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Fully Customize Solution

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One of the easiest things regarding cold storages is their customizability. Our Commercial Cold Storage has different sizes and types are available for your need whether you need a cold storage room, cold storage chiller, blast freezer or truck body chillers. There is a variety of custom sizes, rooms and thicknesses.​

Different Type of Cold Storage

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We provide different types of cold storages according to your needs. If you need the most cost-effective cold storage of small quantities of temperature-sensitive items, we can provide flexible refrigerated containers. Here we provide the brief of each type of cold storage so that you can choose on your own.​

Cold Storage Freezer/Chiller

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If you need to store frozen foods for a longer time, we have Cold Storage Freezer for you. It’s an electric equipped where you can set a certain temperature according to your item’s requirement. Their temperature starts from -0 to -30 degree Celsius. This kind of cold storage is highly recommended for storing vegetables, fish, meat and dairy items.​

Cold Storage Blast Freezer

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This type of cold storage provides -30 to -45 degree Celsius. It is made of powerful condenser and evaporator to provide extremely low temperature. The blast freezers are highly recommended to maintain the freshness of goods. For example, if you store potatoes or various vegetables to keep your stock and later to deliver daily in the markets, there is a high chance of your goods getting rotten. In this situation, a cold storage blast freezer can be your life savior. It will save your goods from bacteria. We can also provide blast freezers for your company to cool and save food quickly before it reaches to consumer. Even if you need a large alternative, then mass cold storage would be great for you.​

Truck Body Chiller/Semi-Chiller

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Truck body chiller are built on a truck, which is made of extruded aluminum and insulated body. These semi chillers can provide +15 degree to -40 degree Celsius temperature. Generally, these freezers are 7 meters in length and 3 meters in width on a truck body. These chillers are highly recommended if you are delivering frozen products from one division to another division. This freezer will keep your products fresh and alive.​

Cold Storage Construction

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The construction depends on the type of cold storage you order. Our standard cold store room is 60 feet long and 30 feet wide in rectangular shape, which is made of bricks, cement, bamboo, and shaan. It can store 300 tons’ products inside. This cold storage comes with the two parallel walls made of concrete blocks and bricks. It has 2 windows to allow sunlight in the storage. If you're worried about electricity, then you would be glad to know that there are 4 solar panels of 110 watts have also been there to provide electricity to light the storage.​

Auto Temperature Control System

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Another advantage of our Commercial Cold Storage is adjustable temperature. Our cold storage comes with a temperature controller and monitoring. This cold storage outlet has a built-in automatic temperature control system. Our cold storage machine will automatically provide this range of temperature to keep your foods fresh for good.​

Customized Room & Doors

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Our cold storage are very user-friendly and customizable when it comes to rooms and doors. There are several room shapes and sizes. You can customize the doors into a glass door, sliding door, fire-rated door, hinged door or electric door whatever you want. All these doors are ideal to balance the inside and outside temperature.​

Balanced Refrigeration System

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Our cold storage comes with a balanced refrigeration system that is comfortable for the climate/weather in Bangladesh. All you need to do is to put your products in it and chill.​

Cost Effective Solution

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Commercial Cold Storage helps you to reduce your waste of products especially if you purchase blast freezer type. It will help you to boost your delivery business as well as handling the foods within low temperature. Even if you produce your product today, exactly today you can deliver it through our commercial storage. Thus your product will remain safe and fresh.​

High-Quality Material Product

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Our cold rooms program is constructed with top quality European materials to ensure product’s durability and longer lifespan service.​

Electric or Solar System

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Our Commercial Cold Storage comes with both electric or solar system. We have cold storage where no electricity is required, the 4 solar panels of 110 watts are there to provide electricity to light the storage. Besides, if you want an electric equipped cold storage, we can also provide it for you where you will get the additional features as well.​

Energy Efficiency

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If you are worried about product’s energy efficiency, then you will be glad to know that we use high-quality compressor and durable motor with less energy. Once you choose one type among these freezers available, we can calculate the compressor power, evaporator power capacity and condenser power ability to make your freezer an energy efficient product.​

Strong Technical Team

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Since installing Commercial Cold Storage will be a massive job, we provide a strong technical team made of experienced and skillful members if you buy our cold storage. They will take care of the installation as well as lifelong support.​

Product Special Features
  • Totally Customizable
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Electric or Solar System
  • One-Year Warranty
  • Has different types of storage options
Product Specification






Pressure vessel Moto PLC

Surface Material

Color Steel/ss304/ aluminum ss


Meat Fish Chicken fresh keeping


Depends on cold room size






100/120/150/200 mm

Frequently asked questions and Answers

Cold Storage is known as the high-sized freezer, which is used for storing different types of product. Cold storage is used for storing vegetables, fruits, processed meat, spices, dairy products, dry fruits, jaggery, frozen foods along with pharmaceutical purposes. Cold storage will process, package, and deliver your products anywhere in refrigerated couriers, which means the temperature stays precisely how it should during the entire trip.​

The cold storage keeps your items at a set temperature of your personal preference so that they remain fresh and healthy. By placing your goods inside the cold storage, you increase the lifespan of your products.​

This cold storage can store more than just food-related products. Here are some of the products that you can store in this cold storage:
Medicine: Some medicines should be kept cold to make sure they do not get contaminated. For example, blood samples and other clinical supplies must be kept in cool temperatures so that they stay fresh for later testing.
Plants: The cool temperatures keep plants fresh and solid. A bouquet lasts longer in cooler temperatures, which prevents them withering up. You can also store seeds in cold storage. If they are kept in a moisture-proof container, the cooler temperature will make them last longer than expected.
Candles: If you are planning to store candles for more than a couple of days, then you should use cold storage. By using Commercial Cold Storage, the candles will now last longer and preserve their designs and colors. If you live in a cold place, your candles do not require cold storage. However, When the temperature goes up, the candles will begin to melt, which can destroy their shapes or colors.
Artwork: This cold storage can also store artwork. Artwork needs to be kept in a temperature controlled facility, especially if they are old. If the artwork becomes too hot, the colors could become faded. The paint can even begin to strip off the canvas. If you need to store paintings for a long time, then the cold storage is the perfect solution for you.
Film: If you have a camera film then you need to preserve, then you should keep it in the Commercial Cold Storage. The cold temperature stops the film from getting harmed. Although the film is not famous in the modern world, there are many people out there who prefer using it. So finding out how to store camera film perfectly could save you a lot of time.
Cosmetics: Cold storage provides you with a longer shelf life for a lot of cosmetic products. Lipstick is one of the cosmetics that can become stale and start to melt so they will last longer and stay in better condition if you store them in the cold storage.
Cologne: When it comes to storing cologne, our Commercial Cold Storage is the best option. By using cold storage, you can preserve its fragrance for a long time. However, it does not work similarly for perfume. All perfumes ought to be put away at room temperature.
Foods: This is the most obvious one. The cold storage is ideal for storing foods so that they stay fresh. Vegetables, fruits, frozen beverages, etc. are some of the items that you should store in the cold storage.​

The cold storage freezer/chiller has a temperature starting from -0 to -30 degree Celsius. If you want to store vegetables, fish, meat and dairy items, then this freezer is ideal for you. The cold storage blast freezer starts from -30 to -45 degree Celsius. Buying this type of freezer is perfect if you intend to deliver the fresh goods daily in market with freshness. Truck body freezer or semi-chiller has a temperature ranging from +15 to -40 degree Celsius. If you are delivering goods from one division to another, we recommend this semi-freezer.​

Each type of businesses uses cold storages services for various kinds of products. Almost every supermarket uses cold storage for fish, meat, and other solidified items. The main role of a grocery store is to keep food fresh and prepared for buying and consuming. To satisfy this need, they require some kind of refrigeration. If you own a grocery store, the cold storage is perfect for your usage. Advanced medical clinics might be home patients that require cold storage to guard themselves or others from contamination. Others may require cold storage for the protection of tests, medications, and blood. It is not unusual for places of research to require cold temperature. Cold storage fills that role by having a cooler temperature. In case it is food manufacturing or a cafe, goods require a cooler temperature to stop the growth of contaminants and health hazards. The Commercial Cold Storage is required for producing, processing, transporting, and storing items until it is prepared for use.​

Cold storage keeps your items at a set temperature based on your personal preference, which stops them from getting stale and keeps them fresh for longer. If you want to store fruits and vegetables, keeping them at the correct temperature will keep them fresh and reduces the risk of damage. If you do not use cold storage and keep them in a warm environment, they will start to become stale and they are going to attract pests. Transporting foods while kept at normal temperature will ruin the goods. Eating food that hasn't been kept at the correct temperature will likewise build your odds of getting food contamination. You should use Commercial Cold Storage to avoid health issues.​

Yes, our cold storage has automatic temperature control. Our cold storage machine will automatically provide this range of temperature so that you can keep your foods fresh for a long time.​

There are special cold storage types for vegetables and other items exist as well. These types of cold storages store potatoes and different vegetables at one temperature. Additionally, they have different parts designed for storing chocolates, seeds, mash, and dried organic product at the best temperature for storage.
There is also a type of cold storage for meat and fish too. These cold storages include meat blast freezers, which is for keeping the meat cold in order to store it. This type of cold storage incorporates freezers for cheeseburgers and fish. There are additionally special storerooms for shellfish.
The cold storage that are implied for organic product or fruits, organize additional freezers for natural product mash and natural product juice. These chillers additionally add coolers for processed vegetables, margarine chillers, and storage areas for organic products.
We provide different types of cold storage machine according to your preference. If you require the most cost-effective cold storage of small sizes of items that needs to be cooled, we can provide you with flexible refrigerated containers.​

Yes, our cold storage machine can run on electricity. Our cold storage machine has both electric or solar system. We have cold storage machine where you do not need electricity, the 4 solar panels of 110 watts are there to supply electricity to power the storage. Nonetheless, if you want cold storage that runs on electricity, we can also provide it for you where you will get the extra features too.​

Our cold storage provides great cost-effective solution by helping you to minimize your food wastage and it can also expand your day-to-day business for the shortage delivery time. For this purpose, our blast chiller is the best choice. You only need to store your goods for a couple of hours, then the temperature will reach -40 degree Celsius and you will be able to deliver it on the same day with the ideal temperature.​

The length of the semi-chiller is 4300mm, the width is 2100mm and the height is 2100mm. The blast freezer and the cold storage freezer has customizable sizes which we have different types and sizes available and you can choose one that fits your needs. These sizes or types are totally customizable and can be changed with the right refrigerant way according to your requirements.​

Yes, our cold storage refrigerator is ideal for the climate and weather in Bangladesh. You will be glad to know that our refrigerator comes with a balanced refrigeration system that is perfect for the weather in Bangladesh.​

This cold storage refrigerator is very durable and long-lasting. It is made of top quality European materials to make sure that the product is durable and has a longer lifespan. If you are worried about the construction materials of the semi-chiller, you would be glad to know that it is made of the finest materials. The internal cladding is made of 0.5mm PPGI Sheet with nylon protective film with ribs and the external cladding is made of 0.7mm PPGI Sheet with nylon protective film without ribs. The insulated panels are made in one piece for each side to expand the rigidity of the box. The insulated panels will be strengthened with a steel frame for long term durability. The floor is made of 100mm thick insulated panels reinforced with wooden spacers and it is covered with 18mm WBP plywood and finished with the aluminum checkered plate.​

Yes, our cold storage freezer comes with a shelving rack. The shelving rack lets you store foods proficiently.​

The cold storage freezer preserves foods by freezing it. Because of the low temperature, the bacteria can’t grow in number. Bacteria can cause harm to the food thus making it stale. Because of our cold storage freezer, the number of bacteria's cannot increase so the food remains fresh.​

No, this cold storage freezer does not use a lot of electricity. We have ensured that our freezer is totally energy efficient. The cold storage refrigerator has a top-of-the-line compressor and a long-lasting motor that requires less energy. we use high-quality compressor and durable motor with less energy. After you pick one of the freezers available, we can calculate the compressor power, evaporator power capacity and condenser power ability in order to ensure that the freezer does not require a lot of electricity. This freezer saves you money by using less electricity.​

Yes, we will send our fabulous technical team that will help you install this freezer. We provide a strong technical team that has experienced and skillful members if you buy our cold storage as installing this cold storage will be a massive task. They will take care of the installation as well as the lifelong support of the freezer so you do not have to worry.​

You can find the commercial cold storage here at a very reasonable price. We NOBARUN INTERNATIONAL is the leading cold storage supplier in Bangladesh.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, the Commercial Cold Storage Starting Cost is 15,00,000 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification, and other customization.​

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