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X-Ray Luggage and Baggage Scanner Rental Service

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Different Model Available

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You may not like the models in the display in a shop. Same you may seek for different luggage or baggage scanner model in our shop as well. The good thing is, you will find different and variety of X-Ray Luggage and Baggage Scanner Rental Service models in our shop or we can import it for you. We provide airport security baggage scanner made by renowned brands all over in Bangladesh.​

Rent On Day Basis

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You have to set up an x-ray baggage scanner if you need some serious security in your events. Will you buy an x-ray baggage scanner for this one day only? Surely, not. So you can contact us and we will provide an x-ray baggage scanner for a day so that you do not have to pay large money to buy this scanner system.​

Rent On Weekly Basis

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Sometimes we see some events like business events or educational expo run for a week. So you do not have to buy a security baggage scanner for a week, just call us and you can hire security baggage scanner for a week as well.​

Rent On Monthly Basis

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You may need an x-ray baggage scanner for a month, if you are hosting an event or a fair. You do not want to invest in an expensive thing where month after, it will be for no use. Then it can be damaged slowly day by day due to negligence. This is the reason why we came with rent on monthly basis, where you can use it for a month.​

Rent On Yearly Basis

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Some people do not want to invest in a thing like luggage scanner, but they need often or may be regularly. They are unwilling to buy an x-ray baggage scanner because it sounds expensive. For these people, X-Ray Luggage Baggage Scanner Rental Service are available so that they can use it for a year.​

Manpower Support (Optional)

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To operate a security machine like x-ray luggage and baggage scanner, you need experts. If you need, we can provide manpower support as well.​

Event Support

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From small events to govt. or commercial events, malls to airports, X-Ray Luggage and Baggage Scanner Rental Service are always available.​

Product Special Features
  • Alarm by sounds and light when conform to condition.
  • Multiple functions: High/Low penetration display, Magnifier, Brightening/dimming.
  • Fabulous High-Quality and multi-functional picture processing.
  • Cutting edge innovation for multi-energy penetration.
  • Big tunnel facilities.
  • High-speed scanning process​
Product Specification




500(W)*300(H) mm








10mm-40mm Steel

Operation Power

220VAC (±10%)50±3Hz

Conveyor Max Load


Frequently asked questions and Answers

X-Ray Luggage and Baggage Scanners furnished with the progressed X‐Ray picture detection system and joins the benefits of the dynamic semiconductor detector, advanced picture processing technology, reliable and computer picture show to furnish users with a proficient, and solid high‐quality picture processing system.​

While you are stepping through an airport metal detector in your socks, your hand luggage is going on a different trip: into an X-ray scanner. As your bag enters through the lead-lined curtains, it crosses the path of these X-rays and absorbs some of the energy they carry.​

X-Ray Luggage and Baggage Scanner are ideal for checkpoints, small baggage and large baggage scanning in high-security premises such as Airports, Government offices, Railways, MRTS, and other premises applications.​

A computer circuit analyzes the pick-ups of the two identifiers or detectors to all the more likely represent to low-vitality objects, for example, most organic materials. Since various materials retain X-rays at various levels, the picture on the screen gives the machine administrator a chance to see particular things inside your pack, bag or pocket.​

It is perfectly alright for you to stroll through airplane terminal security scanners when you are pregnant, regardless of what kind of scanner is used. A few airports utilize a full-body scanner which, in contrast to metal indicators, can detect non-metal objects.
The scanners can recognize paper. Currency is chiefly made of paper. The scanners can identify the metal. The cigarette pack foil and cash strips will appear during the scan.​

The full-body scanners utilized in all airports since May 2013 are designated "millimeter wave" machines, X-Ray Luggage and Baggage Scanner Rental Service which bob electromagnetic waves off the traveler to give an animated picture where a suspicious thing may be found.​

The X-rays launched from one side of the machine are recognized by a couple of detectors on the contrary side. At the point when your bag or luggage enters through the lead-lined shades, the objects ingest a portion of the X-ray energy, implying that the X-rays that go through your baggage have less energy than those of the others.​

Radiation does have some risks to consider, but it is also important to remember X-rays can help detect disease or injury at early stages so the ailment can be treated appropriately. Sometimes X-ray testing can be life-saving. The risk from X-rays comes from the radiation they produce, which can harm living tissues.​

X-rays are typically created in vacuum tubes by shelling a metal objective with rapid electrons and pictures delivered by passing the subsequent radiation through the patient's body on to a photographic plate or advanced recorder to deliver a radiograph, or by rotating both source and detector for medical applications.​

Individuals' baggage goes through a larger X-ray system. Notwithstanding traveler things, most planes convey huge measures of the load. The majority of this cargo must be checked before it is loaded. Most airports utilize one of the systems to do this: Mobile X-ray systems - A large truck carries a complete X-ray scanning system.​

Baggage Scanner is a compact and versatile machine with a tunnel size of 500 mm x 300 mm. 5030 is designed for screening small bags, purses, and mail.​

Safety testing of x-ray baggage detector is for the most part location to the briefcase, backpack, X-Ray Luggage and Baggage Scanner Rental Service small packages and mail, which has a great impact on the prohibited thing. Also, today we will present the benefit of x-ray baggage detector to make the crowd discover significantly more about it. What's more, we likewise set forward to some refreshed sorts of stuff security scanners. X-ray baggage detector has the predominant picture quality and high throughput and adaptability, and so on. Its wide application permits the administrator to examine portfolios, knapsacks, postal bundles, bundling, and other little things viably and precisely. The benefit of X-Ray Luggage and Baggage Scanner is that its better imaging presentation that guarantees enough than recognize a wide range of risky products, including weapons, medications, explosives, and another stash can be fast recognition.
Three distinctive lengths of the transport line of the x-ray baggage detector can meet diverse ecological necessities. Where it is important to set up security checkpoints, for example, the traveler terminal structure, government structures, or organizations with high hazard, our financial and solid x-ray baggage detector is your optimal decision.
If you refuse to go through the full-body scanner, the TSA can keep you from boarding your flight, according to the federal agency.​

It means we are a company that provides X-Ray Luggage and Baggage Scanner for a day, for a week, for a year as well. Sometimes you may need a luggage scanner for temporary use, so you can rent it from us.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, X-Ray Luggage and Baggage Scanner Rental Service starting cost is Daily 15,000 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.​

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