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Body Structure

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Commercial Fish Display Fridge is square shaped countertop refrigerator with bending glass on the top. Bending glass is adjusted with body. Interiors area is structured to keep fishes. The storage unit is located on the machineries which are adjusted in heavy duty basement. Wheel system is adopted under this square basement. Overall, the body structure is lucrative and well-planned to use in supermarket.

Need Ice Bed System

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To use this Commercial Fish Display Cabinet, you need ice bedding. You have to keep fishes on the ice bed. So, you need to make ice bed on the main storage surface specially for shrimp fiches. Commercial ice cube machine is needed to adopt this ice bedding system. You can buy an ice cube machine to make your ice bedding easy and cost effective.

Temperature Control

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Adjusting the inside temperature of the Fish Display Chiller is the main purpose of this system. Otherwise, the fishes will be damaged or frozen which is not acceptable. This high-quality Fish Display showcase control the temperature automatically. It can change its temperature based on weather to keep fishes fresh. Fish Display showcase keep the temperature from 0 to -18 degree which is ideal for display fishes.

Commercial Equipment Used

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Quality commercial equipment is used to construct the Commercial Fish Display showcase. Heavy-duty compressor is used which is made by Kulthron of Thailand. Digital temperature meter is adjoined with fish display freezer. R134a/R refrigerant is used to ensure heavy-duty and durability. Moreover, direct cooling system is available in this fish showcase cabinet.

Different Size Refrigerator

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Different sizes of Fish Refrigerator are available in the market. There are some well-known size which dimensions estimates; Length: 84 Inch, Width: 42 inches, Height: 33 inches. another Commercial Fish Display Fridge’s measurement is Length: 78 Inch, Width: 45 inches, Height: 36 inches which is 6.5 Feet × 3.5 Feet × 3 Feet in feet measurement. You also can request any other sizes of fish showcase freezer.

Huge Space for Fish Display

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Super shop Fish Display is constructed with such a design that provide you huge space for fish display. Basically, display space depends on which size you use. If you use a display refrigerator that has Length: 84 Inches, Width: 42 inches, Height: 33 inches, you can display up to 50 kg fishes. But displaying 20-30kg fishers is standard practice. You can display less or more fishes based on your cabinet size.

Front Side Glass System (Optional)

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Front slide glass system is installed in supermarket Fish Display case. This amazing feature made many activities easy. You can easily load and unload fishes by the help of this slide glass system. Similarly, it will help you when you clean interior of the showcase. Front slide glass system also helps customers to see fishes if they want to see the displayed fishes directly.

Customize Color

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Different attractive colored Commercial Fish Display Fridges are available in the market. We can offer you red, blue, white, and black color fish showcase refrigerators. You can choose the best choice of you. An attractive and standard color may attract you customer. It will give a decorative look to your supermarket. You can request any available color, we will take care of your choice.

Energy effective

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The energy usage of this type of commercial Fish Display Chiller is quite low. It just needs 350-400 watts of power. As a result, you will be charged like a freeze at home for your business use. Other automated temperature control Fish Display Fridges, on the other hand, will price a lot since they employ low-quality compressors and other equipment.

Wheel System

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This Automatic Temperature Control Fish Display Cabinet comes with a heavy-duty wheel system. As a result, you will be able to effortlessly transfer the meat display chiller from one location to another. You may also lock the wheel when you set the chiller in the proper location. Any movement will be prevented.

Easy to Clean after use

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The cleaning procedure was made simple and comfortable thanks to the appropriate design of the automated temperature control commercial fish display cabinet. Remove the glass and use a soft brush, cloth, or sponge to wipe the interior. Your meat cooler will last longer if you clean it often. Moreover, water recharging drains also available in this Fish Display Chiller.

Area of use

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Automated temperature control Fish Display Case has wide range of uses in supermarkets. Other fish markets, seafood shops, fish selling centers also use this Commercial Fish Display Fridge. Actually, this product is used to display fishes, and shrimps in balanced temperature to keep them fresh and safe for a long time. So, anyone who needs to display fishes without damaging the condition of fishes, can use this display freezer.


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This automated temperature control Fish Display Refrigerator unit provides 1-year warranty. You will get any kind of services free for one year. After expiring the service warranty, you have to pay for services. If you need any kinds of equipment, you have to pay for that products.

Product Special Features
  • Heat insulation layer keep ice long time non-melt.
  • Special nozzle system for water output.
  • Keep fish fresh for longer time.
  • High quality compressor used.
  • Easy and smooth operating display door.
  • Customizable size and shelves of the display freezer.
Product Specification


Fish Display Chiller


(-2) ~ (+18) .


stainless Steel


PVC plastic



Total Display area(m2) 



500W, 800W

Compressor Brand


Frequently asked questions and Answers

Fish Display Fridge is an automatic temperature control and well-designed showcase used in supermarkets to show fishes at a proper temperature to keep meat safe for a long time.

Fish Display Fridges are used in supermarkets, seafood shops and fish shops. Any fish selling center or shop can use this display case to show fishes to customer in a decorative and proper way.

If you display fishes in an open place or container, after few hours it will be damaged. On the other hand, you cannot keep fishes in dep fridges, because it can not allow customer to see fishes and it will be frozen. In this case, you can use fish display cases to avoid all mentioned problem. It will keep you fishes fresh for at least 12-14 hours in an appropriate temperature.

The Commercial Fish Display is built with high-quality commercial equipment. Stainless steel is used to build interior side of the Fish Display Fridge. A heavy-duty compressor, produced in Thailand by Kulthron, is utilized. The fish display freezer is connected to a digital temperature meter. To ensure heavy-duty and durability, R134a/R refrigerant is employed. In addition, this fish exhibition cabinet has a direct cooling system.​

There are many sizes of Fish Display Fridges on the market. The measurements of several well-known sizes are as follows: Length: 84 inches, Width: 42 inches, Height: 33 inches. Another Fish Display Fridge's dimension is Length: 78 Inch, Width: 45 Inches, Height: 36 Inches, or 6.5 Feet 3.5 Feet 3 Feet in feet. You may also request a different size of fish display.​

Capacity of a Fish Display Fridge depends on the size of cabinet. You will find different size-cabinet on the market. Pick your required one.

You'll need ice bedding to use this Commercial Fish Display Fridge. You must keep the fish on the ice bed. As a result, you'll need to construct an ice bed for shrimp fiches on the primary storage surface. To use this ice bedding system, you'll need a commercial ice cube maker. You may get an ice cube machine to make ice bedding simple and inexpensive.​

You may exhibit up to 50 kg of fish in a display refrigerator with the following dimensions: Length: 84 Inches, Width: 42 Inches, Height: 33 Inches. Displaying 20-30kg fishermen, on the other hand, is usual procedure. Depending on the size of your cabinet, you can exhibit fewer or more fish.​

Only 350-400 watts of electricity are required to run the commercial Fish Display Fridge. As a result, your business use will be charged as if it were a freeze at home.​

Installation of automated temperature control Fish Display Fridge requires no complexity. You just need to follow the safety instruction and implement them carefully.
 Install the unit on a strong and leveled surface. Otherwise the unit operation may be hampered.
 Place the unit of Fish Display Fridge in an indoor, well ventilated area.
 Please ensure that the required voltage is being supplied at all times.
 The unit should have its own dedicated outlet.
 Adjust the temperature according to your need.
 Plug in the unit.
 Make sure your unit is empty before plugging.
Load the display storage after reaching at the required temperature.​

To clean the Fish Display Fridge, follow the instructions below-
 Use a warm water and mild soap solution to clean the cabinet interior.
 Avoid damaging the inside finish with steel wool, caustic soap, abrasive cleansers, or bleach.
 Clean the shelves and shelf brackets in the unit with a mild soap and warm water on a regular basis.​

To enjoy the long durability and best operation, you consider following important instructions.
 If the unit was recently carried on its side, please allow at least 24 hours for it to stand upright before plugging it in.
 Before plugging in the device, double-check that all attachments (shelves, shelf, etc.) are in place.
 Before filling the machine with goods, be sure it has achieved the desired temperature.
 Do not attempt to disassemble or repair any of the unit's components. For servicing or repairs, contact an authorized service technician.
 When you load the fish display fridge, do not block the air vents.
 Ensure all shelves are sitting level and properly secured before loading products.
 Do not store flammable and explosive gas or liquids inside the unit.​

Yes, you have to clean the fan, and motor when it is necessary for better operation.
 clean the fan blades and motor with a soft cloth.
 If you need to wash the fan blades, cover the fan motor to prevent moisture damage.

You will get services through our customer care service. We offer one-year free services for our product. After one year you have to pay for both; services and required equipment.

This display refrigerator is run by electricity. If electricity falls, you have to connect the freezer to another source of energy like IPS, generator or shutdown the refrigerator.

Of course, you can. A heavy-duty wheel system is included with this Automatic Temperature Control Fish Display Fridge. As a consequence, you'll be able to move the meat display chiller from one area to another without difficulty. When you place the chiller in the appropriate spot, you may also lock the wheel. It will keep the unit static.

Yes, some local companies also produce Fish Display Fridges in Bangladesh.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, The Commercial Fish Display Fridge Starting Cost is 1,50,000 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.​

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