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Made in USA

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This electric automatic ice cream machine is made in USA. High quality and durable materials are used to construct this machine. There are a lot of duplicate machines in Bangladeshi market who do not maintain the quality of the softy ice cream machine properly. We ensure original USA product with proper documents so that you can check the validity of this ice cream maker machine.​

Quick Cooling ability

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Commercial Softy Ice cream machine has a quick cooling capacity. After putting the ice cream mixer in this machine, you have to take out the ice cream within 5 to 6 minutes. For this reason, the machine is also known as instant ice cream machine for this feature. So, this will allow you for commercial and industrial use. At the same time, the quick cooling ability save you time and increase production.

3 Flavors or Nozzles

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The automatic ice cream maker machine can serve 3 flavors simultaneously. Which contains two different flavors and a mixed flavor. Suppose you have given these two flavors of vanilla and chocolate to the machine, then the first one will get vanilla flavor, the second one will get chocolate flavor and the third one will get vanilla and chocolate mixed flavor. This feature will help you to attract various kind of customers with different choice.

Maximum productivity

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Most important thing is that, you will get a high level of productivity using this ice cream making machine. Because industrial grade equipment and machine are used to construct the softy ice cream maker. With this soft ice cream machine about 300 cups of ice cream can be extracted per hour which is much more than a normal machine. It will increase the quality of your services as well as it makes simple to handle huge customers within very short time.​

Specious hopper capacity

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The part of the Softy Ice cream maker machine where the ice cream mixer is poured is called hopper. Before buying the ice cream machine, knowing the hopper capacity is important. The hopper capacity of our machine is 12 liters per chamber. This means that a total of 24 liters of ice cream mixer can be poured in 2 chambers in this machine. This specious hopper helps you to store standard level of mixture to satisfy you customer with different flavors.​

Automatic Feature

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This machine is an automatic machine. Where the machine will do a lot of work on its own and this machine has many automatic safety features. Such as: Dispensing Valve Auto Closing, Low Mixer Indicator Alarm & Light, Low Temperature Protection, Motor Amperage Protection, High Pressure Protection, Overload Protection etc.​

Easy to use

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The use of this Commercial Softy Ice cream machine is so easy. Anyone can operate the machine, as it is automatic. The flavor of the ice cream you are going to take down the nozzle press the soft serve ice cream will come out with a specific dispensing valve. However, those who become proficient in using this machine can do it simply. You can extract specific flavor as well as mixed flavor just by pressing the nozzle.​


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Ice cream parlor, restaurant, canteen, confectionery shops use this machine to prepare tasty ice cream for their customers. This commercial ice cream softy machine is also seen in fast food, food hall, school, college, university front stores, departmental stores. You can use this machine to serve ice cream inside any park, or tourism places. Any food shop can buy this machine to prepare different flavors ice creams.​

Attractive Design

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Besides the commercial equipment and high level of productivity, this automatic softy machine has a unique and attractive design. As a result, this machine can be used in any environment. Or any kind of shop. The exterior of this machine uses high grade stainless steel which increases the durability of the machine many times over. The lucrative structure and design will help you draw attention of customers and increase sell.​

Service Warranty

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Usually we provide one-year service warranty for Commercial Softy Ice cream machine. During this period, you will get services free of coast. After expiring the warranty date, you have to pay for both; for required equipment and service as per the service charge list of our company.​

Frequently asked questions and Answers

Ice cream is a delicious food, it's hard to find people who don't like to eat ice cream. Soft Serve is a frozen dairy dessert that is similar to regular ice cream but slightly softer than regular ice cream. The machine that makes this special type of ice cream is called soft ice cream machine. This type of ice cream was first served in America in the 1930s.​

This ice cream roll machine is produced in the United States of America. This Commercial Softy Ice cream machine is made of high-quality, long-lasting materials. In the Bangladeshi market, there are many replica machines that do not retain the softy ice cream machine's quality. We guarantee an authentic USA product with full documentation so you can examine the ice cream maker machine's legitimacy.​

This machine is very easy to use. First add the same amount of water to the premix and pour the mixer into the hopper of the machine. Then turn on the machine and wait for 5 to 6 minutes, when the machine's digital display shows Press to Serve, press the nozzle and take out the ice cream in the desired angle or cup.​

Softy Ice Cream Machine can cool down quickly. You must remove the ice cream within 5 to 6 minutes after placing the ice cream mixer in this machine. As a result of this function, the machine is also known as an instant ice cream machine. As a result, you'll be able to use it for commercial and industrial purposes. At the same time, the capacity to quickly cool saves time and increases output.​

This American made machine can serve about 300 angles or cups per hour. Which is a lot more than any ice cream machine in general.​

The automated ice cream maker machine can create three different flavors at the same time. Which has two distinct flavors as well as a blended flavor. If you give the machine these two tastes of vanilla and chocolate, the first one will receive vanilla, the second will get chocolate, and the third one will get a vanilla and chocolate blended flavor.​

Knowing the hopper capacity is crucial when purchasing an ice cream maker. Our equipment has a hopper capacity of 12 liters per chamber. This implies that this machine can hold a total of 24 liters of ice cream mixer in two chambers. This versatile hopper allows you to have a consistent quantity of mixture on hand to please your customers with a variety of flavors.​

This machine will take the current load only when the mixer makes ice cream. The rest of the time the machine will be in standby mode. The machine will consume 2.8 units of electricity per hour while making ice cream, which is 8 rupees per unit, while the cost of making ice cream will be 20.60 hours per hour. Which is very rare as this kind of ice cream machine. And while in standby mode, the machine will consume very little power.​

Any freezing machine or ice cream machine has a cooling system, but air freezing system is used in ordinary freezing machine or ice cream machine. This advanced machine made by America uses water cooling system or liquid cooling system which will keep the machine cool and ensure its long durability.​

Yes. If you are a chef, you will read. But factory-made premix and hand-made premix will never taste the same. The premix we use is a world class premix. Once you taste it, you will understand it. Our premix is imported from outside the country.​

Absolutely possible. The biggest thing is that this type of ice cream has never been found before in Muffsball or in the village. When you start selling ice cream with this type of machine in your area anew, the combination of its taste and novelty will definitely make your business much better.​

I think selling this type of Commercial Softy Ice cream machine is a very good decision, because in that case you don't have to take a new place. It is possible to make an average profit of 80% to 100% by selling this type of ice cream in restaurants or fast food or food courts.​

The usage of an ice cream machine is quite simple. Because the machine is automated, anyone may use it. The soft serve ice cream will come out with a certain dispensing valve depending on the flavor of the ice cream you're going to take down the nozzle for. Those who have mastered the use of this machine, on the other hand, will find it simple. By pushing the nozzle, you may extract a single flavor or a mixture of flavors.​

In addition to flavor or premix, we also supply Corn Biscuits and Cups. Ask us to collect different types of angle biscuits and cups as per your demand. This means that you will get everything you need to run this machine.​

There are several differences between plain ice cream and soft serve ice cream. The first difference is that ordinary ice cream is hard, soft serve ice cream is soft. The second difference is that ordinary ice cream is prepared long ago and packaged and later sold in packets, after serving the customer is made soft serve ice cream immediately. 3rd Difference Ordinary ice cream has many shapes but soft serve ice cream has no shape, it is served in angles and cups. The 4th difference is that soft serve ice cream is much tastier to eat than ordinary ice cream. So, this is best commercial ice cream machine for softy ice cream business.​

This is a fully automated machine. Where the machine will perform a significant amount of work on its own and includes several automated safety features. Dispensing Valve Auto Closing, Low Mixer Indicator Alarm & Light, Low Temperature Protection, Motor Amperage Protection, High Pressure Protection, Overload Protection, and more features are available

For commercial automatic softy ice cream machines, we usually give a one-year service warranty. During this time, you will receive services at no cost. After the warranty period has expired, you must pay for both needed equipment and service according to our company's service charg

This kind of softy machine are made in different countries. There are many softy ice cream machine manufacturers in china, USA and many other countries. Soft serve ice cream maker supplier of Bangladesh imports these Ice cream maker machine for sale. You can buy from those suppliers.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, the Commercial Softy Ice Cream Machine Starting Cost is 1,60,000 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification, and other customization.

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