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Commercial Planetary Multiple Food Mixer Machine Price In Bangladesh

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Multi-Functional/ Multiple Mixing

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Heavy-duty Commercial Planetary Multiple Food Mixer Machine are multi-functional. With this mixer machine, you can mix liquids and soft ingredients by Wisk. At the same time, it allows you to mix dry ingredients by this mixing machine. Finally, you can mix dough by this planetary dough machine. In brief, this multi-functional mixing machine allow you to mix all kinds of doughs and mixtures including cake dough, pizza dough, bread dough, pastry mixer, and so on.

Save Time and Labor

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Restaurants and food shops need to mix huge doughs and different ingredients to prepare cake, bread, pizza, and other mixture foods. So, employees have to mix dough manually which consumes a lot of time and manual labor. If you use Commercial food mixer, you can mix huge doughs and mixtures efficiently within a very short time. At the same time, this mixing machine save your valuable time manual labor.

Food Graded Material

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Different quality materials are used to construct the commercial kitchen mixer. The exterior body of the commercial planetary dough machine is heavy duty meted steel. But, the dough containing bowl and other parts that are in touch with food are made of food graded steel to ensure the health safety. So, this commercial food mixer will ensure the food security effectively.


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There are several commercial food mixing machines available with different capacity. The capacity is estimated in litters. You will find commercial food mixing machine from 20 litters to 200 litters. You can buy the suitable size for your business. The dough containing capacity depends on the bowl size. For example, you can mix 8kg flour in a 20-litter food mixer excluding water and other ingredients.

Low Energy Consumption

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The energy usage of this type of commercial food mixer machine is quite low. It just needs 800-3000 watts based on the size and capacity. As a result, Commercial Planetary Multiple Food Mixer Machine you will be charged like a freeze at home for your business use. Basically, the total cost depends on you use. You will be charged like a freeze at home. So, this effective feature may benefit you economically.

Safety Cover/ Bowl Guard

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There is a safety cover or bowl guard available on the top of the bowl. The wire guard keeps fingers and items out of the mixer while it's running, ensuring maximum safety. The safety bowl is also made of food graded steel to ensure safety. This bowl guard allow you to mix ingredient without opening the bowl. So, operator can use the food mixer machine without any harm or injury.

Low Noise

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There are some planetary dough mixers that make a lot of noise. Because, those food mixer machine used low quality equipment. As a result, these food mixer machine produce a lot of noise during operation. But, this commercial food mixer machine used high quality commercial equipment such as high quality pionium and gears, heavy loaded motors. For this reason, this mixer machine produces low noise during operation.

High Quality Pionium

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Pionium help helps dough bowl and hooks to roll continuously so that the dough can be mixed appropriately from all sides. This commercial food mixer machine has high quality pionium, and gears that can be operated restlessly and effectively which is made of high-quality mild steel. Low quality pionium may break down after heavy uses and make noise. So, you should choose the high quality pionium with smooth gear movement.

Heavy Loaded Basement

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When you load the ingredient to mix the dough, the unit becomes weighted heavily. Considering this, producers used heavy-duty square basement in this commercial food mixer machine. Under the basement there are four steel legs to uphold the total basement and unit appropriately. Commercial Planetary Multiple Food Mixer Machine Anti-rusted materials are used to protect rust. Normal basement and legs of planetary dough mixing machine can be damaged easily after heavy load.

Parts are Available

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If any parts of the commercial planetary dough mixing machine is damaged, you can fix the part easily by servicing. This dough mixer machine’s equipment is available in the market. If you notice any problem, you can solve the problem effortlessly. So, you should prefer this kind of food mixer machine to ensure quick recover.

Area of Use

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Commercial Planetary Food Mixer are used in restaurants, food shops, fast food restaurants, food serving and processing agencies. Mainly, it is used to mix different doughs and mixers. So, anyone who needs to mix something can use this commercial dough maker machine. Besides restaurants and commercial institution, some small industries also use this dough mixing machine.


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This Commercial food mixers machine provides 1-year warranty. You will get any kind of services free for one year. After expiring the service warranty, you have to pay for services. If you need any kinds of equipment, you have to pay for that product.

Product Special Features
  • Loaded Basement
  • Food Graded Material
  • Time Save System
  • Heavy Load Capacity
  • Multiple Functional
Product Specification


Die-cast aluminum housing body


10 speeds






Pure copper wire motor


Touch Button


Full metal gears +ball bearing


AC 220-240V~50/60HZ, 1800W

Low noise

68-75dB with 1M

Max dough mixture

1500g flour+ 800g water

Frequently asked questions and Answers

The planetary mixer is a commercial machine designed to prepare food, chemicals, ceramic dough, or any other sort of product by substituting manual labor with a mechanical mechanism that allows vast amounts of dough to be produced constantly.

The food mixer machine is used to bake and mix different doughs in restaurants. Basically, it mixes various sorts of food at commercial level within short time and saving manual labor.

To make cake, bread, pizza, and other mixed dishes, restaurants and food shops must combine large doughs and various components. As a result, Commercial Planetary Multiple Food Mixer Machine staff must physically mix dough, which takes a long time and requires a lot of human labor. You can efficiently combine large doughs and mixes in a short amount of time if you use a commercial food mixer. This mixing machine saves you time by eliminating the need for human effort.

Restaurants, food shops, Fast food restaurants, food serving and processing organizations all utilize commercial food mixers. It is mostly used to combine various doughs and mixers. This industrial dough maker machine may be used by anyone who wants to mix something. This dough mixing machine is used by a variety of small businesses in addition to restaurants and large establishments.

Wisk may be used to blend liquids and soft substances using this mixer equipment. At the same time, this mixing machine allows you to mix dry components. Finally, this planetary dough machine may be used to mix dough. In summary, you may use this multi-functional mixing machine to mix a variety of doughs and combinations, such as cake dough, pizza dough, bread dough, pastry dough, and so on.

Mixing time depends on the recipes and ingredients actually. Overall, it takes only 7-10 munities to mix doughs and bake it.​

You can discharge the dough or mixed ingredient in two ways. Some food mixing machine allow you to unload the dough by removing the bowl left or right side of bowl guard. Other do not have this moving opportunity. Commercial Planetary Multiple Food Mixer Machine You can open the safety cover and discharge the dough easily.

The industrial kitchen mixer is made of a variety of high-quality materials. The commercial planetary dough machine's exterior is made of heavy-duty meted steel. To ensure health safety, the dough containing bowl and other elements that come into contact with food are made of food rated steel. Heavy-duty pionium and gears are used in this mixer machine. As a result, this industrial food mixer will efficiently assure food security.

Commercial food mixing machines are available in a variety of capacities. Litters are used to estimate the capacity. Commercial food mixing machines range in size from 20 to 200 litters. You may purchase the appropriate size for your company. The capacity of the dough depends on the bowl size. For example, omitting water and ingredients, you can combine 8kg flour in a 20-liter food mixer.

No. This machine makes very low noise during operation. Because the equipment utilized in such food mixing machines was of poor quality. As a result, when these food mixer machines are in use, they make a lot of noise. However, this industrial food mixer machine made use of high-quality commercial equipment such as pionium and gears, as well as heavy-duty motors.

Whenever you face any problem or damages, you should contact with our customer service team. You will get any kind of services free for one year. After expiring the service warranty, you have to pay for services. If you need any kinds of equipment, Commercial Planetary Multiple Food Mixer Machine you have to pay for that product.

This sort of industrial food mixing equipment consumes very low electricity. Based on the size and capacity, it only requires 800-3000 watts. As a result, your business use will be taxed as if it were a freeze at home. Essentially, the overall cost is determined by how you utilize it. At home, you'll be charged like a freeze. As a result, this useful function might help you save money.

It can not be operated without electricity. If the electricity falls during operation you have to connect different energy source. Otherwise you have to finish the mixing dough manually.​

As it is a multi-functional food mixing machine, you can use the mixer in different role. To do this you have to fix Beater, Hook, or Whip according to your use.
1. Turn the bowl guard to the left until it is in the open position.
2. Carefully slide the agitator onto the planetary shaft, aligning the shaft pin with the slot in the agitator.
3. Secure the agitator onto the planetary shaft by rotating it clockwise.​

Regular cleaning may extent the durability of your food mixer. To clean the mixer efficiently, you can follow these instructions.
 Always disconnect or unplug electrical power from the mixer before cleaning.
 The mixer should not be hosed down or pressure washed.
 To clean your mixer, never use a scrubbing pad, steel wool, or any other abrasive substance.
 Never use bleach (sodium hypochlorite) or bleach-based cleaner.
 After each batch, Commercial Planetary Multiple Food Mixer Machine every time remove the agitator since it might become trapped on the shaft and difficult to release.

Smooth operation requires some important instructions. You can follow these instructions as below-
 Never put your hand into the feed chute when using a mixer attachment.
 Using excessive force to open and close bowl guard can damage the spring lock and bowl guard microswitch and will void the warranty.
 Overloading or not following the capacity chart will damage the mixer and void the warranty. Refer to capacity chart section.
 Agitators must always rotate in a counterclockwise direction around the bowl.
 Always change to the desired speed before starting the mixer. Failure to do so can damage the gears or other parts and will void the warranty.
 Always stop mixer before changing speeds.
 Do not attempt to mix ingredients in bowl while using the hub.​

Installation of this mixer machine is easy. Follow the mentioned instructions.
 Place the food mixer machine at an appropriate place. the surface should be level, Easy access for maintenance and service, Sufficient space for adding ingredients during mixing periods.
 Adjoin all equipment accordingly.
 Use a separate electric slot for this machine.
 Adjust the speed and hooks if you need.
 Plug in the planetary dough machine and enjoy mixing foods.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, Commercial Planetary Multiple Food Mixer Starting Cost is 50,000 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.​

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