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Customized Portable Food Cart

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Mobile Food Business

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Portable food vending business became popular today. People like take street foods when they go out. Even it has become a fashionable thing in big cities of the country. So, it is a profitable initiative for a businessman. The first benefit of this Customized portable food cart is that it is moveable from one place to another place unlike other fixed shops. Shop keeper can go anywhere with this mobile shop. Moreover, shop keeper is not charged any space rent in this case.​

Fully Customized Choice

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Food vending carts are fully customized product. You can customize all most all part of this mobile food cart van. You can choose motorcycle, van, or auto bike structure for your food cart shop. Burner or other cooking equipment can be customized based on you shop purposes. Even you can customize the color and branding logo of you shop. Thus, this is a full customized package.​

Single or Multiple Shop

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Another unique facility of this food cart is that you can choose your shop type when you order foldable food trolley cart. If you wish to open a shawarma shop, we will arrange shawarma making feature. If someone wish to start a mobile burger shop, we also arrange it. By contrast, you may demand both; burger and shawarma which is also possible. We will fix burner and fries that you need. Hot Dogs, Barbeque, Cookies, Kabobs, Fried Foods, Gyro’s, Coffee, Rotisserie Cooking and many other items are possible.​

Foldable Shelves

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Stainless steel street food cart has many shelve to keep your ingredient of food. You can reserve bread of burger, ready barbeque chicken on these shelves. These shelves are constructed inside of the shop and out side of the shop. Outside left and right-side shelves allow you to serve customers. Inside shelves will help you to prepare food and keep ingredients. More importantly, all shelves are foldable which will help to close you store.

Specious Design

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Street shop keeper needs enough space to prepare and serve food for customers. Considering this matter, we construct an intelligent designed and customized portable food cart that provide you more space. For example, all shelves are foldable. When you open these shelves, you will get a plenty of space to work and serve customer. Top and base storage design also allow you to keep many things.​

Quality Glass Fence

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This food vending van cart used glass fence with stainless steel frame. Quality stainless steel make the fence durable and restrain from rust. Moreover, this quality glass fence makes the food cart decorative to customers. Customers can see your food items easily through glass fence. It will add a different beauty to your food shop business.​

High Quality Gas Burner

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A high-quality gas burner is attached in the wheel food cart to Cooke your foods. Usually burner is set to a corner so that you can cook or bake your food and keep to other side. If you need fryer to fry foods, we will attach fry beside the burners. You also allowed to integrate any other cooking equipment you need.​

Top and Base Storage

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Another special feature of our foldable food trolley cart is that, you will get huge space to store different related ingredient. Because, this design includes a top storage and a base storage to keep extra necessary materials of your business. You can store your dishes and raw materials in these storages easily. So, buy this food cart and get huge space to keep necessary materials.​

Decorative Color and Sticker

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In terms of street food business, good looking of your food cart is also important which attract customers effectively. We offer elegant color design for your business cart. You can also add your business name, logo or other favorite sticker on the cart. You can order a fully customized color flavor for your business.​

Safe Lock System

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After a long day of selling food, you'll want to make sure that your utensils, plates, gas canister, fryer, and other equipment are protected. In order to protect this food vending cart, we installed a high-quality security lock mechanism on the door. You have complete freedom to lock and unlock the Customized portable food cart anytime you want. Don’t forget to lock your cart, be secured and safe.​

Frequently asked questions and Answers

A portable food cart is a movable kitchen that sells quick food on the street or within a shopping mall. In order to facilitate the selling of fast food, a mobile kitchen is set up on the street or within a shopping mall. Food stalls are commonly found in big cities across the world; you can find a food cart almost anywhere.

A portable food cart is a movable kitchen that sells quick food on the street or within a shopping mall. In order to facilitate the selling of fast food, a mobile kitchen is set up on the street or within a shopping mall. Food stalls are commonly found in big cities across the world; you can find a food cart almost anywhere.​

A food cart is a movable cafeteria that is put up on the street in order to ease the selling and marketing of street food to those who are passing by on foot. Throughout the world, food carts may be found in big cities offering a wide variety of foods. Cuisine carts can be found in almost every city serving food of any variety. Food carts are available in two basic designs.​

The Customized portable food cart has grown in popularity in recent years. When people go out, they like to eat street cuisine. It has even become fashionable in the country's major cities. As a result, it is a profitable business venture. The first advantage of this food cart is that, unlike other stationary shops, it can be moved from one location to another. With this mobile shop, the shopkeeper can move wherever he or she wants. Furthermore, in this instance, the shopkeeper is not paid any space rent.​

Food vending carts are a completely customizable product. You may personalize almost every aspect of this food vending trolley. For your food cart shop, you can choose a motorbike, van, or auto bike structure. Burners and other cooking equipment can be adjusted based on your shop's needs. You can also change the color scheme and logo of your shop. As a result, this is a completely tailored bundle.​

Another unique characteristic of our folding food trolley cart is that it provides a large amount of storage space for a variety of associated ingredients. Because this design contains both a top storage area and a base storage area, you may store any additional supplies that your company may require. These storage units make it simple to keep your dishes and raw supplies organized. So, get this food cart and you will have a large amount of storage room for all of your supplies.​

In the 1950s, mobile canteens served lunch to soldiers on army posts, and today, food trailers, trucks, and carts deliver culinary items to millions of customers at events ranging from fairs to street corners to weddings as a means of operating a catering, artisan, or gourmet restaurant company.​

You can open single or multiple shops. This is an unique feature of this food cart is the ability to select your shop type when ordering a folding food trolley cart. If you want to start a shawarma shop, we will set up a shawarma-making functionality for you. If someone wants to build a mobile burger store, we can help them with that as well. In contrast, you can order both a burger and a shawarma, which is also an option. We will repair the burner and fry that you require. Hot dogs, barbeque, cookies, kabobs, fried foods, gyros, coffee, rotisserie cooking, and a variety of other foods are all conceivable.​

The stainless-steel street food cart features several shelves for storing the ingredients for your meal. On these shelves, you may save bread for burgers and ready-to-eat barbecue chicken. These shelves are built both inside and outside of the business, depending on the situation. Customers can be served from the outside shelves on the left and right sides. Inside shelves will aid you in the preparation of meals and the storage of supplies. The most essential feature is that all shelves are collapsible, which will aid in the closing down of your business.​

The proprietor of a street food stand needs sufficient room to cook and serve meals to consumers. In light of this, we've created an intelligently built cart that gives you additional storage capacity. For example, all of the shelves can be folded. As soon as you open these shelves, you will have a large amount of room to work and serve your clients. Aside from that, the top and base storage designs allow you to store a variety of items​

The glass barrier of this food cart price in Bangladesh was supported by a stainless-steel frame. The fence is made of high-quality stainless steel, which makes it robust and resistant to corrosion. Furthermore, this high-quality glass barrier adds to the aesthetic appeal of the food cart for customers. Through the glass barrier, customers can plainly view the food products you are selling. It will offer a distinct kind of attractiveness to your food store's operation.​

A high-quality gas burner is linked to the wheel food cart, allowing you to prepare your meals quickly. Typically, a burner is placed in a corner so that you may cook or bake your meal while remaining on the opposite side of the burner. If you require a fryer to cook your meal, we will install a fryer next to the burners. You are also permitted to incorporate any additional culinary equipment that you require.​

This products price can be up & down. But right now, The customized portable food cart starting cost is 80,000 Taka price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.

Product Reviews

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From Kochukhet, Dhaka on 24th Aug, 2023

I recently had the pleasure of ordering a customized local made food cart from Nobarun International and I must say it has been an absolute game-changer for my business. Highly recommended for all who want to food cart business in Dhaka or Bangladesh. 


From Dhaka on 10th Oct, 2022

Very good finishing and i like this food cart.

Md Talha Islam

From Dhaka on 21st Jan, 2019

I found Nobarun Company on Google, visited their office in Mohakhali DOHS and talked about my food cart. Their manager knows a lot about setting up commercial kitchen equipment, and he helped me choose the perfect customized food cart. My business is doing well, and I'm satisfied with Nobarun International.

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