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Automatic temperature control

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Auto Temperature Control Ice Cream Display Freezer is made with very attractive and elegant design. Its shape can be square or rectangular which is covered with beautiful curved glass. There are multiple stylish colors used in this freezer such as red, green, black, white, yellow etc. All these designs and colors make the cooler showcase highly aesthetic. It looks very gorgeous even from far. That’s why it attracts customers easily which is necessary for commercial user.​

Suitable Temperature Range

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Commercial island display freezer are mainly used to display all kinds of frozen foods like meat, fish, seafood, and many other foods. Display freezer ensure fresh state of these frozen foods with its wide temperature range. This freezer has 0 to (-)20 degree Celsius which covers all kind of frozen food to display safely for long time. You can regulate your required temperature according to your displayed food item.

Body materials

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Commercial supermarket display freezer is made of stainless steel that give high strength and durability to the freezer. As this freezer is used to display different food items, it is made with super finished outer body. These super shop freezers are also made of melted steel. In this case, you can choose different attractive color when you buy commercial glass top chest freezer.​

Anti-Fog Operation

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One of the biggest problems of Commercial Frozen Island Display Freezer is that, it produces fog that make the glass turbid. Consequently, customer can not see displayed food items easily. But this glass top chest display freezer do not produce fog which keep the glass of freezer clear. If you buy this supershop display freezer, you do not have to face fog problem. Because, it has anti-fog operation.​

Curved Sliding glass Door

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Supermarket freezer for middle row has strong glass in order to see food items inside the freezer. It helps customer to see product and attract them. Opening ang closing is also easy because this freezer adopted sliding glass, allow you to open and close easily. Strong and doable tempered glass are used to construct door of these frozen item display freezer.​

Specious Interior

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Most important thing is that, you need enough space to display your frozen food items for your customers. Considering this, Large Sliding Door Supermarket Island Freezer is intelligently designed which allow you to preserve huge food items at a time. Moreover, you can use shelves to display more frozen foods inside the freezer display case. So, buying this Supermarket Island display freezer will be beneficial to your business.​

Steel Wire Dipping Plastic Food Basket

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There are Wire Dipping Plastic Food Basket that are made of steel. This basket will help you to organize your frozen food items into good order. When you keep your food items in the basket, you will get opportunity to display more much food. Moreover, the Steel Wire Dipping Plastic Food Basket will give a decorative look inside the commercial island display freezer.​

Service Warranty

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Usually, we offer one-year service warranty for our commercial supershop frozen island display freezer. If you face any problem during this warranty time, we provide service free of cost. A skilled customer service team is always ready to serve you. When the warranty date will expire, you have to pay for services and equipment as per the charge list.​

Product Special Features
  • Different Sizes
  • Best Quality Compressor
  • Double Compressor Used
  • Gear up Compressor
  • Top Cover Sliding/Open
  • Different Color
  • Auto Temperature Control
  • Standard Warranty
Product Specification


Island Display Chiller


(-0) ~ (-18) .


stainless Steel


PVC plastic


(1570*2070*2570) mm

Total Display 

1.1, 1.4, 1.8


500W, 800W

Compressor Brand


Frequently asked questions and Answers

Supershop Frozen Island Display Freezer is an automated temperature control freezer that is used to display frozen food items with proper condition for long time. These freezers are used at the middle of the supermarket. And for this reason, they are known as island freezer.​

Supermarket or supershop freezers are used to preserve frozen food items with proper condition for long time. Using this freezer allow you to keep your frozen food perfect and well-displayed for customers. Specially, this island freezers are used to display food items at the middle raw of the shop. If you need to display frozen food item foe along time with a decorative look, you are recommended this island freezer.​

Large Sliding Door Display Supermarket Island Freezer are mainly used in supermarkets and supershops. Besides these business organizations, there are many food shops or grocery shops who use this kind supermarket freezer. In other words, who need to display frozen foods for a long time with perfect quality, can use this supershop freezer. Island freezer are used at the middle row of the shop which allow customers to see products from both side of the freezer.​

Store Frozen Island Display Freezer is equipped with a high-quality thermostat, which assists the commercial frozen island display freezer in maintaining proper temperature regulation. These high-performance thermostats regulate temperatures on their own. This automated temperature control aids you in maintaining the ideal temperature for your requirements according to your preferences. During the display period, it will keep your food completely fresh.​

Generally, Supermarket freezer for middle row are used to exhibit a wide variety of frozen goods such as meat, fish, seafood, and a variety of other items. With its wide temperature range, the display freezer helps to maintain the freshness of the frozen goods. This freezer offers a temperature range of 0 to (-)20 degrees Celsius, which allows you to store any type of frozen food securely for an extended period of time. You have the ability to adjust the temperature necessary for your food item based on its display.​

The commercial island display freezer is constructed of stainless steel, which provides the freezer with exceptional strength and durability. Because this freezer will be used to exhibit a variety of food items, it is constructed with a highly polished outside body. These supershop freezers are likewise built of molten steel, much like their predecessors. When purchasing a commercial glass top chest island freezer, you will have the option of selecting from a variety of eye-catching colors.​

The Large Sliding Door Supermarket Freezer is constructed of stainless steel, which provides the freezer with exceptional strength and durability. Because this freezer will be used to exhibit a variety of food items, it is constructed with a highly polished outside body. These supershop freezers are likewise built of molten steel, much like their predecessors. When purchasing a commercial glass top commercial chest freezer, you will have the option of selecting from a variety of eye-catching colors.​

One of the most serious issues with Commercial Frozen Island Display Freezers is that they create fog, which causes the glass to become murky. As a result, customers are unable to easily observe the culinary products on display. Fortunately, this industrial island display freezer does not create fog, which allows the glass of the freezer to remain crystal clean. If you get this superstore display freezer, you will not have to deal with the problem of fogging. Because it is equipped with anti-fog technology.​

The doors of supermarket freezer in the center row is made of thick glass, which allows you to see the food products that are stored within. It assists customers in seeing the goods and attracting them. Opening and shutting this freezer is very simple, thanks to the use of sliding glass doors that make it simple to open and close. When it comes to the construction of the door of these frozen item display freezers, tempered glass is utilized since it is both strong and durable.​

They have risen to become one of the most popular methods of preserving meat and other commodities among consumers. Foods that have been frozen are protected against germs, mildew, and decay. For financial and time savings, many individuals choose to shop less frequently and in bulk in order to save money and time.​

As soon as the frozen food is delivered, place it in the freezer. If you are collecting food from stores or suppliers on your own, ensure sure it is transported at the proper temperature and placed in a freezer as soon as possible after collection. If frozen food begins to defrost, it may become a breeding ground for deadly germs.​

You must have adequate display area to exhibit your frozen food goods for your clients, which is the most crucial factor to consider. In light of this, the Large Sliding Door Supermarket Island Freezer has been thoughtfully built to allow you to store large quantities of food at a time. In addition, you may utilize shelves to show more frozen goods within the freezer display case, if necessary. As a result, purchasing this Supermarket display freezer will be advantageous to your company.​

Steel Wire Dipping Plastic Food Baskets are available, as well as other materials. This basket will assist you in putting your frozen food products in a neat and orderly manner. When you store your food products in a basket, you will have the chance to show a greater variety of food items. Apart from that, the Steel Wire Dipping Plastic Food Basket will provide a beautiful touch to your island display freezer's interior design.​

For our Commercial Frozen Island Display Freezer used in commercial superstores, we typically provide a one-year servicing warranty. If you have a problem during the warranty period, we will repair it at no charge to you. A well-trained customer care crew is always there to assist you. When the warranty period has expired, you will be required to pay for services and equipment in accordance with the fee list.​

1. A duster cloth can be used to cleanse the island freezer's outside box; sharp objects should not be used to scrape or fracture flake ice for cleaning purposes within the box, as this may cause damage to the interior wall.
2. Cleaning drainage trays using pointed or sharp-edged instruments is prohibited;8 a wet-type cleaner or sponge is used to sop up hydrops, garbage ice, and other silt inside a drainage tray; the same procedure is utilized to wipe out the box base.
3. A special glass bath in the form of spraying is best for cleaning sliding door glass before using a duster cloth or sponge for mild scrubbing. Scraping the glass surface with pointed instruments is banned.
4. The island freezer's sliding door is constructed of unique glass. It is forbidden to tread, hit with an external strike, or wash with a corrosive cleaning substance.
5. Manual defrosting is recommended once a week. After the food within the container has been removed, the power supply has been unplugged, and the ice and frost inside the freezer has fully melted, thorough defrosting and cleaning should be done on the inside of the container, particularly on the drainage tray and outlet. When the cleaning and drying are completed, the power is brought in after a 100-to-200-minute run. When the temperature within the controller's container reaches -22°C, the food is returned to the container.​

Different frozen food display freezer manufacturers manufacture display freezer for sale. Bangladeshi island display freezer supplier import theses material and construct island freezer and sell to customers. You can buy supermarket freezer from them.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, The Commercial Frozen Island Display Freezer Starting Cost is 2,50,000 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.​

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