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Commercial Plate Warmer Cart

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For your convenience, Commercial Plate Warmer Cart comes with both Single and Double head designs. Single Head will allow you to put the plates through that particular head while the using double head you can warm much more plates than that. It depends on you which one you need. Suppose a single head plate warmer will warm up to 45 plates; so if you need to double the numbers you need a double headed plate warmer surely. If you run a buffet restaurant, it’s wise to purchase the double head commercial warming plate.​

Plate Diameter

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Our commercial plate warmer can warm 8-12 inches’ plate just fine. Generally, you don’t use larger plates than 12 inches, so this machine will be lifesaver for you.​

Total Capacity

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Our single head Commercial Warmer Cart can warm up to 45 plates without much effort. There are options available for our beloved customers to buy double header as well if they want more capacity.​

Body Material

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The plate warmer is made of food grade stainless steel. It is built using high quality materials so you do not have to worry about it losing its durability. About hygiene? Since it’s made of food grade stainless steel so the plates will be hygienic and it will serve you for a long time.​


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Even if you are worried about the power, let us tell you that the overall power of our warming plate is 0.4 kW and 220V/50Hz, which is quite less in terms of a machine-like electric plate warmer.​

Low Energy Consumption

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We always provide low energy consumed equipment considering our customers and our country where the electricity is in high demand. So we always offer thermostat products just like this plate warmer. Because of its low energy consumptions mode, our Commercial Plate Warmer uses less electricity than other Commercial Plate Warmer Carts. You do not have to spend a lot of money on electricity bills so thanks to this incredible feature.​

360 Degree Wheel System

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Our Commercial Plate Warmer has a wheel system and this is why we call it Commercial Warmer Cart. And carts are portable and you can move it from here to there without any issues.

Using Area

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Our commercial plate warmers are highly recommended for buffet in hotels, restaurants, large canteens or other areas where people come to eat.​


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We provide 1-year warranty. You will get any kind of services free for one year. After expiring the service warranty, you have to pay for services. If you need any kinds of equipment, you have to pay for that product.​

Frequently asked questions and Answers

A Commercial Plate Warmer is a special kitchen utility that you can use. The plate warmer is a machine that helps you in serving customers in a fresh and healthy method.​​

With a plate warmer, you can simply warm an enormous amount of plates up to the right temperature. The plates are put in an exclusively made cabinet that is warmed inside, which allows the plates to be in the same temperature as the cabinet.​

A Commercial Plate Warmer like ours will give you the capacity of heating up a huge number of plates and storing them to temperature. It is perfect when you need a huge number of pre-warmed plates for serving food. Commercial Plate Warmer Cart At Nobarun International, you will get various sizes of plate warming cabinets available.​

Keeping the hot vegetables, sauces, stews, and soups, our plate warmer would be used on the low setting to maintain the warmth of food. Comparable to an oven, if you intend to save foods for more extended than an hour, you can see a change in taste.​

Always set the plate inside hot. You may need to reheat fast, similar within minutes, and then put in a cabinet or steam table to keep.​

Commercial Plate Warmer or holding cabinets are there in most restaurant kitchens. This equipment plays a vital role in storing additional food product warm till it's prepared to be transferred to a steam table or a customer's service. Essentially any type of food can be kept in a Commercial Warmer Cart, starting from rice to vegetables alongside meat.​

Buffet restaurants usually use large, stainless steel Commercial Plate Warmer with a Steno fuel source. These restaurants also practice steam tables to store various vessels warm at once. These have a large, shallow body of water that is held at a specific temperature with pans of food stored on top, typically square stainless steel.​

To warm plates for a meal, pile them in a Commercial Plate Warmer If you are using an oven, then do the same for 15 minutes at the lowest oven temperature, for example, 150 to 200 F. You can also try a warming drawer or toaster oven, if long enough. On the other hand, Commercial Plate Warmer Cart you can heat the plates in the microwave for a couple of minutes.​

Warm plates help to maintain the food hot. If you place warm food onto a cold plate, the plate will reduce the warmth of the food instantly.

Layered among plates in the Commercial Plate Warmer they can heat up to 4 plates at once and piled plates rest warm for up to 30 minutes or so. It's far more comfortable then warming plates in hot water or oven! The plate warmers store plates piping hot in the middle but the edges stay cool so you can touch them easily.​

There is a shelf where the chefs cook and plate the food and from which the servers take the plated food. Furthermore, the chefs will line up blank plates below the heater before they layer the food, just as a way to make the order and manage everything straight. So, the plates become very much hot.​

Place your plates in the sink and load with water as much hot as possible. Leave covered with water for 5 minutes, later pat dry the plates before applying them.​

It's not utterly necessary that plates be warmed before serving food, however, it's a nice courtesy and service. It helps store food warm for a long time on the plate, and it's very helpful for foods like pasta that lead to getting cold quickly.​

It's because most food is best displayed off against the color of white. That's why most bloggers and recipe bloggers like promoting their food works using white dishware. Commercial Plate Warmer Cart White plates are very versatile and go well with any holiday or event. It's simple to change the whole feel of your tables cape.​

If the plate is metal, whether it's stainless steel, cast iron, or even covered with enamel, it is secure to go in the oven. You won't want to take great warning when killing it from the oven, as it will be very hot. Use it as you would a sheet pan, and use hot pads.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, The Commercial Plate Warmer Cart Starting Cost is 80,000 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.​

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