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Money Counting Machine With Fake Note Detector Price In Bangladesh

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Quick And Accurate Counting

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With this Commercial money counting machine with fake note detector you can count banknotes of any size 100% accurately and very quickly which is the main feature of this machine. With the help of this machine you can count more than 1000 notes in just one minutes without any hassle. At the same time, the cash counting machine saves your time and increase your proficiency.​

Capacity And Speed

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This commercial automatic money counter has a high-speed counting capability and huge hopper capacity. The electric automatic currency counting machine can count 100 notes within 5/6 seconds which means the counter machine has 1000/minute counting speed. The capacity of the hopper and storage tray actually depends on the condition of the money. If you have new money, you can easily give more than 120 notes, but if the money is old or the tape is dead, you can give 100 to 120 (more or less) depending on the condition of the money.​

Fake Note Detection

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With this Commercial money counting machine, you can easily identify counterfeit money or fake notes while counting money. In that case both UV and MG buttons must be turned on while counting Bangladeshi notes and foreign notes like Dollars, Euros, Pounds. So, this commercial note counting machine will increase the security of your business and secure risk of taking fake notes.​

Count And Add Feature

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Besides the general use of the portable money counter machine, it has some other customized counting features like ‘Count’ and ‘Add’. These two features will make your operation easier and timesaving. By the count option, you can count customized number of notes. For example, you need to pay salary to your employees; it will help you. Add button help you when you are counting different bundles of note and you need to add the previous number to the next.​

Quality Equipment Used

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This Commercial money counting machine with fake note detector is imported from China and it is a European quality machine. It is our own brand machine and we have not compromised on the quality of this machine. Heavy-duty motor and strong hopper are used to this Bill counter machine with fake note detector. The body of the machine is made of high-quality plastic. The machine is undoubtedly a quality machine that you will boost the proficiency and brand value of your business.​

Easy To Use

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One of the reasons this machine has become so popular is its easy use. Once you see the use of this money counting machine, anyone can use this machine to count money and identify counterfeit notes very easily. It has easy-use interface to operate the machine. It just requires pressing buttons to change modes. Whenever you put the bills in the hopper it stars counting and detect counterfeit note.​

Included Customer Display

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This money counter machine will display the total number of the notes or bills on the display and show red signal when a fake note is detected. If you use the machine in counter or any other business purpose, you need to show the number of notes to the customers. Considering this issue, this electric money counting machine added a customer display with machine. You don’t need to buy it separately. So, it will save your money as well as strengthen security.

Areas Of Use

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Automatic money counting machine has a wide range of use in Government, private and domestic, foreign institutions, banks, insurance companies, money exchanges, agent banking, development agents. Different business organizations like supershops, dealership organizations, export, import organizations also use this currency counter machine. Any organization that need to count bills correctly and identify fake notes, can use this machine undoubtedly.

Two Years Replacement Warranty

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We provide two years replacement warranty Commercial money counting machine with fake note detector. During that time, if there is any problem with the currency counter machine, we solve it for free and if we fail to solve the problem, we replace the new machine. However, most warranty issues are resolved by talking to the user on a mobile phone. We have a customer service team to provide warranty service to our machine users.​

Product Special Features
  • Auto/manual starting function
  • Automatic cleaning sensor
  •  A dual means of detection
  • UV-ultraviolet 2. MG 3. IR 4. size
  • Durable sassies with carrying handle
  •  Suitable for multi-currency
  •  US$, Can$, Euro, Ruble, HK$
  •  Sterling, South Korea won, etc.)
  •  Precaution leakage of pieces
  • Two sheets, halt note &
  • Notes stuck together detection
  •  Quick and easy to operate
  •  Automatic clearing
  •  External customer display​
Product Specification

 Function buttons  “C” Auto, ADD



Counting speed

1000+ minute

 Counting range


Batch range


Feed count


 Power supply

 100-240V/ 50/60. Hz


 4 digital LED




 0-40 centigrade



Opposite humidity


Frequently asked questions and Answers

Money Counting Machine is a machine used to count the cash quickly in accurate manner Machine typically provide the total count of all money or count off specific batch set of storage. at the same time this machine detects counterfeit notes.​

This machine is used to count notes and detect fake notes. People mostly use this machine business purpose. This machine will bring efficiency and safety to business.​

Government, private and domestic, foreign organizations, banks, insurance firms, money exchanges, agent banking, and development agents all utilize automatic money counting machines. This currency counter machine is used by a variety of businesses, including superstores, dealerships, export and import companies.​

Yes, this automatic money counting and counterfeit money detection machine can accurately identify domestic and foreign counterfeit notes.​

This Bill counting machine with false note detection has a powerful engine and a large hopper. The machine's body is composed of high-quality plastic. The machine is unquestionably a high-quality machine that will improve your company's efficiency and brand value.​

Anyone who frequently deals with large amounts of cash must have the best money counting machine to count bills quickly and accurately. When you’re looking for the best money counters, consider whether you need a machine for counting cash or coins.

Simply put, Commercial money counting machine with fake note detector operate by placing a stack of bills in place. The counting machine then pulls each bill through individually, instantly recognizing the number of times an internal beam of light is interrupted to determine the denomination and provide a total. Some currency counters can also detect counterfeit bills by using black light to illuminate the bills, which have florescent symbols imprinted on them, in order to help distinguish the real from counterfeits. The result? Your bills are counted and checked at lightning speed without concerns of miscounts or having bills rejected by the bank when you make a deposit.​

A stack of bills is placed in a compartment of the machine, and then one bill at a time is mechanically pulled through the machine. By counting the number of times, a beam of light is interrupted, the machine can count the bills.​

This commercial automated note counting equipment can count notes at a rapid rate. The electric automated money counting machine can count 100 notes in 5/6 seconds, implying a counting speed of 1000 notes per minute.​

The capacity of the hopper and storage tray is directly proportional to the state of the money. You can easily provide more than 120 notes if you have new money, but if the money is old or the tape is dead, you can give 100 to 120 (more or less) depending on the state of the money.​

Despite the numerous types and brands of Commercial money counting machine with fake note detector available, the most of them have capabilities to identify counterfeit bills. These systems detect fake money fast, preventing them from entering your firm and circulating in the market. Most machines use one or more of the following technologies to detect phony bills:
• Ultraviolet (UV) detection: UV is the leading technology used in a money counting machine to detect counterfeit bills. Most countries, including the US, place ink with UV florescent phosphors induction in their banknotes. When UV light is thrown on such currencies, the florescent stripes, which are not visible to the naked eyes, glow.
• Magnetic (MG) detection: Besides UV, most cash machines use magnetic scan features to detect fake bills. Many countries use magnetic ink in printing their paper currencies. The MG detection technology is designed to spot the traces of iron particles in the ink to determine whether a banknote is genuine.
• Infrared (IR) detection: While IR is not commonly used in money counters, it is a sophisticated and more effective counterfeit money detection technology. Counterfeiters may find ways to go around UV and magnetic detection features, but it is incredibly difficult for them to bypass IR detection. A money counting machine equipped with IR tech uses sensors to determine the authenticity of bills printed with IR inks.
More sophisticated bill counters come equipped with counterfeit currency detection features like color image sensing, watermark sensing, infrared thickness, and metal thread coding.​

The ease of use is one of the reasons this equipment has become so popular. After seeing how to operate this money counting machine, anyone can simply count money and identify counterfeit notes using it. The machine features an easy-to-operate interface. Changing modes is as simple as pushing buttons. When you place bills in the hopper, it begins counting and looking for counterfeit notes.​

The BATCH and ADD functions allow the user to count out equal batches of banknotes, or conveniently add consecutive batches of bills together. The counting speed is 1000 Bills/Minute.​

Third, the Commercial money counting machine with fake note detector detects counterfeits and counts up to 1,000 bills every minute. Up to 300 bills can sit in the machine at once, which means it has an extra-large capacity, as well.​

This money counting machine consumes only 75 watts of electricity when counting money. This means that this machine will consume only 0.75 units of electricity if you calculate 10 (ten) hours continuously. If the electricity bill is 8 (eight) rupees per unit, then if you calculate 10 (ten) hours, only 8.5-taka electricity bill will come.​

Yes, we provide a customer display with the machine. When a false note is discovered, it will display the entire number of notes or bills on the display, as well as a red signal. You must show the number of notes to clients if you use the machine at a counter or for any other commercial function. In order to address this issue, this electric money counting machine has a consumer display. It is not necessary to purchase it individually.​

Yes. This machine is capable of counting and detecting foreign currencies like dollar, pound, and so on. Remember that, you need to start the MG mode to detect foreign fake notes.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, The Money Counting Machine With Fake Note Detector Starting Cost is 19,500 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification, and other customization.


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