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Heavy Duty Instant Juice Extractor

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Fast and Powerful

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Heavy duty instant juice extractor extract juice like other juicer but it is very fast to make fruit juice which is suggested in the name of the juicer machine. It can produce juice instantly within very short time because of its powerful operation. So, this fast and powerful Instant juice making extractor will boost the efficiency of your business remarkably.​

Body Material

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Commercial juice machine is made of different robust material for long life operation. This juicer machine used high quality stainless steel to construct the body of the extractor machine. Interior side of the juice extractor machine is made of food graded stainless steel which ensure the safety. High quality materials are used to make other body parts of the juicer.​

Wide Range of Use

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This type of juice making extractor has a wide range of use unlike other specific juice mixer or extractor. By this extractor machine you can extract all kind of fruit and vegetable juice including apples, pears, carrots, beets, celery, peppers, leafy greens such as wheatgrass, cabbage, kale and fruits instantly with perfection. On the other hand, you may allow to extract some limited items in other juice maker extracting machine. So, use of this machine will benefit you more.​

Extra Wide Feeding Chute

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Juice maker sometimes face problems to feed chute due to narrow feeding chute. They need to invest time on preparing even small fruits and vegetables. But this extractor machine has removed this problem by constructing extra wide feeding chute which can juice a whole apple, tomato, cucumber or several big carrots at once in a few seconds. No need to cut fruits or vegetables into small pieces before juicing. You may need to cut only big fruits and vegetables.​

Continuous Feed Design

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The continuous feeding design increase the productivity of this juicer machine. Heavy Duty Instant Juice Extractor You may need to extract a lot of juice within vey short time to serve a crowd of customer. You can feed continuously in this machine and get juice continuously which will help you to satisfy your customer promptly and help you grow your business.​

Smart Pulp Discharge System

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Restaurant and juice bar owner are always concern with the pulp ejection facility. This juice making machine for restaurants will discharge the pulp smartly and instantly. It has a specious pulp ejection container that contain the pulp instantly and keep the environment clean. So, buy this industrial juicer machine with smart pulp ejection system.​

Heavy-Duty Motor

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Strong and heavy-duty motor is used to construct the juice extraction system of this juicer machine. As the commercial organizations need to operate the juicer constantly for long time, hardy and heavy-duty motor is used to construct juicer machine. While other machine can be damaged after long time use due to low quality motor. The RPM rate is 2800/minute. It means that, the motor will roll 2800 times per minute.​

Strong Basement

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This juice mixer machine is portable and has heavy-duty basement. When you feed huge number of fruits or vegetable to the juicer container, the basement feels heavy pressure on it. Considering this, manufacturer company used strong and robust material to make the basement of the juicer. The total basement is made of heavy-duty stainless steel.​

Easy Operation

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This is a plug and play juicer machine. It can be operated simply and effortlessly. It just needs to turn on and feed the container of the juice extractor, it will continuously extract juice automatically. No expertise is required to operate the instant juice making extractor machine. Heavy Duty Instant Juice Extractor You can buy this simple but smart operation juice extracting machine for your business.​

Safety Material

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There is polyethylene pusher with juicer machine which will ensure your safety as well as high extraction of the fruits. To extract the maximum of juice, simply press the food pusher down. Moreover, food graded stainless steel and precision filter are used for safety purpose. So, this commercial juicer machine will ensure your safety and productivity at the same time.​

360° SS Precision Filter

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There is a Stainless-steel micro mesh filter basket which is made of micro mesh. It will pay high filtering from the fruits pulp. This 360° SS precision filter separates at high speed the pure juice from the pulp. Food grated steel is used to construct the frame of the 360° SS precision filter. It will give you extra safety and pureness to you extracted juice.​

Frequently asked questions and Answers

A Bain Marie is a food warming case that is meant to keep pre-cooked dishes warm and ready to consume for lengthy periods of time.​

An Heavy duty instant extractor is a machine that extract juice from all kinds of fruits and vegetables and make delicious juice instantly with perfection. The fruit and vegetable juice include apples, pears, carrots, beets, celery, peppers, leafy greens such as wheatgrass, cabbage, kale and fruits.​

The Instant Commercial Juice Maker Extractor Machine is used in restaurant, cafe, bar, juice bar. Canteen, hotels, supermarkets, shopping malls, fruit stands also can make a meaningful investment on this Commercial Juice Maker Extractor to serve their customer and guest. However, use of juice extractor also seen at entertainment venues, Heavy Duty Instant Juice Extractor different ceremonies.​

We have a variety of fruit juicer capacities to choose from, including 0.5T/H, 1.5T/H, and 2.5T/H. Our high-efficiency juice-making equipment is ideal for commercial usage in the fruit juice industry. The capacity of various fruits and vegetables varies somewhat.​

Yes. Generally, we provide one-year service warranty for Instant juice maker machine. During this period, you will get services free of coast. After expiring the warranty date, you have to pay for both; for required equipment and service as per the service charge list of our company. Our customer care team is ready to serve you all time.​

By shredding the flesh of the food item, the juice extractor extracts juice from citrus fruits, vegetables, and other fruits such as apples, watermelon, carrots, and vegetables. It's ideal for creating icy smoothies or steaming soups. To help you conserve room in your kitchen and make things even easier. A single drive may power both the bowl and the blender. For soft and hard fruit and vegetables, the juice extractor offers two speeds. So, Juice extractor extracts juice from citrus fruits, vegetables by shredding the flesh of the food item and any kinds of fruits such as Apples, Watermelon, Carrots, vegetables etc. It's great for making ice-cold smoothies or hot soups. To make things even easier and to help you save space in your kitchen. Both the bowl and the blender can be run from a single drive. Juice Extractor has 2 speeds for soft and hard fruit and vegetables.​

The heavy duty instant juice extractor extracts juice similarly to other juicers, however it makes fruit juice very quickly, as implied by the name of the machine. Because of its strong operation, it can generate juice in a relatively short amount of time. As a result, this quick and effective Instant juice extractor will significantly increase the efficiency of your business.​

For long-term operation, commercial juice machines are built of a variety of durable materials. The body of this juicer machine is made of high-quality stainless steel. The juice extractor machine's inside is composed of food-grade stainless steel, ensuring its safety. The juicer's other body pieces are made of high-quality materials.​

Unlike other types of juice mixers or extractors, this one offers a wide range of applications. You can extract all kinds of fruit and vegetable juices, including apples, pears, carrots, beets, celery, peppers, leafy greens like wheatgrass, cabbage, kale, and fruits, using this extractor machine. On the other hand, you may enable some limited products to be extracted in a different juice maker extracting machine. As a result, using this equipment will be more beneficial to you.​

Sometime, you may need to cut the fruits. Due to the small feeding funnel, juice makers may have issues feeding juice. Even tiny fruits and vegetables require time and effort to prepare. However, by creating an extra broad feeding tube, this extractor machine has solved this difficulty, allowing it to juice a whole apple, tomato, cucumber, or many large carrots in a matter of seconds. Before juicing, there's no need to chop fruits or vegetables into small pieces. Heavy Duty Instant Juice Extractor It's possible that you'll just need to chop large fruits and veggies.​

Of course, this juicer machine's productivity is increased by the continuous feeding design. To serve a large number of customers, you may need to extract a large amount of juice in a short amount of time. You may feed this machine continually and obtain juice continuously, allowing you to quickly please your customers and develop your business.​

Yes. The pulp ejection facility is always a worry for restaurant and juice bar owners. The pulp will be discharged intelligently and promptly by this juice producing equipment for restaurants. It features a special pulp ejection container that keeps the surroundings clean by quickly containing the pulp. So, invest in this industrial juicer with a sophisticated pulp ejection system.​

The juice extraction system of this juicer machine is built with a powerful and heavy-duty engine. Juicer machines are built with tough and heavy-duty motors since commercial companies need to run them continuously for lengthy periods of time. Other machines, on the other hand, might be destroyed over time owing to a low-quality motor. The RPM is 2800 per minute. It indicates the engine will spin at a rate of 2800 times per minute.​

This juice mixing machine is lightweight and has a heavy-duty foundation. When you put a large amount of fruits or vegetables in the juicer container, the basement is put under a lot of strain. In light of this, the juicer's basement was constructed using sturdy and durable materials. Heavy Duty Instant Juice Extractor the stainless steel used throughout the basement is heavy-duty.​

With the juicer machine, there is a polyethylene pusher that ensures your safety as well as maximum fruit extraction. Simply press down on the food pusher to get the most juice out of it. For further safety, food-grade stainless steel and a precise filter are employed. As a result, this industrial juicing machine will assure both your safety and productivity.​

A stainless-steel micro mesh filter basket with micro mesh is included. Filtration from the pulp of the fruits will pay off handsomely. This 360° SS precision filter separates the pure juice from the pulp at a high rate. The frame of the 360° SS precision filter is made of food grade steel. It will ensure that the juice you extract is safe and pure.​

Installing the juice machine is simple. Actually, there is nothing to set up newly. It is a plug and play machine. There is nothing to screw or unscrew. The machine is adjusted with easy lock and unlock system. You just need to assemble the three main parts including cover, filter basket and bowl. Plug the machine, turn on the machine and start extracting juice.​

Disassemble the three main parts of the machine; cover, filter-basket and bowl. Then clean these parts carefully. Be more careful when you clean the filter with brush. After cleaning the parts, assemble the parts appropriately.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, Heavy Duty Instant Juice Extractor Starting Cost is 32,000 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification, and other customization.​

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Mohammad Jakir Hossain Mollah

From Mohakhali DOHS on 3rd Feb, 2022

heavy duty juicer for carrot, papaya and other fruits.

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