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Attractive Design

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The design of Supershop wall Gondola Rack is very beautiful and attractive. If you use this rack in any shop, you will get a touch of aesthetics and modernity. The gondola is designed in such a way that it is applicable to any environment and any shop. The lucrative design Wall Gondola Display Rack will give a decorative look and help you arrange your product in gorgeous manner.​

Heavy Duty Materials

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The Supershop wall Gondola Rack is made up of processed sheets made by combining different heavy materials. Which is capable of carrying much more load than any ordinary steel. Each shelf in our rack can carry the maximum amount of weight. Moreover, there are wire fence attached on the top shelves to hold small products and equipment. So, you can choose this wall gondola display rack undoubtedly.​

Adjustable Shelves

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Adjustable shelves structure is adopted in this wall gondola display rack. Since the shelves of gondola racks are adjustable, it can be set to any position on the rack, making it very convenient to use. Depending on the category of the product, it is often necessary to make the gap between the shelves smaller or larger. So, this adjustable design will help you arrange more product on the rack efficiently.​

Customized Option

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The wall gondola rack is designed in such a way that any shop can be arranged in any way using the supershop gondola rack according to any design. If you have not designed a supershop, we can set up a gondola rack for your shop according to our default design. You can place wall gondola next to your shop’s wall. You have access to request your customized requirement.​

Different Sizes

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Wall Gondola Display Shelves are adjustable and suitable for displaying products in a mega shop in Bangladesh Market. They are 3 to 4 feet long and 7 feet in height. This height is the most appropriate for supershop. The storage space od each shelf is 16-18 inches. The bottom or base shelf is always 2 inches extra due to safety purpose. In terms of height, you can find minimum 6 feet wall gondola display rack.​

Load Capacity

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Supershop wall gondola display rack has a high load capacity. Depending on the size, the load capacity of each shelf of the rack can vary. Shelves of Imported wall gondola display rack can carry loads up to 150 kg. Local made wall gondola display rack can carry loads ranging from about 80 kg to 150 kg. Which applies to any type of supershop product. You can choose you required size of wall gondola display rack.​

Easy Assemble

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The adjustable design of wall gondola display rack allows you to assemble gondola racks without the assistance of expertise. Because it requires no complexity. Of course, you may engage someone else to set it up for you, and because it's so basic and quick to put up, it won't cost you much if you rely on. It's simple to adjust the positioning of your gondola display to your comfort because it's quick to construct or fit in. At the same time, you can increase or decrease the number of shelves according to your needs.​

Attractive color

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To make your supershop attractive, the color combination of equipment is important. In terms of this wall gondola display rack, you have white and black color option. These two colors make any product look the most beautiful. You can choose your favorite on based on the shop’s arrangement color combination. As the powder putted color is used, it deters the metal be rusted easily. The robust color will sustain for a long time.​

Long Durable

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Though the durability of any product depends on by how well it is used. Based on our expertise and the quality of the product, we expect this Supershop wall Gondola Rack will last at least 20 to 30 years without problem. Because, heavy duty sheets and durable design are used to construct the wall gondola display rack. Moreover, the powder-putted color of the wall gondola display rack is also long lasting.​

Different Price Tag Color

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The price tags come in different colors: red and blue, orange. You are free to select any of them. It all relies on your supermarket's logo or color scheme. If you like red, we can give a red price tag, or if you prefer green, we can provide a green price tag to your super shop. Attaching LED panel also possible, it will increase the beauties of wall gondola display rack.​

Area of Use

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Wall Gondola display Rack has A wide range of use in supershops, and markets to display different products. Supermarkets, restaurants, retail stores, departmental stores and other shops use this wall Gondola display Rack. This type of gondola is usually used next to the walls of the shop. This gondola is also called single side gondola because of its shelf on one side.​

Product Special Features
  • Very Easily adjustable
  • Stoppers for Product Safety
  • Attractive price TAG
  • Variety of shapes/sizes/color.
  • use as display advertising.
  • Uses high quality materials
  • long lasting capability
Product Specification


Wall gondola


Height:7 feet, Length: 3’ and 4’

Salves size

Per selves wide 16inc & base selves 19inc


5 salves with base selves


Powder coating


Metal & Sheet




Single Sided



Frequently asked questions and Answers

This a metal made structure that allow you in supershop to display products. This type of gondola is usually used next to the walls of the shop. This gondola is also called single side gondola because of its shelf on one side.​

Wall Gondola display Rack has A wide range of use in supershops, and markets to display different products. This wall Gondola display Rack is also used in supermarkets, restaurants, retail stores, department stores, and other establishments. This sort of gondola is generally seen near the shop's walls. Because of the ledge on one side, this gondola is also known as a single side gondola.​

There are many benefits to using a supershop gondola rack. For example, the products of the shop can be neatly packed, the products can be kept according to the category and many more products can be kept in a small space and using this gondola makes your supershop look very beautiful and modern.​

Different racks have to be used in different places according to the type of supershop and the shape of each type of rack varies. There are usually four types of supershop gondola racks based on shake or size.
1. Wall gondola or single side gondola
2. Island gondola or double side gondola
3. End gondola or last gondola
4. Hardware gondola or slot wall gondola​

Gondola is divided into different parts according to the size and shape of the supershop gondola rack and let's find out appropriate use of gondola racks.
Wall gondola display rack: this type of gondola is usually used next to the walls of the shop. Many people call this gondola a single side gondola because it has a shelf or wheel on one side.
Island gondola rack: Island gondola has to be used in the middle row of the shop, island gondola has to be used in the middle of the shop to create a row of racks in the middle. The island gondola is double sided, meaning there are shelves on either side of the gondola.

End gondola rack: The end gondola is also single sided, meaning that the shelf is on one side and is used at the beginning and end of the island gondola.
Hardware gondola rack: Slot wall gondola or hardware gondola is usually rarely used, usually small items and hanging items are kept in this gondola. There is no specific place to keep or set up this gondola. The user can set it anywhere at his convenience.​

Yes. It can be set manually after purchasing Supershop Gondola Rack. Even then, if someone doesn't want to do the jet on their own, they will have to set it up with our people.​

It is very easy to set up a supershop gondola rack. First the gondola stand should be set up by holding the two stands erect inside the gondola back part stand. This is how to set up a gondola shelf.​

Gondola racks have different sizes depending on the type. In addition to the specific sizes, you can order and make a gondola of the size you want. Wall gondola usually comes in two sizes. For example, height is seven feet and length is three feet, height is seven feet and length is four feet.​

The load capacity of the wall gondola display rack is quite high. The load capacity of each shelf of the rack varies depending on its size. Imported wall gondola display rack shelves can support loads of up to 150 kg. The wall gondola display rack is produced in the Philippines and can hold weights ranging from 80 to 150 kg. This is true for every good sold at a superstore. You may select the size of the wall gondola display rack that you desire.​

There is no set rule for the height of the room to use a supershop gondola rack. However, the height of the room in the super shop usually starts from a minimum of 6 feet and the higher it is, the better.​

Gondola Rack can hold all types of grocery products, all packaged products and all bottled products. Fish or meat and any perishable products cannot be kept in the supershop gondola rack.​

Supershop gondola racks are usually available in white and black color.​

How many years a product can be used depends a lot on its proper use. Considering our experience and the quality of the product, hopefully this Chicken Supershop Gondola Rack will be used for a minimum of 20 to 30 years without any problems.​

The number of supershop gondola racks you need in your shop will depend on the design of the shop and what category of products you want to keep.​

Supershop gondola racks can be extended if you want. In that case you have to buy a separate shelf or shelf.

This type of rack is shelving assembled without nut and bolt fasteners. This is quick to assemble and can be easily adjusted. these racks are rigid, sleek and durable, can be adjusted and assembled any number of times as per to the changing requirements and demands in this ever-changing world of storage and display. These types of modular boltless shelving are generally used for display purpose in showrooms, markets, malls etc.​

Supershop gondola racks are made in different countries of the world including China, Malaysia and Turkey. In our country also supershop gondola racks are made in indigenous technology.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, Single side The Wall gondola Display Rack price Starting Cost Is 16,500 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy this for any project, the price can be up & down depending on the size and other customization.​

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Md Rafiuddin

From Dhaka on 4th Mar, 2022

The gondola rack color and quality are very good. Highly recommended. 

Mohammad Ali

From Bosila Mohammadpur on 20th Nov, 2022

I buy Gondola rack  for my shop. Quality is very good.

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