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Lucrative Design

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The modern and eye-catching design of this commercial juice dispenser easily attract customers’ attention. The demand for this machine is increasing day by day due to its easy use, functionality, beautiful and appealing design. This lucrative design of commercial juice dispenser suits in every environment. At the same time, this dispenser gives a decorative look to your commercial space and increase your business.​

Multi Chambers

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There are usually 3 types of commercial juice dispensers based on the size and capacity of the machine. Two-chambers, three-chambers and four-chambers are available on the market. Multi-chamber allows you to display different juice in different chambers of commercial juice Dispenser. You can get any kind of juice dispenser machine according to the demand such as; Two-chambers, three-chambers and four-chambers juice dispenser.​

Chamber Capacity

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Chamber capacity of these juice dispenser are appropriate to display juice commercially. The juice dispenser machine has many types of juice jars or chambers depending on the type. Depending on the size, each chamber can hold from 12 liters to 20 liters of juice. Usually the demand for small machines is much higher than for big machines. If the customer has a special demand, we can import juice dispenser of any capacity as per the demand.​

Automated Temperature Control

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This is the most amazing and useful feature of this display dispenser of juice. The juice temperature of the juice dispenser machine always ranges from plus 5 degrees Celsius to minus 5 degrees Celsius. Which is usually very useful for juice. The specialty of this machine is that even if the juice is kept at minus degree Celsius temperature, the juice does not freeze, it always keeps the juice in a very liquid state. It will display your juice with safe and appropriate temperature.​

Low Electricity Consumption

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This juice dispenser machine is operated simultaneously with a freezing system and a mixing system. The machine uses a variety of advanced technologies, including thermostats, to reduce power consumption. Consequently, the power consumption of this machine is much lower than that of a normal refrigerator. So, this commercial juice dispenser will help you to reduce the cost. Other low-quality dispenser consumes huge energy and cost more.​

Comfortable Use

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​The commercial juice dispenser is very easy to use. To fill the juice in the chamber, open the closure on the top of the jar, pour the juice and switch on the machine, then give 5 to 6 minutes for the juice to cool. This machine is ready to serve the juice after the juice has cooled. The juice comes out as soon as you press the nozzle to get the juice out of the machine. The juice dispenser machine is so easy to use that everyone from children to the elderly can use this machine without any problem.​

Different Color

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Different decorative colors of commercial juice dispenser made the product unique and appalling to all commercial organizations. You will find yellow, green, white, blue and many other colors. Choose you favorite color according to your business decoration. It enhances the beauty of your interior environment.​

Long lasting Construction

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A dripless pouring valve made of stainless steel will prevent post-pour drips from causing a mess and wasting product. The drip tray is readily detachable, allowing it to be emptied and cleaned as needed. Tight seal gaskets keep moisture and outside pollutants out of the compressor housing, ensuring long-term performance. The dispenser's body and evaporator are both composed of stainless steel, making them extremely durable. ABS plastic side panels wrap around the body to protect the steel shell from damage.​

Area of Use

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The commercial juice dispenser machine has a wide range of use in commercial atmosphere. Fast food shops, juice bars or corners, food courts and canteens use this machine to display various juices. It keeps the juice well-tempered and mixes it appropriately. Restaurants have a wide use commercial juice dispenser to display juice for their customers. You can use for both plain juice and syrup juice display.​


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We provide one-year free service warranty with the commercial juice dispenser machine. During this time, if there is any problem with the juice dispenser machine or if the machine is not working properly, we will arrange for free service to the machine by calling our service number or hot line. After this time if there is any problem in the machine then we take the service bill as per our service chart.​

Product Special Features
  • Available for cooling
  • Suitable for juice, milk shake & other drinks
  • Big capacity
  • Table top but 2 tanks which capacity is Many liters
  • Stainless steel material, durable enough
  • Standard Service Warranty
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Frequently asked questions and Answers

A commercial deep fryer is an electric automated temperature control machine that can fry chickens and fish, French fries, and specialty items like corn dogs and candy bars. It can fry huge items of foods with very short time.​

A juice dispenser is a freezing juice display machine. Juice dispenser is a machine that can be used to cool juices or juices as well as to mix. It is used to arrange and extract juices by tap when you need.​

Restaurant juice dispensers are used to display juice in an appropriate temperature. At the same time this machine cools the juice and mix it continuously. This dispenser display juice in a well manner that attract customers easily. You can extract juice from the dispenser just by pressing the tap.​

In a business setting, the juice dispenser machine may be used in a variety of ways. This machine is used to show various juices at fast food restaurants, juice bars or corners, food courts, and canteens. It maintains the juice at the proper temperature and mixes it properly. Restaurants have a commercial juice dispenser that they utilize to showcase juice for their patrons. You may use it to display both plain and syrup juice.​

There are usually different types of commercial juice dispenser machines depending on the size. Such as single, two chambers, three chambers and four chambers.​

The capacity of the juice dispenser menu depends on how many chambers the machine has. This type of machine usually has a capacity of 12 liters to 20 liters.​

The juice dispenser machine usually has a little cooling unit and a display unit is a total of these two units. The machine uses an advanced cooling system to cool the juice in a very fast time and has jars made of food grade plastic to display the juice.​

To install the juice dispenser machine, follow these steps accordingly.
Step 1: Unpack and place the machine on a safe surface.
Step 2: Clean the juice container, and food contact area appropriately.
Step 3: load the jar with juice.
Step 4: Plug in the juice dispenser machine.
Step 5: Adjust the temperature if you need.​

The industrial juice dispenser is quite simple to use. To fill the chamber with juice, open the top of the jar's closure, pour the juice, and turn on the machine. Allow 5 to 6 minutes for the juice to cool. After the juice has cooled, this machine is ready to serve it. When you press the nozzle to get the juice out of the machine, the juice comes out immediately.​

This juice dispenser machine has a freezing system and a mixing system running at the same time. To save energy, the machine employs a range of modern technology, including thermostats. As a result, the energy consumption of this machine is far lower than that of a standard refrigerator. As a result, this industrial juice dispenser will assist you in saving money. Other low-quality dispenser consumes huge energy and cost more.​

It takes 5 to 6 minutes for the juice to cool in the juice dispenser. After this time the machine is ready to serve the juice.

To get better output and services, you have to clean the dispenser regularly. Follow the instructions below-
 Wash the container, lid, mixer, pump, refrigerator, and tap with neutral soap and lukewarm water.
 Thoroughly rinse with water to eliminate any soap residue.
 For better cleaning and sanitation, use a soft brush.
 Remove the power plug and clean all parts thoroughly if the dispenser is not in use for an extended length of time; keep the dispenser dust-free by covering it with a plastic sheet.
 The machine must be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure health requirements and product quality.​

There are some Dos and Don'ts of using commercial juice dispenser. You should follow these instructions to avoid any kind of problem and extent durability of the machine.
Dos: do this
 Clean and sanitize food contact surfaces and components before using.
 Remove power plug before adjusting temperature.
 Turn OFF and unplugged from the power source before cleaning.
Don'ts: do not do this
 DO NOT touch the machine when hands or feet are wet.
 DO NOT use the machine when barefoot.
 DO NOT allow children to play with the appliance.
 DO NOT allow the machine to be used by children or untrained persons.
 DO NOT leave the machine outdoors.
 DO NOT pull on the electrical cord to unplug the machine.
 DO NOT run the pump without liquid.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, The Commercial Juice Dispenser Starting Cost is 50,000 Taka price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.​

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Saifulla Saroj

From on 9th Mar, 2019


Md. Ashikur Rahman

From Kemi Sweets on 2nd Mar, 2022

Very good quality products

Ashikur Rahman

From Mirpur 2 on 10th Mar, 2022

We purchase 2 chamber juice dispenser machine from Nobarun International and product quality is good.

Rezaul karim reza

From Reza shorbot wala, on 19th Feb, 2023
I want to know, this juice machine from where, ist made by Bangladesh, making our Bangladesh , can I use with DC Battary ist possible

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