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Commercial Meat Display Chiller

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High Quality Body Materials

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The exterior body of Commercial Meat display chiller is made of high-quality aluminum which ensure the sustainability of the body. It also restrains to get rusted. The total interior body is constructed by stainless steel. High quality glass and plastics with different colors are used to protect food and make the commercial use automatic temperature control meat display chiller lucrative.

Inner Side Stainless Steel

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The interior body of commercial meat display chiller is made of high-quality stainless steel. Used stainless steel is food graded to ensure the safety of meats. If meat display chiller does not use stainless steel, it will be harmful for customers. Because the displayed meat will be contaminated by metal and could be rusted easily. Moreover, this stainless-steel interior ground helps you to place your trays comfortably.

Lucrative/Standard design

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Commercial meat showcase chiller has a lucrative design which will attract customers effectively. The standard bending glass with different colored plastic frame made the meat showcase stunning. This design allows customers to see the meats standing in front of the meat display chiller. Under the bending body shape, the square base is suitable. The whole aluminum body with plain color is attractive.​

Commercial Equipment Used

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This meat display cabinet is made for commercial use. So, commercial equipment is used in this product. Heavy duty compressor is used which is imported from Thailand. Pure coper pipe is used to made the Condenser. Digital temperature meter and Fan forced evaporator cooling system is adopted in this commercial meat display chiller. R22/R404a refrigerant is used to construct this chiller. Motor of this showcase chiller is imported from china/ Italy which are completely commercial equipment.​

Automatic Temperature Control

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This commercial meat display chiller controls temperature automatically. This automatic system enables the chiller to provide the ideal temperature for meats. If the weather changes, it also adjusts its temperature. It adopts 0 to +18 chilling temperature al time. So, you do not have to think about the temperature adjustment to keep your meat safe and fresh. It will carry out this responsibility continuously.​

Large Display Area

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The lucrative bending glass display has wide contacting area to see meats. Display area allows customers to see inside meat or other things easily and transparently. This meat display chiller has large display area. You can increase and decrease the display area if you need.​

Long Time Quality Control

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Another exiting feature of this commercial meat display chiller is that it can control the quality of meat for long time. Some cheap meat display chiller has only few limited hours quality control capability. But, Automatic Temperature Control Meat display chiller allow you to keep the meat for 12-14 hours safe and fresh which is good opportunity for super shop owners as well as for customers.​

Low Energy Consumption

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This kind of commercial meat display chiller has a very low rate of energy consumption. It needs only 350- 400 watt. So, for your commercial use you will be charged like a freeze at home. By contrast, some other meat display chiller that use low quality compressor and other equipment will charge a lot.​

Hit Proved Light And Curving Glass

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Hit proved light is used in this supermarket meat display chiller to make lighten the interior side of the showcase. It will help your customer to see the meats clearly and effortlessly. As the light remains on for a long time without any interval, hit proved light is included. Moreover, attractive shape of curving glass made the Automatic Temperature control Meat display chiller standard and gorgeous to customers.​

Comfortable Slide Door

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Whenever you need to serve meat for customer, you need to open the door of meat display chiller. Considering the frequent operation of the door, easy slide door is used in this meat showcase chiller. It will make your operation easy. At the same time opening slide door takes less time than others. Moreover, it allows customers to check the quality of meats by opening the door easily.​

Wheel System

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There is heavy-duty wheel system available in this Automatic Temperature control Meat display chiller. So, it will allow you to move the meat display chiller from one place to another easily. Moreover, you can lock the wheel when you place the chiller at the appropriate destination. It will deter any movement.​

Easy to Clean After Use

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The suitable design of automatic temperature control commercial meat display chiller made the cleaning process easy and comfortable. You can remove the glass and clean the interior with soft brush, cloth or sponge. Regular cleaning will extent the durability of your meat chiller.​

Area of Use

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The meat display chiller is mainly used in supermarkets, restaurants and butchers in order to display meats for a long time with freshness. Other stakeholders related to selling or processing meats can use this product. Sometimes, hotels, food shops, meat selling shops also use this product to display meat with an appropriate temperature that keep the meat fresh as well as restrain from being frizzed.​

Standard Warranty

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This automated temperature control meat display chiller provides 1-year warranty. You will get any kind of services free for one year. After expiring the service warranty, you have to pay for services. If you need any kinds of equipment, you have to pay for that products.​

Product Special Features
  • Elegant and Standard Design
  • Inner Side Fully Stainless Steel
  • Curved Front Plastic Cover
  • Weather Protection System
  • Large Storage Area
  • Easy To Cleaning
  • Energy Effective
  • Front & Side Bumper-make of High Density PVC
Product Specification


Meat Display Chiller


(-2) ~ (+18) .


stainless Steel


PVC plastic

Available Size


Wide 1145mm

Height 906mm

Total Display area(m2) 



500W, 800W

Compressor Brand


Frequently asked questions and Answers

Meat display chiller is an automated temperature control meat showcase cabinet that keep the meats fresh for a long time and deter from being frizzed.​

Mainly Automated temperature control Meat display chiller is used to display meats at supermarkets and restaurants for customers. It is used to keep the meat fresh for long time in appropriate temperature.​

Simply, industrial chillers keep process fluids cold. To cool machinery, equipment, food, and other items, process fluids (usually water or a water/glycol mix) are utilized. The process fluid collects heat from the object to be cooled before passing through the chiller, which removes the heat from the fluid and transfers it to the ambient air.​

Supermarkets, butchers’ shops, restaurants use this Automatic Temperature control Meat display chiller. Anyone who want to display meats with appropriate temperature can use this meat chiller.​

To install the meat showcase chiller, some important instruction could be followed.
Install the unit on a strong and leveled surface. Because The device must be leveled from front to rear and left to right to guarantee optimum operation.
Ensure sufficient ventilation around the entire unit.
Follow the user manual direction properly or call electrician to install the meat chiller.​

Imported and local both kinds of commercial meat display chillers are available for you. You can choose according to your needs.​

Different sizes are available for commercial meat display chiller. Standard sizes are 75.6 (6.3 feet) inches and 99.6 inches (8.3 feet). You are free to choose any size.​

No, this high-quality meat display chiller does not spread bad smell or stench.

You can display meats for 12-14 hours in this commercial meat display chiller without any hesitation.​

Commercial Meat Display Chiller's outer body is composed of high-quality aluminum, ensuring the body's durability. It also prevents rust from forming. Stainless steel is used throughout the inside body. To preserve the food and make the commercial usage automated temperature control meat display chiller profitable, high-quality glass and plastics in various colors are utilized.​

The capacity of the meat showcase cabinet depends on size of the chiller. If you use a 6.3 feet meat chiller you can store up to 50kg meats in this chiller. But, displaying 20-30 kg is the standard practice.​

No, you cannot put meats in the display chiller directly. Using trays is recommended to put meats in it.​

Yes, Meat showcase chiller used hit proved light inside the chiller to lighten the interior.

High quality bending glass is used to construct meat showcase chiller.

No, you are not allowed to store meats in this meat chiller. You only can display meats for 12-14 hours without harming the condition of meats.​

Automatic temperature control commercial meat display chiller consume energy at very low level. It will cost you just like a fridge at home.​

Yes, you can display any kinds of meats in this commercial meat display chiller.​

High quality wheel systems are adopted in this meat showcase cabinet. So, you can easily move the chiller from one place to another when you need. You also can lock the wheel to deter movement.​

Some people think that, meat display chiller needs AC rooms to use. But, this is completely vague idea. You can use this meat display cabinet in a room which is not air conditioned.​

No. You do not need any ice bed to keep meats in this automatic meat display chiller.​

Following safety instruction may extent the durability of the meat chiller. You are recommended to obey these instructions.
 Always use a dedicated circuit with the amperage stated on the unit.
 Never plug in more than one unit per electric circuit
 Avoid installation in a high ambient or humid location. Because high ambient temperatures will cause the compressor to overwork.
 Do not use steel wool, abrasive cleaners, bleach or cleaners containing chlorine or sodium to clean the unit.
 Do not use pressure washer or water-jet to clean the unit​

Supermarket Meat Showcase chiller need to be cleaned every single day after the use.​

 Clean the outside of the meat display chiller with water.
 Clean the inside of the chiller with cloth, brush or sponge softly. Be careful to the electric equipment.
 Open the bottom panel and discharge the water in the cabinet.
 Turn the chiller on after 10 munities.

  1. You follow some instruction when you clean this chiller.
     Disconnect the power supply first when you start cleaning the meat chiller.
     Protect electrical components against any damages or water spillage.
     Only a damp towel should be used to clean the equipment, not a stream of water.
     Do not utilize any sharp object or metal to remove dirt.
     When cleaning the inside of the device, do not raise the front glass panel in the aluminum profile; this may harm the glass and is not covered by the guarantee. During the cleaning procedure, please remove the glass with the profile.

After buying the product you will get one-year service warranty. You will be provided the service through our customer care services. You get the services free for this time. After one year you have to pay for both; for services and equipment.​

Yes, meat display chiller is produced in Bangladesh. Imported meat display cabinets are also available in the country.

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, The Commercial Meat Display Chiller Starting Cost is 1,60,000 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.

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Engr. Sharif Hossain Dhali

From Gazipur on 6th Jun, 2020


12 Engineer Battalion

From Sylhet Cantonment on 17th Sep, 2023

Bought meat display chiller for our unit from Nobarun International Company. Their words and deeds are similar and the quality of the product as a local product is not bad at all. Wishing Nobarun Company success.

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