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Commercial Electric Pizza Oven

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Body Material

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High quality body materials are used to construct the Electric pizza maker. The body is made of heavy-duty stainless-steel which ant-corrosion. Durable metal basement is adopted to the body. Each cavity's inside is made of aluminized steel. The device will withstand the demands of commercial use while yet being simple to clean. The whole body is weather-resilient and deter to be rusted.​

Stone Made Surface

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The surface of commercial electric pizza oven is constructed by stone which made the electric pizza oven durable and highly productive. The stone made surface ensure the high-quality pizza. Moreover, the stone made surface deter the pizza to be burned. By contrast, other metal made surface has high chance to burn the pizza which decrease the quality of pizza. So, to satisfy your customer with delicious pizza, you can buy this electric pizza oven.​

Pizza Making Capacity

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There is different capacity pizza oven on the market. You can buy your required electric pizza oven. The capacity depends on the size and deck of the pizza oven. If you want light use, you can buy single deck pizza over for your commerce. However, if you need heavy use or more productivity, you can buy double, four-deck, six deck, 8-deck, and 12-deck pizza oven to get more capacity to produce pizza.​

Perfect Temperature For Pizza

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The professional electric pizza oven provides accurate temperature control automatically by the use of thermostat. These electric pizza ovens include a thermostat control system, which means that once you start baking pizza, it will turn off when the temperature is reached. It will save you money on power and you won't have to worry about forgetting to turn off the oven. It will ensure the quality of pizza and perfect baking.​

Digital Meter For Observation

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There is a digital temperature meter on the Commercial pizza oven. This digital meter show information about temperature and status of the unit. This system helps employees to operate the commercial electric pizza oven effectively. They can easily understand whether the pizza is baked or not. Thus, different smart features made the commercial pizza oven machine unique and convenient.​

Individual Pizza Control

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Individual deck control will make your operation easy and comfortable. If will benefit you when you need to control temperature precisely in double or four-deck electric pizza oven. The deck controls, as well as an automated 30-minute timer with audible alert, assure consistently excellent outcomes. You will be able to handle and track your orders effectively. These amazing features obviously bring good result to your business and increase productivity.​

Durable Doors System

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For simple access and quick loading and unloading, the container includes one heavy-duty swing down door. The door features a glass that allows employees to keep an eye on pizzas without having to open the door and let hot air out. The stainless-steel door handle features a rubber covering for insulation and a secure grip. Other low-price pizza oven does not have durable door system.​

Hit Proved Inner Light

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Professional Electric Pizza Oven contains high temperature inside the unite for all time. So, it needs lighting system that is hit resilient. Considering this, Professional Electric Pizza Oven used Hit-proved Light inside the oven which become on automatically when you open the door of the unit. This lighting system help you observe the condition of pizza, besides easy and safe loading and unloading. Some low-quality pizza oven requires extra lighting system.

Area of Use

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Commercial electric pizza oven has a wide range of use in different food agencies that produce pizza and bake bread. Restaurant, coffee shop, food court, pizza shops use commercial electric portable pizza oven to prepare pizza and bread for their customers effectively and quickly. Moreover, some bread factories and bakeshops also use electric pizza over for commercial or industrial use.​

Frequently asked questions and Answers

commercial stainless-steel tandoor oven is a clay pot with robust exterior structure to make delicious tandoori bread at high temperature and with perfection.​

A pizza oven is a type of commercial electric pizza oven designed to efficiently cook pizza and other meals at a high temperature. Pizza ovens can look like a regular oven with a door or use a conveyor belt. One should be able to adjust the belt's pace, therefore limiting the length of time spent baking in high temperatures.​

The Electric pizza maker is made of high-quality body materials. The body is composed of anti-corrosion heavy-duty stainless steel. The body is built on a durable metal foundation. The inside of each hollow is constructed of aluminized steel. The gadget is built to endure the rigors of professional operation while being easy to maintain. The whole body is weather-resistant and resists rusting.​

electric pizza oven is used to accelerate the productivity of your commerce. You can prepare pizza and other food items quickly and efficiently within short time which save labor and time.​

Portable electric pizza ovens are used at a wide variety of food establishments that make pizza and bake bread. Restaurants, coffee shops, food courts, and pizza shops utilize a commercial electric portable pizza oven to swiftly and effectively cook pizza and bread for their customers. In addition, several bakeries and bread manufacturers employ electric pizza ovens for commercial or industrial use.​

You will find different types of pizza oven including Wood burn, electricity, and gas burn pizza oven. These are the categories based on the operating emery. You also get other types based on different standard.​

Commercial electric pizza oven has different sizes. Firstly, the oven may defer based on size of deck. Secondly, you can differentiate pizza ovens based on how many decks the oven has? For example, single deck, double deck, four-deck, six deck, 8-deck, and 12-deck pizza ovens are available.​

The oven temperature is usually regulated by a hydraulic thermostat on traditional ranges. An electrical switch box located in the control panel, a shaft to which the temperature adjustment knob is attached, and a sensor bulb linked to the control body through a capillary tube make up that thermostat.​

Your oven's heating components are continually cycling on and off to maintain a temperature range near to what you select at the oven control thermostat. Thermostats in some ovens are more accurate than in others. The oven temperature is frequently measured by the thermostat using a component known as a sensor.​

The pizza oven's surface is composed of stone, making it extremely robust and prolific. The high-quality pizza is ensured by the stone-made surface. The stone-like surface prevents the pizza from burning. Other metal-made surfaces, on the other hand, have a significant risk of burning the pizza, lowering its quality. So, you may buy it to delight your customer with tasty pizza.​

Yes. electric pizza oven controls temperature perfectly.
The use of a thermostat allows for accurate temperature control in the oven. These electric pizza ovens include a thermostat control system, which means that once the temperature is reached, it will switch off. It will save you money on electricity and ensure that you do not forget to switch off the oven. It will guarantee that the pizza is of high quality and that the baking is done correctly.​

Follow the below instruction to clean the pizza oven appropriately.
To clean ceramic pizza deck, remove deck from cool oven. With the provided deck brush, scrape off hardened spillage. To clean heavily soiled decks, return deck to oven and run at
highest temperature in a well-ventilated area for ½ hour. When oven and deck are cool, remove deck and brush off residue. Then wipe interior of oven with damp cloth, avoiding heating elements. To clean the glass door, use a glass cleaner or damp cloth and dry with clean cloth.​

Some safety instructions should be maintained to get maximum output from the pizza oven.
• Always unplug the oven from the power source.
• Do not use any sharp or hard kitchen utensils on the oven as this could damage the surface of the appliance.
• To clean ceramic pizza deck, remove deck from cool oven.
• Wipe interior of oven with damp cloth, avoiding heating elements.
• When cleaning stainless steel exterior, use stainless steel cleaner and wipe in the direction of the grain.
• To clean the glass door, use a glass cleaner or damp cloth and dry with clean cloth.
• Items that have been frozen cannot be placed immediately on a hot deck to defrost. Food should be placed on a screen or on a pan.
• Make sure the ceramic pizza deck is completely dry. Food will stick to wet places or spills.
• Never use any kind of cooking oil to season the ceramic pizza deck.​

Installation of the electric pizza oven is simple. You just need to follow some easy steps-
 Place the oven on the floor or other flat surface.
 With sufficient help, lift up the front of the oven and attach the two front legs.
 Move the oven to its final location. Adjust the bottom portion of the legs to level the unit.
 Installing the Deck; Open the oven door and place ceramic pizza deck into the bottom with the slots on front of deck facing front of oven. Be sure the deck is firmly set in place
 Plug in the electricity and enjoy baking and cooking pizza.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, The Commercial electric pizza oven starting cost is 60,000 Taka price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.​

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