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Hi-Performance Compressor For Rapid Ice Making

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A compressor is a very effective feature in any kind of flake ice machine. This Commercial Flake Ice Maker Machine has a powerful 950w compressor SECOP equipped with strong cooling, faster speed, and serves the machine longer than other average compressors. It makes the machine low noise and helps to reduce the electricity bill.​

Production Capacity

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With a top brand compressor, this commercial best flake ice machine can generate from 50 kg up to 500 kg of ice in 24 hours. This machine produces the standard size of flake ice. The machine features a thickened insulation layer for the preservation of ice. You can easily store 10 to 300 kg of ice in the storage bin. Ice thickness can be changed from 1.88 mm to 2.2 mm.​

Water Filter for Fresh Ice

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Filter water makes the best ice. A water filter for snow flake ice machines improves the quality of your flake ice in your home parties, supermarkets, super shop or restaurants.
Ice test better if the water’s good. If the water tastes bad, smells bad, or has other particles in it, your ice will look, taste, and smell the same as the water. This machine is directly connected to the faucet for turning tap water into drinkable pure water.​

Smart Control Panel For Operate

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The industrial flake ice machine has a smart electronic control panel for nonstop operation. Advanced self-checking mode function. There are no buttons, just power it on, and the engine begins to work. The external indicator lights keep the machine under continuous supervision. It displays various working statuses, including water level, pressure, ice-full reminder, ON/OFF, etc.​

304 Grade Stainless Steel Body Material

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The commercial crushed ice machine is made of SUS 304 food-grade stainless steel, beautiful, durable, easy to clean, corrosion-resistant. After full shutdown, the thickened insulation layer can store the flake ice for 5-7 hours. The evaporator is made of low-temperature alloy steel. This alloy steel remains a low failure rate. The auger is very durable, making the machine long-lasting performance.​

Attractive Design

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This Commercial Flake Ice Maker Machine is built with a compact design. A buffer door is designed to effectively reduce the extra noise of the machine. Cooling holes are installed around the machine to provide heat dissipation. It keeps the machine fast and more stable. The machine also features a dust-proof net for easy cleaning. It has a hook on the storage cabinet for hanging ice scoops.​

Power Details

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The flake ice maker machine can adjust with local voltage and frequency. It’s a 3-phase wire power supply with 320 voltage. The frequency of this undercounter flake ice machine is 50 Hz. It consumes the low electricity bill. You can Buy ice flake making machine for developing your business.​

Very Easy To Use

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This is a user-friendly ice maker machine. If the machine is being stopped for power, it will be stopped instant. When electricity will come, the machine will start immediately. The indicator will make it easy to judge the failure of the operation. There is a “Clean” button. You need to press and hold the “Clean” button for water sprayed into the water valve.​

Low Maintenance Cost

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Besides the outside of this machine, you have to clean enter the full body as well. Remember one thing, regular maintenance of a machine is ensuring years of trouble-free service. It’s very economical to maintain a flake ice maker. You need to clean the water filter, water line, condenser coil, blades, bearings regularly as well. The rotor bearings and gear bearings can be safe for a long year.​

Using Area

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The flake ice is applicable in supermarkets & aquatic products markets for the preservation, display, and packaging. It’s not easy to damage fresh-keeping products. Flake ice can be applied in meats and vegetable processing processes to keep fresher and widely used in long-distance transportation to cool and keep fresh with flake ice. It is also broadly used in laboratories, medicine, the chemical industry, and other industries. This is the perfect flake ice machine for fish.​

Product Special Features
  • System Safe
  • Water Sensor
  • Evaporator
  • Industrial-Grade Roller Bearings
  • Heavy-Duty Gear Box
  • No Side Clearance Required
  • EU standard Product
  • Made in USA
Product Specification





Cooling System

Air or water-cooled

Ice Flaking

Capacity245 kg and 540 lbs per day


60 Hz model


W 21" x D 24" x H 27"




1 Year

Frequently asked questions and Answers

A commercial ice machine is one kind of ice maker machine which produces commercial grade flake ices for industrial applications. This flake ice machine with a bin produces small dry chips or flakes of hardened ice with a thickness of 1.8 to 2.2 mm. It produces a soft form of ice. This flake ice machine adopts food-grade accessories. It is ideal for seafood displays, as well as for food preservation, food processing, etc.​

The body material of this ice machine adopts SUS304 food-grade stainless steel, corrosion-resistant.​

This machine works on the same process as well as other ice maker machines. Smoothies & milkshakes are ready in a matter of minutes. After proper installation, you need to connect the water valve of the machine & turn on the power supply to start the machine.
1. With this water valve, water will enter the storage tank
2. Water will be pumped into the splitter head.
3. Water is sprayed on the surface of the ice maker tray.
4. The water is evenly and smoothly sprayed through the evaporator. It will instantly be cooled down and reached the point. And then ice flakes are gradually formed in the ice maker tray.
5. This cycle of production will repeat within seconds.​

This will vary between different models; the capacity of this Commercial Flake Ice Maker Machine is a minimum of 50 kg up to 500 kg of ice in 24 hours and it can store 10 to 300 kg of ice in the storage bin.​

If the ice storage bin is filled to a certain height, the ice-making process will stop. This bin has a sensor at the top, which will trigger this stop in production.​

Yes. it’s very important to filter the water that makes flake ice. If you do not use filtered water you can’t get the quality of the ice. The overall quality of flake ice depends on the quality of the water.​

It depends on how much ice you use.

You can connect two water filters to this Ice Maker Machine. Filter water are producing clean, healthy, sanitary, flake ice.​

Before maintenance, be sure to shut down the power supply and water source. Maintenance must be done by an experienced person or a technician.
Please keep in mind that stainless steel may rust without proper maintenance. Regular cleaning and maintenance keep the machine long-term service. It ensures good performance and sanitization of the machine.​

The best flake ice machine will be stopped intently. Don’t worry, it will protect the ice from melting for 15-20 minutes. To avoid the extra hassle, you can use a generator, IPS, Power solar instead of electricity.​

The amount of electricity bill will vary between brands and models, as well as how you are using the unit. It doesn’t mean that this Commercial Flake Ice Maker Machine is going to cost a lot to run. This flake ice machine with bin uses far less electricity than other ice machines.​

No. It’s not a freezer. You can store flake ices or other food in the bin for a few hours only.​

1. Confirm the voltage is suitable for the requirement of the machine before connecting the machine.
2. If you want to clean, repair work or move the machine, please be sure to cut off the power supply of the machine before operation. When the machine is in the “ice full, water shortage” state and is stopped, please do not perform any maintenance.
3. Please don’t touch the PCB with your hand when this machine is working.
4. Please be careful don’t let any water flow into the switch when cleaning.
5. Keep the children far away from touching or using the machine to protect against any injury.
6. Use the machine in the indoor environment only.
7. It is not suitable for residential use.
8. This machine cannot be connected to hot water.
9. Only the power supply specified on the machine nameplate can be used.
10. Keep the ice scoop neat and clean.​

1. This machine is better product coverage than other machines.
2. It is providing greater cooling efficiency & low cooling loss.
3. It’s has a small footprint and low operating cost.
4. It has an adjustable thickness. The thickness of this machine is 1.8 to 2.2 mm.
5. It is a space-saving machine.
6. Auto shut off when the ice storage bin is full.
You will not regret if you buy ice flake making machine.​

The main advantages of flake ice machine for fish are:
1. Easy to use, stored, and transport.
2. Flake ice efficiently fits around the fish.
3. Save you extra time to produce leaf ices.
4. Large production capacity
5. Big surface area.
6. Very suitable in warm environments.
7. Food Safety & cost-effectiveness.​

Not loud at all. Sound like a regular refrigerator. This snowflake ice machine has a buffer door which is adopted for effectively reducing the extra noise. So, it’s not a big deal.​

The brushing or bearings of the fan motor may be defective that’s why this commercial crushed ice machine can be noisy. For solutions, you may replace the fan motor. The sound will be cleared.​

1. You can check the temperature.
2. Then check your wiring and be sure that they are undamaged and operating easily.
3. Inspect the exterior filter system, water line & inlet water valve. Change the cartridge if needed.​

Before installing this undercounter flake ice machine please follow the condition:
• Indoor Temperature should be kept under 40-90-degree F
• Keep the power supply which is specified on the machine nameplate.
• Check the water source.
• Machine should be kept away from heat sources.
• The machine should avoid direct sunlight.
• Place the machine at a safe distance from the wall. It should be no less than 12’’ for the front and 6’’ for the side.
• Check the socket, it should be grounded and have leakage protection.
• Provide proper floor drainage to set up the machine.​

This automatic ice maker machine is perfect for commercial and industrial areas. A flake ice maker is used for the preservation of aquatic products, display, packaging, etc. You may also use this machine in the kitchen area of any store, office, or other workplaces, hotel, restaurant, Super shop.​

Generally, a Commercial Flake Ice Maker Machine requires special care because of its entire use of the water source. You have to check the auger, and evaporator surface, bearings when working with a flake ice machine.
1. Remove the ice from the storage bin.
2. Press the clean button. Water will flow through the valve and down the drain. It may take 1 minute.
3. The clean cycle typically lasts at least 15-20 mins. After completed, please disconnect power to the ice machine. It can save you from electrical shock surely.
4. Please clean all food zone surfaces of the flake ice machine. Clean water will help remove chemicals to prevent ice from being contaminated.
5. Please clean the cabinet and the exterior body with a soft dry cloth & stainless-steel special washing solution.
6. After cleaning, sanitizing, the machine will be reached a safe level.
A flake ice maker machine should be cleaned and sanitized every 3 months. You can replace the rotor bearings and gearings after five years. It’s a part of regular maintenance.​

Yes. This Commercial Flake Ice Maker Machine provides a 1-year free service warranty. In the meantime, if you face any problem with this machine, our servicing team will support you as soon as possible. In this case, if there need to buy any parts, you have to pay. After expiring the service warranty, you need to pay for service and equipment too.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, The Ice Flake Machine Starting Cost is 2,75,000 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.​

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