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Commercial Potato Peeler Machine

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Body Materials

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The outer body of the Automatic potato peeler machine is constructed by stainless steel to make it weatherproof and anti-robust. At the same time, commercial potato peeler machine, it will provide you a long-lasting service. The interior body or housing that come in touch with potatoes is made of food graded steel to ensure the health safety. Heavy-duty and commercial motor is added to this machine to ensure long time operation.​

Peeling Capacity

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You will find different capacity electric Stainless-steel potato peeler in the market. There are from 120kg to 1000kg capacity. You can buy Commercial potato machine with 120kg, 150kg, 300kg, 500kg or 1000kg capacity. So, you can choose you required potato peeler machine. 120kg capacity means that, you can peel 120kg potatoes per hour operating several batches.​

Intelligent Design

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The Restaurant potato peeler is designed intellectually that enables all operations easy and comfortable. For example, there is water supply tap on the housing which automatically supply needed water for peeling and washing the potatoes. Thus, the discharging method is also designed smartly; it allows you to discharge peeled potatoes easily and quickly. Similarly, the bottom disc of the Restaurant potato peeling machine is constructed portable to ensure the comfortable cleaning. So, this intelligent operation and design will increase the productivity in your business.​

Large Interior

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This Industrial potato peeler has specious interiors with heavy duty peeling wall. You may add up to 8kg to 20 kg (or more based on capacity) of unpeeled potatoes into the device after turning it on and opening the valve to allow water pour in through the rear-mounted intake. Depending on the size and form of the potatoes, commercial potato peeler machine peeling takes anywhere from 4 to 5 minutes. It will allow you to operate the peeling comfortable.​

Heavy-Duty Peeling Disc

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Professional potato peeler has adopted powerful peeling disc to make the operation smooth. The peeling mechanism on the commercial potato peeler with wash is an abrasive, silicon-carbide disc that allows for precise peeling and can be easily removed for cleaning. It will increase the productivity of your business bizarrely by peeling your potatoes within very short time which is not possible manually.​

Easy Discharge

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A potato peeling system includes a drum-type batch peeler, an unpeeled potato infeed assembly upstream from the batch peeler, and a peeled potato discharge assembly downstream. A rotating plate and a vertically adjustable cylindrical liner with a number of vertically spaced bands of various abrasive materials are included in the batch peeler.​

Low Energy Consumption

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Commercial potato peeling machine consumes low energy because quality commercial equipment is used to construct the main operation unit of this peeling machine. It will be benefited for your business. For instance, a potato peeling machine that have 80kg capacity consumes only 500-600 watt which is almost equivalent to the home refrigerator.​

Easy to Use

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This kind of electric potato peeling machine are very easy to operate. If you want to peel potatoes, you just need to place the potatoes in the housing and turn on the machine. Then, the automatic potato peeler machine will start to peel and wash the potatoes quickly. After 4-5 minutes, you will get peeled potatoes in the container. So, no complexity is required here. You just need to monitor the process and fix problems if happen any inconsistency.​


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Usually, we provide one-year service warranty for commercial potato peeler with wash. You will get free services during this time. When the warranty period will expire, you have to pay for services and required equipment. So, undoubtedly you can buy this restaurant potato peeler machine and enjoy smart and quick service advanced technology.​

Frequently asked questions and Answers

A Commercial potato machine is one which is capable of automatically removing skin from large quantities of potatoes as well as washes the potatoes. They are often used in restaurants and industrial applications to peel potatoes.​

In restaurants and commercial food processing facilities, a potato peeler is used in a variety of ways. This Automatic potato peeler is also used by French fry restaurants, mega kitchens, and hospital canteens to peel their large potatoes and veggies. Furthermore, this peeling machine is frequently used by several chip industries and food processing companies. If you need to peel a large number of potatoes, you may use this equipment.​

Potato peelers are made from heavy duty stainless steel fabricated body. Stainless steel peeling chamber coated with abrasive silicon carbide, which peels the potatoes. To guarantee health safety, commercial potato peeler machine the inner body or housing that comes into contact with potatoes is composed of food rated steel. This machine has a heavy-duty and commercial motor to ensure long-term operation.​

Basically, it depends on the container capacity and size of potato peeler machine. These professional stainless-steel electric potato peelers make quick work of all your potato peeling needs with an output capacity of 10 to 20 kg per batch.​

Abrasive potato peeler machine is especially suitable for small scale potato chips French fries processing. Put fresh potatoes into the peeler drum before starting. The batch quantity is as follows for reference, 3- Stop peeling after around 2 minutes, and check out the peeling effect.​

To ensure a flawless process, a professional potato peeling machine uses a strong peeling disc. The potato peeler machine's peeling mechanism is an abrasive silicon-carbide disc that enables for accurate peeling and is readily removed for cleaning. It will boost your business's production in an unusual way by peeling your potatoes in a very short period, which is impossible to do manually.​

The potato peeler machines can finish cleaning and peeling at the same time. Potatoes are placed in the peeling machine, Heavy-duty Peeling Disc and scrubs the raw material and continuously flips it, commercial potato peeler machine while the water pipe is continuously spraying, and the dirt washed from the raw material is washed away until it is washed.​

Yes. The food contact areas of this potato peeler are constructed by food graded stainless steel.

There is discharging option for you. You can easily use the option to discharge after peeling the potatoes. A potato peeling system consists of a drum-type batch peeler, an unpeeled potato infeed assembly upstream, and a peeled potato discharge assembly downstream. The batch peeler has a spinning plate and a vertically adjustable cylindrical liner with a number of vertically spaced bands of varying abrasive materials.​

Using the Commercial potato peeler machine is so easy. You just need to place your potatoes in the housing of the Potato scraper. Then, turn on the power switch of the machine. Wait for the result 4-5 munities. The peeler machine will finish peeling and washing the potatoes at the same time within 4-5 minutes. Collect peeled potatoes and prepare your recipes.​

You don not need to add water manually. You just need to set up the water line with water supply. The machine will take water automatically.​

The electricity consumption rate of potato peeler machine is not high. It consumes minimum energy to be operated. An 80kg-capacity Industrial potato peeler need only 500-600watt energy.​

No. You do not need to wash potatoes separately. Because the potato peeling machine peel and wash the potatoes at the same time.​

Durability of a product depends on its use actually. Based on our experience and quality of the product, we can ensure you that, commercial potato peeler machine the product will sustain at least 15-20 years.​

Put fresh potatoes into the peeler drum before starting. The batch quantity is as follows for reference, 3- Stop peeling after around 2 minutes, and check out the peeling effect. Open the exit door and turn on peeler to discharge when a fine peeling appears. Otherwise, continuous peeling process again until completely removes the potato skins.​

 After removal of the peeler liner, use soap and water to clean.
 Scrub with a nonabrasive brush.
 Allow to air dry before installation.
 Put the top on the hopper.
 Turn on the water and flush the interior of the hopper. Turn off the water.
 Remove the hopper top and clean the hopper top in a sink.
 Lift out the abrasive disc and scrub with mild soap and water. Rinse thoroughly with water.
 Turn on the water and thoroughly clean the interior of the hopper with mild soap and a brush. Rinse thoroughly with water.​

Installation of this potato peeler requires no complexity. First of all, you need to place the unite on a labeled surface. Then connect the water supply to the machine. Make sure that, all things are set up. Plug in the power and start peeling potatoes.​

You can get maximum level of benefits by using this Commercial potato peeler machine. The restaurant potato peeler is intelligently designed to make all operations simple and pleasant. For example, the housing has a water supply faucet that automatically supplies the necessary water for peeling and cleaning the potatoes. As a result, the discharging technique is also well-designed, allowing you to discharge peeled potatoes swiftly and simply. Likewise, the bottom disc of the Restaurant potato peeling machine is designed to be removable for easy cleaning. As a result, its sophisticated operation and design will boost your company's efficiency.​

Peeling potatoes by electric peeler machine is hygienic. As it maintains all health standards. This potato peeler machine used food graded stainless steel to the areas which are in touch with potatoes. So, you have no worries about the health using this amazing peeling machine.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, commercial potato peeler machine starting cost is 85,000 Taka price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.​

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Md Jahangir Alam

From on 19th Jun, 2021


Md. Asif

From Old Dhaka on 3rd Mar, 2022

already buy a TP 8 model, 750 watt potato peeler machine. Product quality is good.

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