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Commercial Electric Popcorn Maker Machine Price In Bangladesh

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Attractive Design

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Commercial electric popcorn maker machine is made in attractive design. There are two colors in this machine: red and pink. Hence it looks very aesthetic even from far away. Besides there are many attractive stickers in top part which make the machine very beautiful.​

Fast & Heavy Duty Heater

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Electric popcorn maker can work very fast. Because there is a fast and heavy-duty heater in the machine. This high quality heater is able to produce popcorn in just 3-4 minutes. For being heavy-duty, the heater does not get damaged easily. So this machine is very convenient for commercial use.​

Food Grade Contact Area

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There are few things such as non-stick burner, steel surface and glass in commercial popcorn machine where popcorn can contact with. All these materials are food grade quality. So the machine ensures health safety. It is a very important issue for health conscious people when they are about to consume popcorn from a popcorn maker.​

Warming Facility

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Electric popcorn machine has a very amazing warming facility. It has few things which altogether help for this warming. When the heater is shut off, it still helps to make popcorn warm. Besides, there are glass and light inside the machine which are absolutely heatproof. Hence the machine can keep popcorn warm for long time.​

Easy Operation

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The operation of portable popcorn maker is very easy. There are dedicated switches for its operation. At first electric plug is connected. After heater switch is on, some amount of corns are put in the hang-up burner. Then the turn switch is on and the corn begins to shake into. In just a few minutes, the heater makes popcorn which are fell down to the steel surface. Thus the popcorn is ready to serve.​

Individual Control Switch

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Commercial electric popcorn maker machine uses individual control switches for different functions. One switch is for the power of the machine. If this switch is on, rest of the switches can work. Another switch is for the heater function. When it is on, the heater begins to work. There is an another switch for the light which is used to make popcorn visible through the glass. These individual switches are very convenient for electric safety.​

Safety Feature

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Commercial portable popcorn machine ensures safety for both the machine and user. There is a fuse which protect the machine from over-voltage. Moreover there are rubber, handle and heatproof glass in the machine to protect user from accidents related to heat and electricity. So the popcorn machine is very convenient for any user.​

Heatproof Glass

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There is a heatproof glass in heavy duty popcorn maker. For being heatproof, the glass cannot be heated. So it ensures heat safety for user. Moreover heat energy cannot pass from the machine through the glass. Commercial Electric Popcorn Maker Machine As a result, it helps to keep temperature high inside the machine which eventually keeps popcorn warm for long time.​

Portable Machine

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Countertop popcorn machine is light-weight and small in size. It occupies very little space to set up. Sometimes the machine needs to set from one place to another. In that case one person is enough to carry it without any kind of hassles. So if you want to carry the machine to far away, you can do that easily.​

Production Capacity

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The production capacity of commercial heavy duty popcorn machine is high because of its fast heater. The machine can produce maximum 500 gm of popcorn at a time in just a few minutes. It can also make 10 kg of popcorn in one hour. Hence the machine is very suitable for commercial use.​

Frequently asked questions and Answers

Electric popcorn maker is an electric machine to produce popcorn by using heat. As popcorn is a popular food, so this machine is very demandable among food sellers.​

Commercial popcorn maker machine is meant to a machine for producing poporn for commercial benefits. To produce popcorn manually is very difficult and also time consuming. But this machine is very durable and works very fast to make popcorn. Thus it has a great commercial impact on popcorn sellers.​

There are some advantages to use commercial electric popcorn maker machine. It can produce popcorn very quickly, hence its production capacity is high. It also ensures great quality of popcorn. It can keep popcorn warm for long time for its high quality materials. The machine has individual control switches which make the user easy to operate. As it is portable, it is easy to carry from one place to another. Moreover it is designed very beautifully.​

commercial best popcorn machine is a standard size product. The size of the machine is: length 20 inch, width 16 inch and height 26 inch. There is a hang-up burner in which corn is placed to produce popcorn. The diameter of this burner is 8 inch.​

The machine can produce 10 kg of popcorn in one hour. Generally this capacity is enough for sellers. But if you need to produce more, you can use industrial popcorn maker.​

Generally there are four types of popcorn maker. Among them, we provide commercial popcorn maker only.

It depends on users. There is a fast heater in the machine which helps to produce popcorn very quickly. To produce maximum capacity of popcorn, the machine takes only just 3-4 minutes. If you want to produce small amount of popcorns, the machine can take even less time.​

The machine can produce maximum 500 gm of popcorn at a time. But you can produce less amount of popcorns. For example you can produce 100 gm of popcorn in this machine. So it is very convenient for user.​

The machine is manufactured in many countries around the world. Our machine is made in China. And it is very popular machine across the globe.

No, there is no possibility to burn popcorn. There is a non-stick burner in the machine which protects popcorn to get burnt.

This machine is very durable. You can use the machine for 10 - 15 hours continuously without any troubles. But generally it is not used for such a long time. Because in that case a huge amount of popcorns are produced which are too difficult to sell.​

No, there is no risk to burn hands if it is used properly. There is a risk to get burnt if hand is touched to the burner directly. But you do not need to touch the burner. There is a rubbergrip handle in the burner to control. For more safety you can use heatproof gloves.​

No, training is not required to operate the machine. The machine is very simple to operate.

How to operate the machine?
The operation of the machine is very easy. To operate the machine there are some steps to follow:
Step 1: To connect the electricity
Step 2: To on the heater switch
Step 3: To brush oil in the burner
Step 4: To put corn in the burner
Step 5: To on the turn switch
Step 6: To off the switches after production completes
Step 7: To put down popcorn in the surface from the burner
Step 8: To close the glass door to keep popcorn warm
Thus the popcorn is ready to serve. You can open the door to collect while selling.​

Warming facility is an amazing feature of the machine. For commercial benefits, popcorn must be warm for great taste and texture. In this machine, popcorn can remain warm for 5-7 hours. So it is suitable for commercial users.​

To clean the popcorn peels from the machine is very easy. There are some small holes in center of the steel surface. Popcorn peels go inside the holes. There is a tray under those holes. Hence the peels can be cleaned by removing the tray.​

Popcorn is very popular food in urban areas. So this popcorn machine is mainly used commercially. It is widely used in different food courts, restaurants, snack bars, theatre areas etc. As it is portable, the machine is seen to use in parks, road corners, educational campuses, different events and many other areas.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, commercial electric popcorn maker machine starting cost is 25,000 Taka price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.​

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