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Customized size

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The dimension of the Commercial Cold Room chiller is totally customized option. You can ask any size- chiller room for your business. Different business organization may need different size of cold room for their vegetables and fruits. Hight 5” × width 5”, Hight 6” × width 6”, hight 8” × width 8” hight 10” × width 10” some famous sizes recommended for your business. You can ask any size based on your business space.​

Suitable Temperature Range

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Usually, cold room chillers are used to preserve vegetables and fruits at commercial level which requires plus temperature. This chiller room cold storage adopted suitable temperature range that can reserve all kinds of fruits and vegetable and other equivalent things. The temperature range is from 0 to +10ºC. This range will preserve your fruits, vegetable, and drinks suitably.

Heavy-Duty Body Material

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To hold the chilling temperature, the body material of the Fruits chiller room is important. Considering this, Nonconductive PUF panels are used to construct the wall of the room which are covered by high quality processed sheet from both side of the sandwich panel. These panel help the room to hold the required temperature for all time.​

Nonconductive Swing Door

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The door of the chilling cold room is quite important to hold and maintain the temperature of the room. The door is need to be closed properly to prevent any kind of wind flow from outside to inside and from inside to outside of the chiller room. Swing door is the most perfect one for this condition. For this reason, swing door with high quality lock system is adopted on this chilling room.​

Electric Controller With Display Meter

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An electric control panel is intended for simple auto operation until the desired temperature is achieved, and it is adjusted to the temperature differential so that the system will maintain the desired temperature. Moreover, the display unit of Commercial Cold Room chiller display the current room temperature of the Chiller room for vegetables and fruits. It will make your operation simple and effortless.​

Heat Prof Light

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When you load or unload the cold room with your products, you may need proper light in the vegetable chiller room. Considering this matter, inside of the cold room chiller is decorated with lights. Heat proof lights are used in the room which are long lasting and weather resilient. Plus, or minus temperature cannot harm the hit proof light. This heat proof lights enlighten the inner side of the room and boost the productivity.​

High Performance Compressor

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Cooling equipment are most important in terms of cold house. In this Cold room chiller store, heavy-duty compressors are used. All compressors are commercial equipment with high performance. These high-performance compressors make the environment cold, hold the exact required temperature. These compressors will serve you for a long time without any issues.​

Perfect Locker Thickness

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To hold the required temperature efficiently, the thickness of commercial chiller locker is significant. If suitable or required thickness is not applied, the room will lose the temperature. This chiller cold room locker used 100mm thickness body material which is perfect for chilling temperature. Usually, the thickness of the walls starts from 60mm. It may differs based on cold room types.​

Online Control Integration

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Advanced integration opportunities also available on this cold room chilling container. You can inspect and control the cold room from outside even remotely. This integration will help you the current temperature of the cold room as well as you can increase or decrease the temperature. At the same time, the alarm integration system alerts you about any problem of cold chiller room.​

Shelves To Maximize Productivity

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Though you can keep your products on the floor of the room, portable shelve integration is the standard practice. You can use shelves to organize you fruits and vegetables efficiently. At the same time, the shelving system save you space and time. You will be able to store more fruits, vegetable and drinks in the chilled room.​

Product Special Features
  • Fully Customize size
  • General (0 to + 18) °C for store fresh vegetable
  • Short-term storage of products
  • Balanced refrigeration system
  • Solid hinged door
Product Specification


Cold Room Chiller



Panel thickness

100mm CFC-Free PU panel


(0 to + 18) °C


220V - 380V

Refrigeration Equipment

Bitzer, Den foss Compressor

Cold Room Door

Sliding door, solid hinged, glassed

Cold Room Floor

CFC-Free PU panel



Frequently asked questions and Answers

Commercial Cold Room Chiller storage is a plus (+) tempered storage room that is used to preserve fruits and vegetables for both short and extended periods of time. It is also known as a cold storage room and chilled food locker.​

Cold chiller room for vegetables & fruits are basically used by fruits and vegetables suppliers. Different food preparing companies, fruit and vegetables selling organization, cold drink suppliers use this chiller locker. Any business that deals with fruits, vegetables and cold drinks can use this cold chilling room.​

The size of the Cold Room chiller can be completely modified to meet your needs. You can request any size of chiller room for your company's needs. Different types of businesses may require different sizes of cool rooms for their veggies and fruits, depending on their needs. Examples of popular sizes for your business include: height 5 inches by width 5 inches, height 6 inches by width 6 inches, height 8 inches by width 8 inches, and height 10 inches by width 10 inches. You are free to request any size dependent on the size of your company area.

When it comes to keeping the chilling temperature consistent, the body material of the Fruits chiller chamber is critical. Nonconductive PUF panels are utilized to form the walls of the room, which are then coated with high quality processed sheet on both sides of the sandwich panel to provide insulation. These panels assist in maintaining the desired temperature in the space at all times.

Commercial Cold Room chiller are typically used to preserve vegetables and fruits at a commercial level, which necessitates the usage of higher temperatures. A proper temperature range was chosen for this chiller room cold storage, which allows it to store various types of fruits and vegetables, along with other similar items. The temperature range is 0 to +10 degrees Celsius. This collection will keep your fruits, vegetables, and beverages fresh for a long time.​

To keep and maintain the temperature of the chilling cold room, the door must be properly installed and maintained. The door to the chiller room must be correctly closed in order to prevent any type of wind movement from the outside to the inside and from the interior to the outside of the chiller room. A swing door is the most appropriate type of door for this situation. The chilling room is equipped with a swing door with a high-quality lock mechanism as a result of this design decision.

An electric control panel is meant for simple auto operation until the desired temperature is obtained, and it is adjusted to account for temperature differentials in order for the system to maintain the desired temperature once the desired temperature is achieved. The display unit also shows the current room temperature in the Chiller room for vegetables and fruits. Using this method will make your operation straightforward and painless.​

Although it is possible to keep your products on the floor of the room, portable shelving integration is the preferred method of displaying them. It is possible to efficiently organize your fruits and veggies with the help of shelves. Additionally, the shelf method saves you both room and time. In the chilled room, you will be able to preserve a greater variety of fruits, vegetables, and beverages.

Yes, you can. This Commercial Cold Room chiller offers advanced integration options for its customers. You can inspect and control the cold room from the outside, even if you are not in the building. This integration will assist you in determining the current temperature of the cold room as well as allowing you to increase or decrease the temperature as needed. Meanwhile, the alarm integration system notifies you if there is a problem with the cold chiller room's air conditioning system.

The thickness of a commercial chiller cold locker is important in order to maintain the desired temperature as efficiently as possible. If the appropriate or sufficient thickness is not applied, the temperature of the room will be lost. This chiller cold room locker is constructed of 100mm thick body material, which is ideal for maintaining a chilling temperature. The thickness of the walls is usually measured in millimeters (mm). It may vary depending on the type of cold room.

The most significant piece of equipment in a cold house is the cooling system. Heavy-duty compressors are used in this cold room chiller storage facility. All of the compressors are high-performance commercial pieces of equipment. These high-performance compressors cool the surrounding atmosphere and maintain the exact temperature that is necessary. These compressors will provide you with trouble-free service for a lengthy period of time.

Yes, lights are heat proof. When you are loading or unloading your products into or out of the cold room, you may require adequate lighting in the room. As a result of this, lights have been installed within the cold room chiller to provide illumination. Lighting in the room is made of heat-resistant materials that is also durable and weather resistant. The hit proof light is not affected by changes in temperature, whether positive or negative. This heat resistant lighting illuminates the interior of the room and helps to increase productivity.

This industrial chiller room system also has some innovative integration capabilities, which distinguishes it from the competition and helps it to become popular. First one is Control from outside. By this you can check and operate the cold room. This integration will allow you to see the current temperature of the cold room as well as adjust the temperature. Secondly, the Alarm system integration which notifies you of any cold cooling room problems. You can act based on that. If you want these integrations, we will customize the facility.​

There are some dos and don’ts of using the chiller cold room storage that will increase the productivity and durability of the cold room.
Dos (Do that):
• Cleaning surfaces from top to bottom should be done on a regular basis.
• Clean the surface thoroughly with clean water; add the appropriate amount of cleaner to the warm water and mix thoroughly.
• A high-pressure cleaning procedure should not be performed too near to, or perpendicular to, the surface of the metal-insulated panel. Avoid leaving the washing solution in contact with the metal sandwich panel surface for more than 5 minutes when using a power washer;
• Remove any leftover traces of filth with a non-abrasive cleaner before rinsing with clean water.
Don’ts (Don’t do that):
• Do not use cleaning goods that include chlorine or items that are connected to chlorine.
• Don't combine various cleaning solutions together.
• In the event that you use a larger concentration of the cleaner than what is advised, this might result in damage to the surface of the metal insulated panel, which could lead to oxidation and damage to your cold-room.
• Extreme cleaning may result in harm to the finish.
• Because of the high temperature of a steam cleaner, it is possible to harm the coating.​

No. You cannot place the cold chiller room in an open place.

Cold-rooms are facilities for storing and processing food and beverages, as well as other items. The result is that a cold room tends to get filthy and infected with bacteria rather fast. Generally speaking, cold-rooms are constructed of metal-insulated panels. Throughout this blog article, we will provide instructions on how to clean cold room panels while avoiding damage to the surface of the insulated metal panel.

Different cold storage chiller room manufacturer all over the world produce materials of chiller cold rooms. Bangladeshi companies import chiller room for sale.

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, the Commercial Cold Room Chiller Starting Cost is 7,50,000 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification, and other customization.

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