, commercial slush dispenser is portable. It is a simple machine to set up. As it is not a heavy-weight machine, it can be carried to convenient place.​

Slushie maker with crushed ice has a high standard refrigeration system that can work fast to make slush. It works from -2ºC to -7ºC temperature. This temperature range is ideal to make quality slush drinks.​

Yes, automatic electric slush machine has automatic temperature control. After you set the working temperature, the commercial slushie machine makes that temperature consistent. If temperature is interrupted for some reasons, the machine will reset the temperature automatically.​

Yes. Slushie drink dispenser is absolutely hygienic. Its body materials are food grade quality. As a result, the slushy beverages do not get contaminated in food contact area.​

Commercial frozen slushy dispenser is made of strong and durable materials. Most of the body is made of highly advanced stainless steel. Hence the machine becomes rustproof. The tank is made of high standard plastic. As a result, the ice slush making machine can be long lasting.​

Yes, there is a plastic handle in commercial slushy maker machine. It is used to get theslush out. When it is pulled, slushy beverage comes out through the nausal. And then it is taken in cups. This handle is convenient to use the machine.​

Yes. There is an LED light inside the tank of electric frozen slush maker. The light helps to make slushy beverage visible from outside at night. Different color of slushies can be identified easily by the light. Besides, the light makes frozen drink dispenser very beautiful.​

Commercial margarita machine has high standard evaporator. It has two sided evaporators. The evaporators are very fast-cooling. Hot air inside the machine gets released through these evaporators and hence the slush machine becomes cool. Evaporator enhances the durability of the machine.​

The power voltage of slushy drink maker can vary according to the size of machine. The voltage can be either 110V or 220V.​

Portable slush maker machine has different amount of power consumption according to the numbers of tank. For a single tank machine, the power consumption is 500W. If there is a machine of 2 tanks, the power consumption can be 700W-800W. For 3 tank machine, the electricity consumption will be 900W. All this power consumption is not very high for commercial user.​

Yes. Along with primary power source (electricity), frozen drink maker can also be operated by using secondary power source such as IPS, generator, solar panel etc. But usually secondary power source is not used for long time.​

Commercial slushy maker machine is a very simple to operate. It is one type of plug and play machine. To operate the machine, there are few steps as follows:
Step 1: To clean the tank
Step 2: To put water and other ingredients in the tank
Step 3: To switch on the electricity
Step 4: To set the desired temperature
Step 5: To set the hardness of the slush
Step 6: To pull the handle and take the slushie in a cup after few minutes
Thus, the slush making process is done and the slushie is ready to serve. Now electric slush dispenser will manage the temperature automatically.​

Yes, we import portable slush machine. Generally we provide China-based slushie makers which are very famous in all over the world. But if you need other country-made slush maker, we are able to import from that country. In that case, you have to wait for some days.​

Yes. You can make hard slush by frozen slushy beverage machine. In hard slush, the amount of ice part is higher than the liquid part. You can also make soft slush where the amount liquid part is higher. Both types of slushies have different flavor and taste.​

Yes. Commercial frozen beverage maker for slush has individual switch to control each chamber of the machine. For 2 tank or 3 tank machine, you can control each chamber of them individually by individual switches. If you want to make two different types of slush in each tank, you can do that. Even you can run one tank with shutting off the others in electric frozen drink maker.​

Commercial slushy maker machine can make different types of drinks such as granita drinks, frozen cocktails, lemonades, mixed fruit juices, smoothies, cold coffees etc. in the electric slush maker. You can make slush drinks with different color, flavor and taste by slush drink maker.​

Frozen slushie machine with crushed ice is becoming very popular nowadays. It is used restaurant, food shop, juice bar, coffee parlor, cafeteria, food court etc.​

Frozen drink dispenser is almost maintenance-free. As its components and body materials are high standard, hence there is nothing to be worried about. You should just make sure that the temperature is set perfectly.​

We provide 1 year service warranty with electric slush machine. If any problem happens to the slushie maker by this time, you will get proper service within short time. We have expert technical team to support you all the way.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, the Commercial Slushy Maker Machine Starting Cost is 1,10,000 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification, and other customization.​

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