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Commercial Griddle Hot Plate Griller Pan

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Heavy-Duty Materials

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This Commercial Griddle Hot Plate Griller Pan has a premium look and design. It is made of high-quality materials. If you want local material, then we can offer you SS Non-Magnet Sheet or if you want imported material, then we can provide you with SS stainless steel. Both of them are corrosion resistant and food grade. So, you don’t have to worry of the Griller Pan being unhygienic or getting damaged or stained and it will last for a long period of time.​

Electric or Gas

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Mostly our hot plate griller machines use gas since gas contained equipment are demanded in commercial kitchens. But if you want electric, we can provide it for you.​

Large Cooking Area

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The gas hot plate griller pan has a large cooking area. The cooking surface helps to serve your all customers at once. It is very fast and you can cook multiple foods at the same time. This commercial griddle saves you time and gives you hot, delicious food that you can serve to your customers fast.​

Complete Versatile

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This commercial hot plate griller pan is the perfect choice for restaurants, cafes, canteens, hotels and western food shops. It is also ideal for houses. It can be used to grill or fry steak, fish, egg, hamburgers, pies and so much more. If you are a restaurant owner, then this commercial gas griddle is necessary for you.​

Heating Control

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GAS Griddle Plate Griller Pan provides a temperature selection dial. This allows accurate heating control. The plate area is very large so you can fry more foods at a time. The plate is flat so it makes sure that there is an even heat distribution along with a high thermal efficiency.​

Cooking Performance

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This commercial hot plate has a cooking power of 3000W with a voltage of 220-240V 50hz which means it offers full power without consuming much electricity. Commercial Griddle Hot Plate Griller Pan Since it is very powerful and has a large area, you can easily cook more than one food at once.​

Totally Portable

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The hot plate griller pan has a weight of 18.5kg or 40.7lbs. It can sit easily on a normal worktop at a proper working height. It is easily portable so you can move the grille pan from one place to another without any problems.​

Easy Maintenance

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This GAS Griddle Hot Plate Panis very easy to clean. There is an in-built splash guard to avoid any mess. It is an oil leaking hole and removable oil drawer which are used. Therefore, you can clean the hot plate easily and quickly.​


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We provide 1-year warranty. You will get any kind of services free for one year. After expiring the service warranty, you have to pay for services. If you need any kinds of equipment, you have to pay for that product.​

Frequently asked questions and Answers

A griller pan is a kitchen equipment that can grill and fry foods like hamburgers, steak, fish, egg etc.​

A griddle plate can be used to fry or heat foods simultaneously while evenly transferring heat.

GAS Griddle Hot Grille Pan have burners that are situated underneath the griddle plate. At the point where the burners heat up, they rapidly heat the cooking surfaces. Gas griddles normally heat up quickly and bring down temperatures more rapidly than electric burners.​

In contrast to a bigger stove, a hot plate doesn't create enough heat, so you can cook throughout the summer without warming your whole house. It works similarly as an electric stove burner. Commercial Griddle Hot Plate Griller Pan You have to place the pot or skillet on the hot plate. If your recipe calls for cooking spray, apply it to the pan.​

You can cook pancakes and eggs as well as bacon, French toast, hash browns, and other breakfast items. Griddles are frequently utilized for cooking burgers and other hot sandwiches, for example, grilled cheese.

Here are steps to use a commercial hot plate griddle:
Step 1: Wash the pan and dry it
Step 2: Cut your food in to thin slices
Step 3: Brush oil on the food
Step 4: Pre-heat the pan on medium high
Step 5: Place your food on the pan
Step 6: Now cover the pan (avoid moving the pan for 1 minute)
Step 7: Rotate your food after 1-2 minute(s)
Step 8: Flip your food and take the temperature of it
Step 9: After your food is ready then clean the pan with hot water

Fish will stick for the first time but if you give it some time, the proteins in touch with the surface alter while releasing it. When you put the fish in the pan, do not move it around. Wait till it is perfect to flip and be careful.​

Rub your pan down with some canola or vegetable oil and toss it in a 425°F oven for 30 minutes or more. Do this a couple of times to develop a coating. Ensure your pan is hot. Commercial Griddle Hot Plate Griller Pan Food cooked in a hot and oiled pan will really be protected from the pan by a thin layer of steam.​

Heat the GAS Griddle Hot Plate Griller until it is very hot, brush with a little oil and fry the chicken for 4 to 5 minutes on each side or until it is cooked through. Strain the marinade, empty it into a little saucepan, bring to the boil and afterwards simmer for one moment. Add a little water if it is required.​

A hot plate produces heat by utilizing electricity, rather than conventional ways. As electricity experiences restraint along its course, the buildup changes from electricity to heat, causing the warming coils to emit heat.​

GAS Griddle Hot Plate Griller is made of top-notch materials. If you want local material, then we can give you SS Non-Magnet Sheet or if you need imported material, then we can provide you with SS stainless steel. Both of them are corrosion resistant and food grade. It is up to your preference.​

Most commercial kitchen or restaurants demand gas griddle griller machines from us since gas contained equipment are demanded in commercial kitchens. But if you need electric, we can also provide it for you.​

Rather than the conventional electric griddle pan cluttering up a counter, a griddle hot plate uses your stovetop for heat and you can store it away when it's not being used. Griddles give an enormous cook surface that moves heat evenly. Commercial Griddle Hot Plate Griller Pan You use our hot plate griddle pan to make burgers for a group or make breakfast while just dirtying a single pan.​

To keep food from sticking, season the griddle pan before using and after thorough Griddle Cleaning. This can be known as a burn-in process. Do not use an excessive amount of oil, it can cause sticking and gummy issues. We recommend vegetable or nut oil for seasoning due to their high smoke points.​

With any pan, you should clean your grill pan appropriately to prolong its life. Various kinds of pan require various types of technique, but you don't have to stress. We have done the research for you! For the best results, wash a cast iron grill pan with a high-temperature water and salt paste, and use dishwashing cleanser on your nonstick grill pan.​

Our customers always demand both hot plate and griddle pan. They do not want to take particular hot plate or griddle pan. Since customer satisfaction is the key to us, we provide both griddle pan and hot plate combined as Griddle Hot Plate Griller Pan. You will find both hot plate and griddle in it.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, Commercial Griddle Hot Plate Griller Pan Starting Cost is 30,000 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.​

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