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Commercial Milkshake Mixer Maker Machine Price In Bangladesh

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Durable Base Material

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The base of the Commercial Milkshake Mixer Maker Machine is made of durable material. which it will not break easily. The base will hold the machine accurately to avoid shaking/moving while the motor is running. Thus, it will save you from major accidents.​

Spindle Model Options

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The commercial milkshake maker comes in three different spindle models: Single, double and triple spindle. Single spindle model is ideal for light-duty activities as It can make one milkshake at a time. Double spindle model is perfect for restaurants because it can make two milkshakes at a time. Triple spindle model is perfect for heavy-duty since it can make three milkshakes at a time. If you’re managing a restaurant, you can choose double/triple so that customers won’t have to wait for their milkshake in a rush hour. That’s why we have introduced these three models of the milkshake maker machine so you can choose the model that fits your requirements.​

Commercial Usage

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Commercial Milkshake Mixer Maker Machine can be used for restaurants, hotels, ice cream stores and cafes. It is ideal for commercial usage. You can use the milkshake maker machine to serve milkshakes, smoothies and all sorts of beverages to your customers with ease. You can make drinks according to the requirement of your customers. However, you can also use this commercial milkshake maker to make beverages at home. You can introduce a refreshment drink to serve your guests and your family.​

Sleek & Elegant Design

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The automatic milkshake machine looks stunning and makes your counter or shelve look great. It requires less space so you won’t face any issues while placing it. It is a lightweight product so you can carry/move it here and there. This milkshake mixer will be serving you for a long time.​

Low Power Consumption

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The commercial milkshake machine consumes 280W and 220V, 50hz. It will consume less electricity for daily usage. You can use the milkshake mixer every day without having any issues.​

Built in Safety Switch

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The milkshake mixer has a built-in safety switch which makes sure that the machine will not work if the malt cup is not properly installed. This stops the motor from using the spindle before your cup is in place. Unless your malt cup is properly placed on the machine, the mixer will not work so that you can avoid any accidents. This safety switch will save your life and ensures that you do not cause any accidents while making your drink.​

Low Maintenance

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The is very user friendly and easy to clean. The base and the exterior can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. The cleaning process is very simple. The milkshake machine needs to be cleaned after each use.​


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We will provide 1 year of service warranty for the Commercial Milkshake Mixer Maker Machine. Contact us for more information.

Frequently asked questions and Answers

Commercial Milkshake Mixer Maker Machine is a type of household equipment typically found in the kitchen. A milkshake can be made with the milkshake producer by pouring milk, flavored sauce, ice cream and fruits. For instance, you can put strawberries into the glass and placing the glass on the base of the automatic milkshake machine.

Commercial milkshake machine is supposed to mix milk, flavored syrups, fruits, ice cream into thick and delicious malts, smoothies, and shakes. Heavy-duty blenders are ideal for blending nuts, treats, candy into your signature milkshakes or other frozen drinks. You can use the milkshake machine to make all types of smoothies and beverages.​

First, fill the stainless steel milkshake cup with the wet ingredients. For a usual milkshake, use one-part milk and two-parts ice cream. Later, add two tablespoons of sugar and you may also add additional ingredients you would prefer. Use the volume marks on the side of the cup to monitor the number of ingredients for one milkshake. Use only extremely cold, whole milk to guarantee a foamy and creamy milkshake.
Tilt the head of a standing milkshake machine back. Slide the milkshake cup into the cup holder and drop down the head of the machine, submerging the spindle and blade into the contents. Never start the blade before submersion.
Turn the machine on. Move the cup cautiously up and down to properly blend the ingredients and to include air for froth. Keep the blade submerged consistently and monitor the blending of the ingredients, for example, strawberries or candy bar morsels to make sure that they are chopped perfectly enough to go through a straw.
Turn the switch off. Tilt the machine head backwards and then remove the cup. Pour the milkshake into a tall glass, using a spoon to ease it out of the cup. Clean the milkshake maker after every use.​

There are three types of the milkshake mixer: Single-spindle, Double-spindle and Triple-spindle. Single-spindle model is for light-duty work and it can make one milkshake at a time. Double-spindle model can make two milkshakes at a time. The triple-spindle machine can make three milkshakes at a time. It is ideal for heavy-duty work.​

It depends on your preference. You can blend your milkshake for about 30 seconds up to a minute. To make a milkshake, start by including 3 scoops of soft vanilla ice cream, 2 ounces of milk, and half of a teaspoon of vanilla extract to your blender. For flavor, you may try including a few strawberries or chocolate-flavored syrup. Then, mix your milkshake for around 1 minute, or 30 seconds if you prefer a lumpy shake.​

Milkshake machines are normally used in ice cream stores and fast-food restaurants. It is ideal for restaurants because customers need smoothies and all sorts of beverages. This milkshake machine fills the need for drinks. If you own a restaurant, then this automatic milkshake maker is ideal for you.​

This commercial milkshake maker is perfect for ideal usage. If you have a restaurant or an ice cream store, you may have a large requirement of milkshakes and other beverages. With this automatic milkshake machine, you can provide delicious smoothies and milkshakes to your customers without any problem. You can also provide them with other drinks like frozen yoghurt, etc. However, this milkshake mixer is also great as a household kitchen equipment. You can use this Commercial Milkshake Mixer Maker Machine to make a tasty and mouth-watering milkshake and smoothies and serve it to your guests and family members. You can use this machine to make all sorts of drinks.​

You can make flavorful milkshakes and smoothies using this milkshake mixer. You can make delicious malts and shakes without any issues. You can add different ingredients to add different flavors such as strawberries and candy bars, etc. You can blend candy, nuts or cookies into your frozen beverages.​

Firstly, you need to clean the spindle and blade by filling the cup with soapy warm water and then running the machine with the blade submerged. Then you should rinse out the milkshake cup with fresh water. After that, you should rinse and wipe down the milkshake maker with a damp, moist sponge.​

You should clean the milkshake maker after every time you use it. The machine may stop working or will not work properly if you do not clean it regularly. Any residue left in the machine may clog it and shorten its lifespan. Therefore, you need to clean it after every use.​

The automatic milkshake machine consumes 220V, 50hz. It uses 280W. It can blend milk easily. It is a low power consuming product. You may use it every now and then but you don’t have to worry about electricity bills.​

Nobarun.bd always cares about their customers so we don't compromise safety features. We always make sure that our every equipment is safe to use.
So, yes, Commercial Milkshake Mixer Maker Machine is very safe to use and a user-friendly product. The lightweight allows you to carry easily from here and there. The base holds the milkshake maker while blending so that it cannot displace and cause accidents. This milkshake mixer features "Built-in safety switch" which will let the machine work safely. We have mentioned above what this feature does.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, Commercial Milkshake Mixer Maker Machine Starting Cost is 20,000 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.​

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