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Commercial Cold Room Freezer

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Perfect Temperature

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Commercial Cold Room Freezers are typically used in commercial settings to preserve fish and meats that require a negative (-) temperature. This cold storage freezer room has an appropriate temperature range for storing all types of meat, seafood, and frozen items. The temperature ranges from 0 to -25 degrees Celsius. This variety will keep your fruits, vegetables, and beverages fresh for as long as possible.​

Totally Modified Room Size

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The size of the Commercial Cold Room refrigerator can be completely modified. For your business, you can request any size-freezer room. For its veggies and fruits, different businesses may require varying sizes of cold rooms. Some popular sizes for your business include height 5” width 5”, height 6” width 6”, height 8” width 8”, and height 10” width 10”. You can request any size dependent on the size of your business.​

Durable PUF Panel With Perfect Thickness

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The body material of the cold room storage is crucial in maintaining the freezer temperature. Nonconductive PUF panels are utilized to form the room's wall, which are coated on both sides of the sandwich panel by high-quality processed sheet. These panels assist the space in maintaining the desired temperature at all times.​

Nonconductive Swing Door

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To retain and maintain the temperature of the chilling cold room, the door must be properly installed and maintained. The door to the chiller room must be correctly closed in order to prevent any type of wind movement from the outside to the inside and from the interior to the outside of the chiller room. A swing door is the most appropriate type of door for this situation. The swing door with high-quality lock system has been installed in this cooling room as a result of this.​

Digital Control Panel

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An electric control panel is designed to operate in a simple auto mode until the required temperature is reached, and it is adjusted to the temperature differential so that the system maintains the desired temperature. Furthermore, the display device shows the current room temperature of the Commercial Cold Room Freezer. It will make your job easier and more efficient. You can see and control the temperature without entering the cold room.​

High Quality Cooling Equipment

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In terms of cold storage, the most crucial piece of equipment is cooling equipment. Heavy-duty compressors are used in this cold room chiller store. All of the compressors are high-performance commercial models. These high-performance compressors cool the atmosphere and maintain the exact temperature required. These compressors will provide you with trouble-free service for a long time. To keep the temperature in the cold room, store under control, a heavy-duty evaporator is used.​​

Appropriate Locker Thickness

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The thickness of a commercial freezer locker is important in order to maintain the proper temperature. The room will lose temperature if the appropriate or required thickness is not applied. The body material for this freezer cold room locker was 140-160mm thick, which is ideal for freezing temperatures. It may vary depending on the type of cold room.​

Advanced Integration Facility

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This industrial refrigeration room system also has some advanced integration facility which made the product unique and popular.
1. Control from outside: This cold room container also has advanced integration capabilities. Even from outside, you can check and operate the cold room. This integration will allow you to see the current temperature of the cold room as well as adjust the temperature.
2. Alarm system: At the same time, the alarm integration system notifies you of any cold cooling room problems. You can act based on that. If you want these integrations, we will customize the facility.​

Durable Lighting System

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You may require adequate lighting in the cold room when loading or unloading your merchandise. In light of this, the inside of the cold room refrigerator is illuminated. In the room, long-lasting, weather-resistant heat proof lamps are used. The hit proof light is unaffected by extremes in temperature. This heat-resistant lighting illuminates the interior of the room and increases productivity.​

Product Special Features
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Long durability perfect construction
  • Energy saving with customized PU panels
  • Balanced refrigeration system
  • installation from our professional company.
  • Condensing water: evaporated or drained
Product Specification





Panel thickness

 From 40 mm to 200 mm

Room panel

80 mm

Freezer thickness

100 – 120 mm


 0/+5 C or –18 C and –20 C


230V or 380V

Condensing water

Evaporated or drained

Frequently asked questions and Answers

A commercial Cold Room storage freezer is a minus (-) tempered store room that is used to preserve meats, fishes and other frozen foods for short and long time. It is used at industrial and commercial level usually.

Cold freezer storage is used in supershops, fish and meats shops, and in big butcheries to preserve fishes and meats. Anyone who want to preserve frozen foods for long or short time can use this freezer room. Food preparing companies and restaurants also depends on this cold rom refrigerator.

Cold room freezers are generally seen in commercial settings and are used to store fish and meats that require a negative (-) temperature to be preserved properly. All sorts of meat, seafood, and frozen products may be safely stored in this cold storage freezer room because of the temperature range it offers.​

The temperature this freezing cold room fluctuates from 0 degrees Celsius to -25 degrees Celsius in this environment. This type will ensure that your fruits, veggies, and drinks remain as fresh as possible for the longest time.​

The size of the Commercial Cold Room refrigerator may be customized to meet your specific requirements. You can order a freezer room of any size for your company's needs. Different businesses may require varied amounts of cool rooms for their vegetables and fruits depending on their needs. Height 5” width 5”, height 6” width 6”, height 8” width 8”, and height 10” width 10” are some of the most popular sizes for your company. You have the option of requesting any size based on the size of your company.​

The material used for the body of the cold room storage is critical in sustaining the freezing temperature of the freezer. Nonconductive PUF panels are utilized to form the room's wall, which are coated on both sides of the sandwich panel by high-quality processed sheet. At all times, these panels help to ensure that the proper temperature is maintained in the room.​

Strong swing door is used in this Fish and meat freezer cold room Freezer .

Yes, non-nonconductive PUF panels and strong stainless-steel sheet are used to make the door. A heavy-duty lock system is also adopted.​

The door must be correctly fitted and maintained to sustain the freezing cold room temperature. The door to the chiller room must be properly closed to avoid any wind passage from outside to inside and vice versa. In this case, a swing door is best. As a result, the cooling room includes a swing door with a high-quality lock mechanism.​

Electric control panels are designed to work in a simple auto mode until the target temperature is attained, and then they are modified to account for the difference in temperature between the desired temperature and the actual temperature. In addition, the display gadget indicates the current room temperature of the meat and fish freezer section (if applicable). The benefits of this will be that your job will be easier and more efficient. With the cold room closed, you may monitor and regulate its temperature without entering it.​

Yes, there is a digital control panel with meter that shows the temperature of the Commercial Cold Room Freezer.​

The most important element of cold storage equipment is cooling equipment. Heavy-duty compressors power this chiller shop. The compressors are all commercial types. These high-tech compressors cool the air and maintain the desired temperature. These compressors will provide you years of trouble-free service. A heavy-duty evaporator controls the temperature in the cold room.​

This commercial refrigeration room system also has some advanced integration capabilities, which distinguishes it from the competition and helps it become more popular.
You can check on and operate the cold room even if you are standing outside. Using this integration, you will be able to view and modify the temperature of the cold room as well as the humidity level. Moreover, the alarm integration system warns you of any difficulties with the cold chilling chamber. You can act as a result of this. If you require these integrations, we will design a facility just for you.​

When loading or unloading your products, you may want enough light in the cold room. The interior of the cold room refrigerator is lit in this manner. The space is illuminated with long-lasting, weather-resistant, heat-resistant lights. Temperature variations have no effect on the hit proof light. This heat-resistant lighting brightens the room's interior and boosts productivity.​

Alternatively known as a cold room, a refrigerating chamber is a warehouse in which a certain temperature is created artificially. It is typically used for keeping items in an environment that is cooler than the surrounding environment. So, if you want to keep your frozen foods safe and fresh for long or short time, this refrigeration room is recommended for you.​

Commercial Cold Room Freezer Components are as follows: In general, a freezer room is comprised of the electric control system, the condensing unit, the unit cooler, the freezer room door, the PU Panels, and many other accessories.​

No. You cannot place the cold freezer room in an open place.

If you purchase this cold storage freezer system, we will construct your cold room fully. We also offer one-year free services warranty. During this time, you can get services cost free. After expiring the warranty date, you have to pay as per the service charge list. Our customer care team is ready to serve you.​

• Regularly clean surfaces from top to bottom.
• Clean the surface completely with clean water; mix in the cleanser thoroughly with warm water.
• Never use cleaning products containing chlorine or objects containing chlorine.
• Keep the door closed for all-time, close the door immediately when you open it.

The cold room refrigeration used commercial equipment which are totally energy efficient. For this reason, this high-quality cooling equipment consume low energy which will decrease you cost effectively.​

This Walk-In Freezer room used perfect thickness for wall as well as doors. 120-200mm Polyurethane Foam Insulated Panels (PUF panel) are used in this refrigeration system. It is suitable for minus-temperature cold rooms.​

Though you can use the tiles floor as the floor of the cold room, it is better to use Polyurethane Foam Insulated Panels to construct high quality industrial refrigeration room system for your products.

Different commercial cold store manufacturer all over the world produce materials of chiller cold rooms. Bangladeshi companies import commercial freezer rooms for sale. You can buy this product from us.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, the Commercial Cold Room Freezer Starting Cost is 8,50,000 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification, and other customization.​

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