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High Working Efficiency

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The highly efficient motor can produce 25 kg of crushed ice per hour. The size of this Commercial Ice Crusher Machine is small but it looks so attractive. Electric power and easy operation design make this machine more efficient. It has a sharp, commercial-grade shaving blade that provides you with thinner, softer snow ice, a massive amount of fluffy smooth snow.​

Super Quick Ice Shaving

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This Ice Shaver Crusher machine has an excellent rotation speed of up to 2000 R/M with a sharpener blade. It’s super-fast. This crusher machine takes a little time to finish the process. So, it can be a great partner of your personal life and your business life.​

Portable Handle

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The portable handle is made of aluminum alloy material. This anti-slip handle comes with more comfortable to press down to speed up ice breaking. This strong handle makes this Electric Ice Crusher Machine easier & more comfortable.​

Lattice Bucket Cover

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An ice bucket cover is attached to the handle. A lattice design is adopted to increase the friction between cover and ice cubes. So that Ice can be shaved uninterruptedly. It also prevents ice cubes from leaking out everywhere. This cover is made of aluminum alloy.​

Stainless Steel Blade

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This Handheld Snow Ice Crusher machine has a SUS 304 stainless steel duel shaving blade for higher shaving speed. Its newly upgraded, corrosion resistance, and faster ice-breaking blade. Blades are adjustable. It can be extended shorter or longer for fine and rough ice. So, the machine can produce shaved ice with different precision. This can assure hygienic conditions guarantee food safety and durability for years of use.​

Strong Casing & Hopper

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This industrial ice crusher machine is built with a corrosion-free anodized aluminum casing and hopper so that the product can stand years of use and guard against rust. Keep the product 100% safe. The polished appearance makes this shaver machine more attractive in your kitchen.​

Powerful Upgraded Motor

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This Commercial Ice Crusher Machine has a strong & upgraded motor that turns ice cubes into crushed ice quickly. It is made of pure copper. This powerful motor can handle a large amount of rough ice without difficulty and provides you with soft, thin, fluffy smooth snow ice. The rotation speed of this machine is 2000 r/m. It’s an overheat and pressure protection motor. This low noise energy-saving motor reduces the extra noise of the working situation.​

The Eye-Catching Design

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This machine can be placed on the tabletop of your home, restaurant easily. Anti-skid and wear-resistant base make this machine more durable. It has a plastic baseplate, that will make sure the machine runs efficiently. A safety waterproof switch to prevent water droplets. The ice crusher machine manual has a stainless-steel bowl to catch crushed ice.​

Less Power Consumption

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This Ice shaver machine consumes 300 W and 280 V. The machine power supply is available in 2-single phase voltages. It will consume less electricity for daily usage of restaurants, home. This ice crusher machine steel can operate at both 50 Hz and 60 Hz without any adjustments. So, you can use this ice breaker machine every day without any issues.​

Cleaning & Low Maintenance

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Because of aluminum material, you can quickly clean after use. This can save your time and energy. Make sure to dry this user-friendly machine after use to prevent mold and bacteria.​

Different Types of Uses

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Our ice crusher blender machine is small and efficient that is ideal for making slushies and other frozen drinks. This ice breaker machine is ideal for home and commercial use. The snowflakes maker machine is very suitable for restaurants, bars, snacks, school canteens, coffee houses, home parties, etc. It can be applicable at a milk tea shop, DIY fruit smoothie, and dessert restaurants.​

Frequently asked questions and Answers

The Commercial Ice Crusher Machine is known also as an ice shaver machine. It is a machine for crushing ice especially. This machine is suitable for home and commercial use. The electric ice crusher machine will make snow cones, fruit desserts, Boba snow, milkshake, and many more. If you want to take a cool free for your family in hot summer, or you have a BBQ restaurant, you can buy it undoubtedly. Water-resistant on/off switch for more convenience and peace of your mind.​

The ice crusher machine is a small body with strong power. The full casing and hopper are equipped with anodizing aluminum alloy material. Adjustable dual blades are made of Stainless Steel. The stainless-steel bowl is included for catching shaving ice. The metal handle & safety bucket cover adopts aluminum alloy die-casting, not breakable, much stronger. More importantly, the motor of this unit is made of pure copper. In a word, the body material of this machine is 100% safe for anyone.​

Sure, you can make fluffy snow or chunky ice by adjusting the sharpener blade of this machine.​

This user-friendly Ice Crusher Machine is produced in China. This smooth elegant design machine is made of high-quality, long-lasting materials. We are the top Crushed Ice Machine Importer in Bangladesh.​

Yes. It has a lot of safety features are there that you need to consider. A Heavy-duty base and small anti-slip rubber pads on the bottom of this ice crusher machine provide you with a stable workstation. The vibration and noise will get reduced. The water-resistant on/off switch designed the machine easy to control. The weight of this unit is light, you can move it quickly.
More importantly, this unit will shut off when the hopper remains open which ensures you that no risk of getting any injury. So, it’s a safer Commercial Ice Crusher Machine than another machine. So, you will be happy if you buy ice crusher machine from us.​

These commercial models are straightforward and safe for use. It’s a simple and super convenient operation. Anyone can do this operation.
1. First of all, check the power supply voltage. It should be connected with ground wire.
2. Plug in the power supply.
3. Turn On the main switch.
4. Just drop the ice into the hopper.
5. Now turn on the protection switch.
6. Then press down the ice handle. The ice cubes will break automatically. The stainless-steel tray will catch splashing ices.
7. Lift the ice-pressing handle to the top-bottom.
8. Completed.
9. After completing, you can repeat the above operation procedure.​

There are a lot of benefits if you buy an Ice Shaver Crusher Machine. This is a situation-changer machine at any barbeque party. It can add a significant fun moment at any home gathering party.
1. This is an energy-saving machine.
2. Maximum appliances are adjustable so that you can get the type of ice you like most.
3. While operating this machine, you don’t have to work up a sweat.
4. For impressing your guest during hot summer, you can make delicious frozen desserts.
5. It has a water-resistant on/off switch, it will keep you safe
6. It’s more hygienic and safer from cost contamination.
7. This ice crusher machine doesn’t take up much space for installation.​

Crushed Ice: Crushed the ice cubes.
Shaved Ice: A type of dessert, you can call it snow cones.​

This ice crusher machine is easy to use & clean, the large diameter of the ice outlet. It has a food-grade fully stainless-steel ice bucket. It’s stronger and safer. A solid plastic baseplate will make sure the machine runs efficiently. This bottom cooling design stops the motor from being too hot so that the motor can be protected better and longer.​

Yes, this Commercial Ice Crusher Machine has a durable blade that can change the shape of ice cubes easily. Just tighten the blade a bit, the ice cube will finer. If you want to get thinner shave ice, please operate the blade in the opposite direction.​

Not exactly. It will be slightly thicker than shaved ice. But the ice will look like new snow.​

Yes. This Electric Ice Crusher Machine will be adjustable in your home. The elegant & tabletop appearance makes this ice breaker machine more attractive in your kitchen. It will be the best choice for entertaining your guest at your family parties.​

You will likely hear your ice crusher machine make a series of clicking noises after completing a cooling cycle. This is very normal. The noise of this ice crusher machine steel is minimized to keep a relaxed atmosphere. It’s a bit loud but it is extremely quick to finish the crushing process. So overall the noise is not a big deal. There are no problems with it despite being noise sensitive.​

It’s very simple to clean this unit. An easy-clean machine can be saving you energy and time. This machine comes with a stainless-steel tray, which makes you comfortable to serve. Because of the aluminum alloy material of the full casing and hopper, you can clean it quickly. After using, turn off the water-resistant switch. Just lift the power supply plug. Wipe on the body with a dry towel. Wash the lid with warm soapy water. Keep it in a dry place, preferably out of after wash. So, please clean your machine regularly after use to prevent different kinds of mold and bacteria.​

Sure, why not? Any type of relatively small chunks of ice that feat into the hopper will work.​

It is easy to purchase a new blade instead of the worn blade. You can find it affordably from us or elsewhere.​

This ultimate Handheld Snow Ice Crusher machine consumes exactly 300 w power, 380 voltage. It can operate with 110 voltage frequently. So that there is nothing to worry about power cost. This unit affordably reduces the electricity bill.​

This ice crusher blender machine is mainly used to provide refreshing soft drinks, slushes, juices so that drinks are prepared quickly to serve your guest or customer. A professional ice crusher machine is preferable to use at home too. This commercial unit uses strong crushing mechanisms to quickly and effectively break down the rough & tough ices. It can save you valuable time and effort when preparing drinks. This smooth design is surely an eye-catching glamour for all users.​

This Commercial Ice Crusher Machine works best with ice mold but it also works with regular ice cubes. A user can do it in both ways. No worries.​

This smooth elegant machine has a strong powerful motor that handles a large amount of rough & tough ice without any issue. You can buy from us. We are in top-level as Crushed Ice Machine Importer in Bangladesh.​

Our ice crusher machine has made with an eye-catching shape. Suitable for home use to make tasty drinks and slushies anytime. This machine is perfect for entertaining your guest in-home gatherings.
Commercially this unit can be used in food stores, carnivals, restaurants, cafes, school canteens for producing hand-made slush and frozen drinks. So, it is not only used in homes but also widely in commercial areas.​

This industrial ice crusher machine provides a 1-year free service warranty. In the meantime, if you face any problem with this machine, our servicing team will support you as soon as possible. In this case, if there need to buy any parts, you have to pay. After expiring the service warranty, you need to pay for service and equipment too.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, The Commercial Ice Crusher Machine Starting Cost is 17,500 Taka price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.​

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