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Maximum Ambient Temperature

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Commercial Blast Freezer is manufactured with pride with high-quality materials & rugged construction. The temperature of a general refrigerator is under 35° to 40° Fahrenheit. But the temperature of this high-performance technology’s freezer contains a minimum of 0° F. That means it is -18° in celcious temperature. Commercial blast freezing operates at an air temperature of -18° to -45° celsius easily. This is a standard temperature of a commercial freezer.​

Intelligent Control System

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The new air industrial blast freezer operates by blowing forced have various settings that can be selected depending on if your food is room temperature or hot. This intelligent control system can memorize the relevant parameters of the machine’s operation. You can see the present temperature that how much temperature it is freezing inside. It’s very useful this digital controller system. You can operate the freezer both manually and automatically.​

Branded Compressor

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This commercial food chiller room is designed to maintain a cold temperature of foods and other products for long-term storage. If you have a brand compressor, it surely increases your machine efficiency of production. It has a high-quality brand compressor for fast freezing. Normally compressors for blast freezers are available in various ways of structures such as shells, plates, tubes, etc. The power of the compressor is 2.5 hp it’s good.​

Smart Temperature Adjustment

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This medical-industrial freezer room is a self-contained machine that cools its products very fast, rapidly dropping temperature. This freezer can adjust the temperature smartly. Suppose, the running temperature of a product is 20° c while operating. If you want to decrease the temperature to 35° then you can easily adjust the temperature.​

AISI304 Stainless Steel Body Material

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The Commercial Blast Freezer machine preserves the food or other products extremely at low temperatures. Most of the body parts of a freezer are made of AISI304 stainless steel material which is washable, durable, and corrosion-resistant. The air cooler, shelves, exterior body, compressor, controller system, temperature meter, etc. all are made of advanced quality. It maintains 100% hygiene of foods and vaccines.​

Energy-Saving Strong Fan

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The bio-chemical professional freezer consisting a strong energy-saving fan that is high quality with fast cooling. This freezer operates by blowing forced cold air over food placed inside. It works as an air conditioner which will help to save the electricity bill. The fans can be made of different quality materials such as stainless steel, aluminum steel, or PPGI. The Air cooler becomes very strong and durable. The fan is moving with low noise.​

Isolated Door

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If you operated a machine and it keeps more noise, you will be certainly bored. Right? Anyone can be bored. But the true industrial freezer rooms have a high-quality isolated door which can decrease the sound outstandingly. The extra sound of the machine can’t come outside because of the isolated door. An isolated door is very important, it can reduce moist air into the cabinet, poor temperature performance, and increased operating cost.​

Hygienic Design Ventilation System

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The portable Blast freezer room is very important for food safety reasons. The hygienic design freezer has a powerful ventilation system. There are many small holes on the bottom of the freezer, where hot air gets released. This ventilation system increases the durability of the compressor as well as the whole cooling system.​

Adjustable Shelves

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A Commercial Blast Freezer is made with rugged construction. They are easy to install and maintain. These Shelves are made of stainless steel. Many freezers have adjustable shelves. If you want to use a tray/pan for food processing, you may use shelves. If you do not want to use shelves you can keep them out.​

360° wheels (Optional)

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This countertop ice cream blast freezer has four wheels made of strong rubber. These four wheels can load the whole weight of the freezer body. You can move the freezer from one to another with 360° angel easily. This is a significant feature of this blast freezer. These 360° wheels will save you from extra labor costs and time surely.

Pull Down Time

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The blast freezer cold room can work so quickly that the water molecules inside don’t have a chance to grow bacteria in food. The time strongly depends on the efficiency of the compressor system. Pull downtime is the necessary time to cool down from ambient temperature. The pull downtime of the commercial blast freezer is so impressive. It can freeze the foods or medicine-type products so quickly.​

Power Details

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A blast freezer is designed to reputedly freeze the products whatever you want to put in them. Different models are available in the market. Generally, a medium-type blast freezer consumes 208-230 voltage, 2000 watts. The frequency of this heavy-weight machine is 60 Hz. The electricity bill depends on user usage.​

Area Of Usage

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The Commercial Blast Freezer is made for commercial use only, which is essential for business owners. A blast freezer is widely used in cold storage companies, commercial kitchens, the frozen food factories for fresh produce, ice cream, vegetables, or fish. They are often used in pharmaceuticals companies, bio-medical, and bio-chemical companies for commercial purposes.​

Frequently asked questions and Answers

A commercial Blast freezer cold room is a special type of freezer which is designed to rapidly freeze the food or other items at a very low temperature. Blast freezer freezing them very quickly. Sometimes it is referred to as a shock freezer. Blast freezers are widely used in frozen food processing units, keep storing Vaccines, and other medical technologies.​

The commercial food chiller room is the most common type of freezer on market. Its operating temperature ranges from -18° to -45° calciols. This quickest freezer can be widely used in food processing facilities, cold storage units, and bio-medical sectors.​

This medical-industrial freezer room takes no more than 3-4 hours to decrease the temperature from 70° to -18° Celsius. Commercial Blast freezer this temperature almost instantly.​

The body material of an 18 -45 C blast freezer room is made of AISI304 stainless steel. It’s rust-resistant and durable. The shelves and treys are easily washable. Generally, a blast freezer is designed for rugged construction and constant use. The body thickness of a standard blast freezer ranges from 5.5 inches to 7.8 inches. The freezer has a strong outer door and multi-point gaskets.​

A Commercial Blast Freezer may take around 25 minutes to freeze the ice cream.​

Choosing the right freezer is extremely needed. If your company ships large quantities of frozen foods or preserves the foods, it’s a wise decision to buy a blast freezer. You should choose a strong freezer to improve your business’s profitability and efficiency.

Suppose you have a big restaurant and a lot of customers you have. Then you need a medium-type blast freezer. Because a blast freezer can freeze the fresh vegetables, fish & raw meat prepared for ready meals, etc. quickly. Blast freezers are very user-friendly to operate and preserve foods and other items. You can store the vaccines and other medical technologies. The blast freezer is perfect for a technologist to keep in-store his innovations.

More importantly for your customer’s safety. It keeps the food hygiene. Bacteria can get into the food or other item easily at normal temperature in a refrigerator. It’s very important to get the temperature down as quickly as possible, to keep your food safe. So, you can keep the food safe from bacteria and preserve the taste and nutritional value of the food.​

Generally, a bio-chemical professional freezer is widely used in frozen food factories, bio-chemical, or bio-medical sectors. It’s designed with heavy-duty materials.
1. Can be used in confectionaries shop to preserve large stocks of pastries or desserts. It can keep the food fresh.
2. Blast freezer can be used to preserve large stock of vaccines.
3. Freezers can be used in commercial sectors like cold storage companies.
4. In a Commercial kitchen, big restaurants can use the blast freezer to safely store food stock.​

People often think that the blast freezer and blast chiller are the same things. No, they are not the same. This countertop ice cream blast freezer stores the products for a longer period because it has a lower temperature than blast chillers. It’s the key difference among them.
Blast chillers are used in food factories to cool down the products/inventories for a short period. Chillers are used to cool the foods quickly and right then they are moved to a regular freezer to store.​

The ideal temperature range of a medium-type Commercial Blast Freezer is -18° to 45° C. In the blast freezing process, the fans are pushing very cold air over the food or other items to freeze them as quickly as possible. The Freezer blowing fans forced cold air across the freezer rapidly. At 0, the water inside it crystallizes into ice. The longer the freezing process takes, the larger ice crystals into form. Rapid freezing keeps the products of the freezer very safe from bacteria. Once the food is frozen, you can move it into a normal freezer for a long-term store.​

Yes, it’s safe. Blast freezing ensures that food is safe from the growth of micro-organisms. The bacteria may grow at normal temperatures. But between -18° to -45° C temperature, bacteria can’t grow. The foods must be safe at very low temperatures. Any frozen meat will be safe indefinitely. If meat is kept at 0° degrees and below you can eat it. Even if it passes 1 or 2 years it will keep fresh. You can buy this 18 -45 C blast freezer room from us.​

All the parts of a portable Blast freezer room are made from high-quality materials. Very easy to clean.
1. Clean all the interior cabinets with dilute bleach (10% bleach, 90% water). Shelves and pans may be removed for easy cleaning. You should be cleaned every three months.
2. Wipe down all the exterior surfaces with mild soap and water and a damp cloth. Spray the clean water and dry with a soft cloth.
3. Use lubricant oil or grease on wheels.
4. Keep the vents and other components clean and clear from dust.​

It depends on the model of a blast freezer. Generally, a Commercial Blast Freezer required 208/230 voltage power. A minimum 20A service is required. The frequency of a China tunnel blast freezer refrigerator is 60 Hz.​

The new air industrial blast freezer is specially designed with operating temperatures ranging from -18° to -45° C. A lot of benefits of using a blast freezer. It’s a waste reduction machine.

  1. Increase the shelf life of the food product.
  2. Maintain food quality with locks the nutrition value, flavor, and color.
  3. Very easy to use and maintain.
  4. Keep the food 100% hygiene.
  5. Long-time cold storage.
  6. Save time and money and many more advantages.​
  •  Always disconnect the unit from the main power before cleaning the condenser, troubleshooting, or other maintenance.
  • Should be inspecting all hardware & connections regularly.
  • Never modify the system controller without any experienced technician.
  • Never connect the unit to overload power sources.
  • Do not use any battery power.
  • Do not drill holes in or near.
  • Do not move the unit while loaded.
  • Inspect the door sometimes, if it’s not sealed tightly it may cause many problems. Like as moist air being drawn into the cabinet,poor temperature, and increased operating costs.​

This Commercial Blast Freezer provides a 1-year free service warranty. In the meantime, if you face any problems, our servicing team will support you as soon as possible. In this case, if there need to buy any parts, you have to pay. After expiring the service warranty, you need to pay for service and equipment too.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, Commercial Blast Freezer starting cost is 8,50,000 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.​

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