Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer Machine

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Key Points Of Product

  • Mixing Operations: You can mix various kinds of dough by our Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer Machine. You can mix pizza, cakes, cookies and other bakery items very easily. You can also adjust the motion and speed with the normal speed or you can set the high speed according to your requirement.
  • Food Grade Material Used: The bowl and the mixing hook of our dough mixer machine, which spin all around to mix are made of food grade stainless steel. This ensures the food more healthy, cleanness and long-term using in the future. 
  • Easy to Operate: Using our commercial bread dough mixer is very easy. The dough maker has easy-access front panel controls and forward-backward rotation to ensure dough even and flexible. 
  • Capacity: There is plenty of dough kneading machine with different capacities available. We can provide 20/25/30/35/50/100 liter or even 200 liters for you if you ask.
  • Low Electricity Consumption: The power of our dough mixer is 8kw that is very low compared to other industrial appliances. So it will save your electricity bill as well. 
  • Smart & Stylish Product: Our Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer Machine makes sure greater knead dough productivity with noise-proof performance. The bowl thickness is much and longer using life makes this machine stylish and perfect.
  • Usages Area: Our automatic dough maker is made for home, restaurants, cafes, bakery shops and food courts and can be used with nearly any type of dough, making your function more efficient than ever.

Product Features

·         Control panel or button control switches, double-motor drive with double speed options available. 
·         Food grade metal treatment to the dough hook
·         Inner structure-Imported belt and bearing, noise-proof but driving force.
·         Inner stainless steel protective net-cover during reload the flour again,safety ensured
·         The safety guard prevents the unit from running if it is opened.

Product Specification

·         Material·         Food Grade Stainless Steel
·         Power Source·         Electric
·         MAX Kneading·         25kg
·         Weight·         237kg
·         Power(W)·         2.8kw
·         Voltage·         380V/50Hz
·         Dimension(L*W*H)·         950*560*1150

Why Use This Product

A high-quality mixer is one of the key elements in the produce of effective, high-quality items. The ever popular dough mixer machine, with its changeable combining arms and variety of measurements, is unmatched in regards to versatility. For some innovative to large common bakeries, the side to side spiral mixer is the mixer of choice. However, for yeasted products such as bagels, bread, cakes and pizza dough it is difficult to ignore the benefits that our Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer Machinehas to offer. Commercial dough kneading machines are some of the most useful and versatile resources you can spend in. With many amazing features and components from belt generate strategies to plate protection authorities, our mixers will be an important source for any expert kitchen. To aid when selecting the perfect mixer, we even have a mixer sizing chart to break down the mixer size needed for various types of combining projects. Whether you are an owner of a pizza shop that mixes hundreds of pounds of dough a day, or you are an owner of a restaurant that only needs to make mashed potatoes once a week for a dinner special, we have the right commercial mixer for you.

When you need a commercial or industrial dough mixer that is precise, cost-effective, efficient, and eliminates undesirable variations in your hard earned cash from batch to batch, consider our Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer Machine.

The main use of the Commercial dough mixer is to softly mix bread dough, allowing it to build up the proper gluten structure, while not stressful the dough. This is acquired because the plate of the mixer goes as the handle link is spinning and rubbing the dough. The benefit to this process is that the handle link is rubbing only a area of the whole dough huge at a given time. This keeps rubbing heated low, providing a more homogeneous mix. The handle mixing arm, center reliever bar and spinning plate work together to move the profit and out of the mixing area. This results in a much more relaxing mixing action than a planetary or side to side design. It also makes a less expensive rubbing part lowering the amount of heated created by the dough rubbing against the plate. As a result the cash can be fully designed more quickly, up to 40% faster in some cases, before it gets to essential heat range. Our Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer Machine is available in numerous types of capacities and choices. Additionally, our Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer Machine has the ability to mix dough that is more compact as opposed to a rated potential of the device. This is not possible in many relative solutions. The industrial dough mixer decreased rubbing part also converts to a lower overall electrical degree of the stage of resistance. This decreased degree of the stage of resistance, mixed with an effective distribution of your between the motor and handle mixing arm, allows the professional dough mixer to take much less power than a similar side to side machine.

Our Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer Machine works in a different way. The spiral-shaped blade remains set and combinations the dough in a rotating plate that goes it in and out of the blade. It combinations dough more successfully and also more properly than a horizontal mixer, so heated up from friction is not as essential of an issue. These features allow bakeries to produce a variety of different products with effective quality. Because our Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer Machine uses an energy-efficient combining process, the cost to run it is often lower than that of a horizontal mixer. It is also usually a less electricity and energy consumption system.

The only issue with Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer Machine is that it may not be able to mix quite as much dough at once as a side to side mixer. Still, dough mixer machine capacity is large, with the ability to produce hundreds of pounds of dough at one time.

Typically, Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer Machine does not have changeable components. Most usually used for combining bread dough, dough kneading machine are able to deal with a number of different dough types. Some bakeries also increase their machine’s production purpose beyond the chance of bread. Some a part of this is combining together pie dough as well as combining scones and biscuits.


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