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Buffet Bain Marie Food Warmer Display

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Perfect Warming and Accurate Taste

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Buffet Bain Marie Food Warmer Display Keeps food warm and display for instant serving when needed. Most importantly the Bain Marie food warmer maintain perfect warming through the quality thermostat which ensure the same taste of food even after long time. This warmer may attract your customer more effectively and increase your brand value in the market easily. Buy electric Bain Marie food warmer, keep you cooked food warm and enjoy tasty food all time.​​

Food Grated Stainless Steel

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This amazing electric food warmer is constructed with stainless steel. The interior body is made of food graded stainless steel to ensure food safety. This food graded stainless steel also ensure accurate taste of cooked food. As the surface is made of food graded stainless steel, you can put both wet and dry food in the bowl without any hesitation.​


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Total load capacity depends on the size of bowls and number of bowls actually. There are 5 to 7 bowl- electric food heater. You can choose your required one. However, the length, width, and depth of the bows are same. The length and width of countertop food warmer is 21 and 13. The depth of the bowl is 4 Inc. However, you can customize the number and size of bowls for your commercial countertop food warmer display.​

Sneeze Guard

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To serve a fresh and safe food for your customer and guest you need to cover your food appropriately. Cook, helper, customer or guest may sneeze suddenly. It can spoil foods. Considering the matter, this food warmer used a heavy dusty Sneeze guard with the restaurant food warmer display. It will give you extra facility to save your cooked food.​

High Quality Hitter

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Bain Marie food warming display use one or more hitter to heat the water in the tank of the Bain Marie food warmer display under bowls. Buffet Bain Marie Food Warmer Display this display warmer used high-quality hitters which are mainly imported from Thailand, chinses, Italian and so on. This warmer used 2000watt hitters. The number of hitters can vary based on the size and number of bowls. A 6 or 7 bowl Bain Marie food warmer use at least two hitters usually.​

Full Customized Option

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Beside the regular Buffet Bain Marie Warmer Display, you can order a customized version of commercial countertop food warmer display. For example, you can customize the number of bowls in the food warmer display system. Even, if you want to customize the size of the bowl you are allowed to do that. For instance, if you desire to place to bowls in a bowl-frame, the size of bowl will be 10.5/13 and the depth of bowl will be the same. Thus, you can customize different small bowls for different purposes. You also can add tempered glass and shelves on this Bain Marie display warmer.​

Low Electricity Cost

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Though there are one or more than one electric hitters, it charges low level of energy. Because, it consumes energy only when the water gets heated. After a certain level, it stops consuming energy. If you utilize the warmer for 12-14 hours per day, it will cost you only 1000 taka monthly. So, you can buy the restaurant food warmer display fearlessly.​

Area of Use

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Electric Bain Marie system is seen in restaurant usually. Restaurants preserves their cooked items in it to serve customer safe and warm food easily. Sometimes, Bain Marie food warmer display used to display worm foods in buffet restaurant. Food courts, food distributing companies, catering companies also use this Buffet Bain Marie Warmer Display.​


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Usually we provide one-year service warranty for Food warmer bowl electric. During this period, you will get services free of coast. After expiring the warranty date, you have to pay for both; for required equipment and service as per the service charge list of our company. Buffet Bain Marie Food Warmer Display Our customer care team is ready to serve you all time.​

Frequently asked questions and Answers

A Bain Marie is a food warming case that is meant to keep pre-cooked dishes warm and ready to consume for lengthy periods of time.​

Bain Maries are the ideal solution to this problem since they not only provide an adequate heating and storage mechanism, but they also effectively present the ingredients. Bain Marie keep food at a pre-determined temperature, ensuring that cooked components are free of bacterial development, which can lead to food safety concerns.​

There are different types of bain marie including wet heat bain marie, dry heat bain marie, soup kettle, chafing dish.​

In most restaurants, an electric bain marie system may be found. Restaurants use it to keep their prepared dishes safe and warm for their customers. In buffet restaurants, Bain Marie food warmer displays were occasionally used to exhibit worm meals. This Buffet Marie Food Warmer Display is often used by food courts, food distribution firms, and catering organizations.​

They are constructed with quality food grade stainless steel, as well as tempered glass guards for extra hygiene and safety. Our Bain Maries are available with various features including different sizes, wattages, and number of pans.​

It's sometimes necessary to have steady, gradual, and even heating while dealing with recipes like custards, white sauce, chocolates, and fondant. This prevents your components from becoming too hot, too fast, or too much, which can cause them to break down and lose their flavor. Buffet Bain Marie Food Warmer Display Sometimes you just want to work with something like melted chocolate for a long time without having to bother about continually adjusting the heat to keep it uniformly melted. A Bain Marie comes to the rescue in this situation.​

The bain marie used stainless steel to construct the body of the warmer as well as the bowls.

Yes. Electric bain marie food warmer Keeps meals warm and ready to serve when you need it. Most significantly, the bain marie food warmer maintains optimal warming with a high-quality thermostat, ensuring that the food tastes the same even after a lengthy period of time. This warmer has the potential to attract more customers and boost the value of your brand in the market. Invest in an electric bain marie food warmer to keep your prepared food warm and delicious at all times.​

Yes, Stainless steel is used to make this fantastic electric food warmer. To ensure food safety, the inner body is composed of food-grade stainless steel. This food-grade stainless steel also ensures that prepared food tastes as it should. Because the bowl's surface is constructed of food-grade stainless steel, you may use it to store both wet and dry foods.​

The total load capacity is determined by the size and number of bowls used. The electric food warmer has 5 to 7 bowls. You have the option of selecting the one you require. The bows, however, are the same length, breadth, and depth. The dimensions of a professional countertop food warmer are 21 inches long and 13 inches wide. Buffet Bain Marie Food Warmer Display The bowl's depth is 4 inches. For your business countertop food warmer display, however, you may adjust the quantity and size of bowls.​

You must cover your food properly to offer fresh and safe meals to your customers and guests. A cook, a worker, a client, or a visitor may sneeze unexpectedly. It has the potential to ruin food. In light of the situation, the restaurant food warmer display included a thick dusty Sneeze protection. It will provide you with more storage space for your cooked meals.​

The water in the tank of the bain marie food warmer display under bowls is heated using one or more hitters. This display warmer made use of high-quality hitters from Thailand, China, Italy, and other countries. The hitters in this warmer were 2000 watts. Depending on the size and number of bowls, the amount of batters might vary. At least two hits are generally used in a 6 or 7 bowl bain marie food warmer.​

Off course. You may purchase a customized version of the commercial countertop food warmer display in addition to the rehaul food warmer. The number of bowls in the food warmer display system, for example, may be customized. Even if you wish to change the size of the bowl, you're free to do so. If you want to put two bowls in a bowl-frame, for example, the size of the bowls will be 10.5/13 and the depth of the bowls will be the same. As a result, you may personalize several tiny bowls for various uses. On this Bain Marie display warmer, Buffet Bain Marie Food Warmer Display you may also add tempered glass and shelves.​

Despite the presence of one or more electric strikers, it only charges a little amount of energy. Because only when the water is heated does it use energy. It stops consuming energy beyond a certain point. It will only cost you 1000 taka per month if you use the warmer for 12-14 hours each day. As a result, you may buy the restaurant food warmer display with confidence.​

For Bain Marie food warmer displays, we usually give a one-year service warranty. During this time, you will receive services at no cost. After the warranty period has expired, you must pay for both needed equipment and service according to our company's service charge list. Our customer service team is available at all times to assist you.​

To keep food warm, a wet heat bain marie employs a chamber of hot water. The food pan is placed into the water after the device gradually warms it to a specified temperature. The water temperature will not reach boiling point, reducing the risk of food burning or sticking to the pan.​

Pre-cooked meals like curry, chilli, and even baked beans may be stored at a safe serving temperature for a long time. A thermostat may be used to control and monitor the Bain Marie’s holding temperature, which you can adjust depending on the sort of food you're keeping.​

There are two main types of Buffet Bain Marie Food Warmer Display such as floor standing bain marie and table top bain marie. You can buy any of them according to your need. Floor standing water bath or double boiler will provide you extra storage under the containers.​

Before turning on the electricity, wet heat bains maries require a tank to be filled with water. On the interior of most tanks, there will be a 'min' and 'max' water level indication. The unit may be turned on and the thermostat set to the desired temperature once it has been filled. There is no need for water with dry heat bains maries since they employ a hot source instead.​

Yes, you can put bharta to keep it warmed and safe.

Food that is hot must be stored at 60°C or above. It may only be displayed for two hours after it falls below this temperature. To assist manage the working temperature, all bains maries include built-in thermostats. A cooking thermometer may also be used to keep track of the temperature.​

1. Unplug the Bain Marie and allow the equipment to cool completely before attempting to clean it.
2. Remove the water from the Bain Marie and set it aside. Remove the pans from the Bain Marie and set it at the sink's edge. Allow the water to flow out by tilting the base towards the sink. Return the device to its usual, upright position and close the tap, if appropriate, once the water has been completely drained.
1. 4.Fill the Buffet Bain Marie Food Warmer Display 's base with clean, fresh water. Add some liquid detergent and a professional descaling solution like Lime Away to the mix. Set the thermostat to high and turn on the unit. Turn off the power when the machine has reached its maximum working temperature.
2. 5.Let the water cool down a little. Scrub the interior of the base with a scouring pad while wearing protective gloves.
3. 6.Fill the device with soapy water and drain it. To remove any remaining dirt, refill with cold water and clean with a kitchen sponge. Drain and rinse as many times as necessary to remove any detergents and chemicals from the unit. Wipe the Bain Marie base dry with an old cloth after the rinse is finished.
4. 7.When all of the exterior components are totally dry, return them to their original positions.​

There are many bain marie food warmer manufacturers all over the world. Different marketing and import company import restaurant food warmer for sale. You can call them to know the Bain marie food warmer price in Bangladesh.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, Buffet Bain Marie Food Warmer Display Starting Cost is 50,000 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.​

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