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Commercial Meat Mincer Keema Machine Price in Bangladesh

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Makes Perfect Grinding

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Nowadays there are many foods in market or different food shops which are made of grinded meat. For this, meat grinding machine has a commercial demand. Commercial Meat Mincer Keema Machine is able to fulfil the demand because it grinds meat perfectly. After being grinded, meat becomes very soft and smooth. So, it can benefit commercial users.​

Sharp Blade

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The main component of any meat grinder is its blade. Automatic meat grinder has a very sharp blade. It is cross shaped which cuts the meat with precise. Hence it is able to make the meat totally smashed. Having sharp blade, the meat grinding process is done within very short time. In addition, the blade is very strong enough to be long lasting if it is used properly.​

Durable Design

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Durability is a significant feature for any machine. Commercial keema maker is designed with durable material. The body of the keema machine is made of stainless steel. For this, the machine becomes very strong and durable enough to be used for many years. Besides, it looks very shinny and beautiful for its silver color.​

Load Capacity

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Load capacity of electric meat grinder varies from size to size. But whatever the size is, its load capacity maximizes the demands. According to load capacity, we provide two types of meat grinding machines such as 120 kg per hour and 320 kg per hour. Commercially both are highly efficient for grinding meat.​

Food Grade Quality

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One of the most important features of industrial meat mincer machine is its food grade quality. Any food related machine should ensure safe food, otherwise it makes different health hazards to body. We provide highly food grade quality keema machine which is able to ensure health safety. The meat retains all of its nutrients after the process is done. Nowadays many health-conscious consumers care about food safety while buying foods. Thus, commercially it will benefit the user.​

Heavy Duty Motor

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The performance of any food grinding machine highly depends on its motor. The motor of Commercial Meat Mincer Keema Machine is made of 100% copper. For this, it is heavy duty and durable. Besides, the motor consumes 500 – 600 unit of electric energy which makes the machine cost effective. Because the cost of electricity will be only 800 – 1200 Taka per month.​

Standard Dimension

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Commercial heavy duty meat mincer is a standard size machine. Its dimension is: Length 15.5 inch, Width 7.5 inch and Height 16 inch. For being standard size, it occupies small space. So it can be set in any small places. Besides, its weight varies from 25 kg to 30 kg.​

Spacious Tray

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There is a spacious tray in heavy duty meat mincer machine. It is the top part of the grinding maker. For being spacious, the tray is able to load significant amount of meat for grinding. A filling mouth is there to take meat pieces into the blade part to be grinded. The size of the mouth depends on the size of the tray. For this, spacious tray helps the grinding process in efficient way.​

Easy Operation

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Commercial electric grinder can be operated very easily. Before electric switch is on, some components of the keema machine must be joined together such as tee joint, helix, blade, mesh sieve, screw nut and tray in proper way. After this joining, the electric switch needs to be on. Next, meat pieces are kept in the tray to go inside through the filling mouth. After that meat pieces are push down by using plastic feeding rod and the process is done. In just few seconds the meat is grinded and leave through the mesh sieve.​

Low Maintenance

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The maintenance cost of Commercial Meat Mincer Keema Machine is very low. Its body parts are made of such durable materials that it does not rust, corrode or even break. Hence it hardly gets damaged. Just one thing should be ensured that boneless meat is used to be grinded. Otherwise, blade may be damaged. But yet you need not worry about that, because blade is available to buy. After using, you need to clean the parts with water, because meat is often attached with mesh sieve.​

Product Special Features
  • Perfect Grinding
  • Smart Design
  • Heavy Load Capacity
  • Easily Use
  • Food Grade Quality
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Stainless Steel

Frequently asked questions and Answers

Grinder maker is meant by an electric machine that is able to grind foods. It makes food smashed completely which can be used for making another food. Different foods can be grinded by this machine. This grinding machine is very popular among food lovers and food industries in all over the world.​

Different types of meats such as beef, mutton, chicken etc. often need to be made keema. Meat keema is used for making other foods. But it is a very difficult job to make that keema manually. That’s why heavy-duty beef grinder machine is used to grind meat automatically within short time. The machine makes any type of meat into a smooth paste. So, it benefits users in commercial gain as well as saving time.​

There are number of advantages to use electric chicken keema machine. It grinds meat perfectly within short time. Its blade is very sharp to cut the meat smoothly. Its load capacity is high enough to be used in commercial and industrial purposes. One of the most important advantages of the machine is its food grade quality. It will make you ensured about health safety. Besides, its electricity cost is not high. The machine can be operated with a very simple way. Another important advantage is its low maintenance cost because it is made of extremely durable materials. Hence you need not be worried about its further maintenance.​

The size of the Commercial Meat Mincer Keema Machine is very standard. Its dimension can vary according to the load capacity. But yet the very usual size of the machine can be around 15.5 inch long, 7.5 inch wide and 16 inch high.​

As heavy-duty grinding machine is small in size, it does not occupy much space. You can set it in any small tabletop places. But you have to make sure that the place is able to load the weight of the machine.​

Though commercial beef grinder is a small machine, its weight is significantly high. Its weight can be around 25-30 kg.​

Along with different types of meat, you can also grind other things like fish potatoes, carrots etc. Thus, it can benefit the commercial user a lot.​

There are many areas where automatic meat grinder can be used. It is widely used in food industries to make different types of foods. Commercially it has a significant demand as keema-made foods are becoming very popular. Hence it is also used in restaurant, cafeteria and other food shops. Besides, nowadays many passionate cooks at home use meat keema to make different type of foods.​

Commercial keema maker can be two types based on its load capacity. One type is 120 kg per hour which is used for normal commercial use or home use. Another type is 320 kg per hour which is mainly used in food industries. You can get any type of keema maker from us according to your demand.​

The durability of any machine depends on its body materials. The body of Commercial Meat Mincer Keema Machine is made of high intensity stainless steel. Its motor is made of 100% copper. All these materials make the machine extremely strong and durable. If you use it properly, it can be long lasting.​

Yes, absolutely. For being made of pure stainless steel, the heavy-duty meat mincer machine is rustproof. It is also free from corrosion. So, it cannot be damaged easily. As a result, it can be used for many years effortlessly.​

There are different types of body components in electric meat grinder such as tee joint, helix, blade, mesh sieve, screw nut and tray. All these components are very strong. These are also removable. By joining these together, the grinding machine gets ready to be operated.​

Yes, commercial heavy duty meat mincer is a machine of food grade quality. Nowadays many customers are well-aware of health issues. They evaluate a food according to its health safety because unhealthy foods can create health hazards to body. That’s why a machine with food grade quality has an enormous demand among the users. Our grinding machine ensures health safety in every sense.​

There is a tray in the top part of the industrial meat mincer machine. It is designed with spacious shape. For this, it is able to load huge amount of meat. There is a filling mouth in the tray to take meat pieces into the lower part of the machine to be grinded. For being spacious, meat pieces do not spread away. Hence the tray is used in efficient way while managing the meat pieces by user. Thus, it benefits user a lot.​

The performance of an electric machine highly depends on its motor. The power of the Commercial Meat Mincer Keema Machine is 550 Watt. This electric power makes the machine very fast in grinding. Besides, it runs in 220 Volt. As a result, the machine can be used anywhere in Bangladesh.​

The electricity cost of a machine depends on how long it is used. Usually, commercial electric grinder is not used for long time in a day. So, its electricity cost will not be high. The cost of electricity may be around 800 – 1200 taka in one month.​

Heavy-duty beef grinder machine is very easy to set. To operate easily you have to follow the steps below:
Step 1: To insert the tee joint into the back-hole of the machine
Step 2: To insert the helix into the tee joint
Step 3: To insert the cross blade into the helix
Step 4: To install the mesh sieve at the end of the tee joint
Step 5: To fix the screw nut tightly
Step 6: To install the tray at the top end of the tee joint
Thus, process is done. By switching on, you can now operate the machine.​

Electric chicken keema machine is a very simple electric machine made of highly durable materials. It does not get damaged so easily. Hence it has no significant maintenance cost. You should just make sure that only boneless meat is used to be grinded and the body is cleaned after using.​

Commercial Meat Mincer Keema Machine needs to be cleaned after using because meat particles are often kept at mesh sieve. Besides, dirt, dusts etc. may be in the tray which will make meat unhealthy. So, before using it must be ensured that the tray is free from dirty things. For this, you should clean the body with fresh water.​

Yes, there are some big cooling holes at the back of the mincing machine. These holes help the machine to do better performance. It extends the machine’s working life and its efficiency.​

There are numerous countries across the globe who manufacture the mincing machine. Among them, we provide China-made grinding machine which is famous its high quality.​

Yes, we provide different spare parts of commercial beef grinder. For example, if blade is damaged, you can buy proper blade from us.​

We provide 1 year service warranty with this grinding machine. If any problem happens to the counter by this time, you will get proper service within a short time.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, The Commercial Meat Mincer Keema Machine Starting Cost is 28,000 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the size and other customization.

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