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Fruits and Vegetable Display Stand

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Price: 25,000 Taka

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High Quality Body Material

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The Supermarket Fruits and vegetable display stand is consisting of a strong and heavy-duty frame or skeleton along with a compact base and wheel system, and baskets. The body structure is made of heavy-duty melted steel which sustains for a long time and can be loaded heavily. The attached baskets are made of high-quality plastics to decorate and display you fruits and vegetables in a smart and comfortable way for your customers.​

Customize Size

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The most beneficial feature of this vegetable racks for shops is that, you can collect customized size fruit and vegetable racks. So, if you want to buy Fruit display rack for your business, you can ask your required size according to you shop space. It will allow you any shape based on you space in supermarket horizontally or vertically. Other Readymade Fruit and vegetable display rack sometimes change your previous decoration.​

Huge Load Capacity

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This fruits and vegetable display rack has huge capacity to be loaded as quality metal and plastic baskets are used. The precise capacity depends on the size of your purchased vegetable display rack. Generally, the display rack that has height of 7/6 feet along with minimum 9 baskets, can load 120-150kg. You can get customized display rack to increase the loading capacity of display rack.​

Heavy Duty Wheel System

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As the vegetable and fruit display stand are used in supershops, it needs to be portable and strong basement to consume heavy weight of fruits and vegetables. Considering these issues, Fruits and vegetable display metal stand adopted a heavy-duty wheel system that will allow you to move the rack from one place to another whenever you want. Moreover, this heavy-duty wheel system bears the load smoothly.​

High Quality Removeable Plastic Basket

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To display the fruits and vegetables, this Supermarket Fruits and vegetable display stand used high quality and removable basket which are made of plastic. As you decorate fruits and vegetables, the display basket should be attractive. For this reason, different attractive colors are available for these baskets. More importantly, the baskets are removable. You easily can load and unload the basket and replace to the exact position.​

Standard Height and Width

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Though you have option for customized size of plastic vegetable rack with metal stand, there is standard size of this display rack that suit to all kind stores and location. The fruit and vegetable rack for display is constructed with 7/6 feet height and 3 feet width. This height fit for all stores because every wall has 8 feet free space by default. So, you can easily buy this size for your supermarket or store.​

Full Visibility of Products

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The tilt is very important as it helps to offer complete visibility of all contents even in the lower racks. The design is such that the lower racks are marginally larger than the upper ones and are segregated into boxes thereby helping to hold different varieties of fruits and vegetables together. So, customers can completely see fruits and vegetables easily.​

Easy Assemble

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This floor standing fruits and vegetables rack can be assembled simply. No complexity is required here. The stand is constructed appropriately without screws. This shape allows you to place baskets in the frame. Anyone can do this task. After placing the baskets, you can start loading fruits and vegetables. So, this kind of standing display rack is highly recommended for your supermarket business.​

Decorative Look

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After assembling and displaying fruits and vegetables, Fruits and vegetable display stand give a decorative and polished look to the supermarket that attract customers effectively and increase brand value to the customers. You can arrange your fruits and vegetables smartly and can do the best use of your limited space. So, this display stand rack give gives attractive look as well as best arrangement of your product.​

Area of Use

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Mainly the Supermarket Fruits and vegetable display stand is used in supermarkets and super stores to display fruits and vegetables. It helps supermarkets and stores to attract customers and arrange their fruits and vegetables in a decorative way. So, it makes the buying simplified and easy. Nowadays, general stores also started using this Supermarket vegetable and fruits display stand. So, this vegetable display standing rack is highly recommended for your business.​

Frequently asked questions and Answers

Supermarket Fruits and vegetable display stand is a metal structure or frame with wheeling system that allow shopper to display fruits and vegetables. The fruit and vegetable baskets are made of plastic.​

The Supermarket Fruits and Vegetable Exhibit Stand is mostly used to display fruits and vegetables in supermarkets and hyper shops. It aids supermarkets and businesses in attracting customers and arranging fruits and vegetables in a pleasing manner. As a result, it simplifies and simplifies the purchasing process. This Supermarket vegetable and fruit display stand is now being used in general stores as well.​

These display racks are used to display fruits and vegetables in a decorative way for customers. This decoration, at the same time attract customers and help employees to maintain product smartly. Customers can easily choose fruits and vegetables. Moreover, fruit and veg displays are a must for any store, not only are they perfect for storing fresh produce but they can be used to hold other items that would not sit properly on a flat shelf.​

A sturdy and heavy-duty frame or skeleton, as well as a compact base and wheel system, and baskets, make up this display stand. The body structure is composed of heavy-duty molten steel that can withstand large loads for a long period. The connected baskets are constructed of high-quality plastics and are used to showcase and adorn your fruits and vegetables in a stylish and pleasant manner for your customers.​

Yes. You may purchase fruit and vegetable racks in whatever size you choose. So, if you want to acquire a Supermarket Fruits and vegetable display stand for your business, you may choose the size you need based on the size of your store. It will allow you to make any form you want based on the space you have in the store, whether horizontally or vertically. Other Readymade Fruit and Vegetable Display Racks may occasionally alter your current style.​

Because premium metal and plastic baskets are utilized, this standing fruit display has a large capacity to be loaded. The exact capacity is determined on the size of the vegetable display rack you choose. A display rack with a height of 7/6 feet and a minimum of 9 baskets can typically hold 120-150kg. To improve the loading capacity of your display rack, you may have it modified.​

Yes. Because fruit display racks are utilized in supermarkets, they must be portable and robust enough to support big loads of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetable display metal stand was designed to address these difficulties by using a heavy-duty wheel system that allows you to transfer the rack from one location to another at any time. Furthermore, its heavy-duty wheel arrangement distributes the load evenly.​

This vegetable display stand makes use of a high-quality, detachable plastic basket to showcase the fruits and vegetables. The display basket should be as beautiful as the fruits and veggies it holds. As a result, these baskets are available in a variety of eye-catching hues. The baskets are also detachable, which is a huge plus. It's simple to load, unload, and replace the basket.​

This floor-standing fruit and vegetable rack is simple to put together. There is no need for complication in this situation. The stand is properly made without the use of screws. Baskets may be placed in the frame because of the form. This is a job that anybody can complete. After you've placed the baskets, you may begin filling them with fruits and vegetables. As a result, for your supermarket company, this type of standing display rack is highly suggested.​

No. you do no need any extra hardware to fix this display stand rack.​

If you buy our product, we will set up the total installation of this supermarket vegetable display shelves.​

Yes. As the baskets are removeable, you can remove and replace the baskets for your needs.​

The number of supershop vegetable display rack you need in your shop will depend on the design of the shop.​

Fruits and vegetable display stand help supermarket owners in many ways. First of all, this standing rack help shop owners to display fruits and vegetables. Moreover, it increases the beauty of the shop and attract consumers attentions. The maintenance become easy for owners as well as for customers.​

How many years a product can be used depends a lot on its proper use. Considering our experience and the quality of the product, hopefully this standing display rack for fruits and vegetables will be used for a minimum of 20 to 30 years without any problems.​

Supershop display racks are usually available for all colors including white, black, green, blue, red. You can choose you color based on your shop’s decoration. When you decide the color of the stand, you should consider the color baskets that you are going to use.​

On this display rack, you can display fruits and vegetable. This is the most suitable and safe display rack for arranging fruits and vegetables.​

After assembling and exhibiting fruits and vegetables, the Store Fruits and Vegetable Display Stand gives the supermarket a colorful and polished image, attracting consumers and increasing brand value. You may cleverly arrange your fruits and veggies to make the most of your limited area.​

Bangladesh companies produce this kind of Fruits and vegetable display stand for sale. There also some Fruits and vegetable display rack supplier. You can communicate with them to buy this product.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, The Fruits and Vegetable Display Stand Starting Cost is 18,500 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy this for any project, the price can be up & down depending on the size and other customization.

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Engr. Mokhlesur Rahman

From Mohammadpur on 26th Oct, 2022

Very good quality, on-time delivery and they are super supportive.

Nazrul Islam Khan

From Moulovirtek, Khilgaon, Dhaka on 4th Sep, 2022

I go to their office and discuss requirementsmy requirment. My demand is custom color. They just fullfill my requirment and they supply all the equipment for our supershop. we are so much happy with their service, commitment and product quality.

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