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Automatic Car Parking Barrier Gate System Price in Bangladesh

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Body Materials

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The housing is composed of mild steel that has been spray-coated with a long-lasting stove paint. It has a key door and a clutch release mechanism for usage in the event of a power outage. The basic boom arm is 3 meters long and made of rectangular aluminum with red reflective stripes. Articulated arms and circular arms are also available for usage in low-height areas.​​

Heavy Duty Barrier

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The Automatic Car Parking Barrier Gate System is used in heavy duty design that can be operated 24 hours continuously. High impact materials used to consume the hit of vehicle. Boom barriers are intended for big openings up to 6 meters in length. It is an excellent option for managing vehicle traffic in parking lots, private entrances, industrial settings, and public places. This heavy design enables barrier to serve 24 hours and 7days.

Cooling Fan Machine

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Continuous operation may increase temperature of the machine. To solve this problem a cooling machine uses high frequency to lower the temperature of the motor, ensuring that it is never overheated. Temperature calefaction design is unique for low temperature use, preventing freezing in cold weather. In a brief, this machine protects the main body from inconsistent temperature.

Balance Spring

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This Automatic Car Parking Barrier Gate System has a heavy-duty balance spring that make the operation easy and smooth. When the boom up and down, it works smoothly and provide an easy adjustment at the up and down station. For this balance spring the boom makes no noise during falling and raising time. There is some car barrier in the market that use low quality spring which make noise and create problem in adjusting the barrier.

Double Limit Switch

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There is a double limit switch in this straight arm car barrier system. This system is operated by electronic limit and motor sensor memory limit. By this system you can determine the rising limit and falling limit of the boom. At the same time this double limit switch system protects your barrier and help you to avoid any kind collision.

Customized Open Closing Time

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Customized open closing time made the automatic arm barrier more useful. It means barrier closing time is arranged from 1 second to 6 seconds. Similarly, the rising time is also arranged from 1 second to 6 seconds. You can set anyone from them. Adjusting 3 seconds is the best practice for the protection of boom.

Simple Operation

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Simple automated operation made this product unique. You can operate the system by remote as well as by push button. In terms of emergency Barrier arm can be manually lifted via a clutch-release key. In addition, there are many other access control equipment which are very simple.


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Reserved integration interfaces are most facilitating feature of this straight arm car barrier. You have interfaces to integrate other system on this automated straight arm car barrier including infrared photocell interface, loop detector interface and IC system interface are reserved for the other functions. By these interfaces you can easily adopt more smarter parking management system.

Smart Ticketing System

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This straight arm car barrier allows you to integrate Smart Ticketing system. To complete the process, you just need the smart ticketing machine integrate the system with straight arm car barrier system. by which vehicle drivers can access entries and exits easily. It will increase manual labor and income of you parking lot.

Boom Reflectors

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Automatic Car Parking Barrier Gate System has reflectors to make the boom visible. High reflective stripes are used on the boom. At night and foggy weather, drivers easily can notice the boom because of its reflectors. At the same time, During the sun shine, these reflective colors provide a decorative look. Drivers can easily notice the boom from 1000 meter away.

Area of Use

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Basically, car barriers are used at parking lots, entries of commercial and residential areas. School, College, University, government agency, corporate buildings can use this automated car barriers booms at the entries and exits. These barriers also used to collect tools of bridges and other public.

Standard Warranty

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After buying the automated straight arm car barrier system, you will get 1-year service warranty. It means you do not have to pay for the services but you have to pay for required parts or equipment. After finishing one year, you will be charged for services and required equipment.

Product Special Features
  • Quick Operation Time
  • Noise Free Operation
  • Customize Boom Size
  • Reflective and highly visible Arm
  • Standard Warranty
Product Specification

Arm Length

4 Meters-6 Meters

Clutch Key


Cooling System



Aluminum alloy die-casting

Balance Spring

Noise Free

Limit Ways

electronic limit and motor sensor memory limit

Operation Time

1-6 Seconds

Working temperature

-40°C to +75°C

Working cycle


Power supply

220V±10% / 110V±10%

Rated power


Net weight

60 KGS

Barrier Housing

2.5 mm MS

Boom Material


Loop Detector


Long Range RFID Reader


Frequently asked questions and Answers

Automatic Car Parking Barrier Gate System is a bar that is designed to controlling vehicle traffic in parking lots, private entrances, industrial and public uses. This is an automatic electric system that could be control by both; remote and manual labor.​

If you are facing hectic to handle the traffic at your parking lots or office’s gate. Currently you are looking for a better solution that will ensure safe control of entrance and exits. The straight arm a boom gate is recommended for you.
A boom barrier is a bar or pole that may be turned to prevent automotive or pedestrian entrance through a restricted location. The point of a boom gate often rises in a vertical arc to a near vertical position. So, this barrier is used to ensure safety and security and also to maintain unauthorized vehicle movement.

A boom barrier is a bar or pole that may be turned to prevent automotive or pedestrian entrance through a restricted location. The point of a boom gate often rises in a vertical arc to a near vertical position. So, this barrier is used to ensure safety and security and also to maintain unauthorized vehicle movement

The long boom is made of aluminum and the housing is constructed by mild steel. Color stripe are used on booms.

Yes, straight arm car barrier is weather resilient. You can use in rain and sun.

Usually, Automatic Car Parking Barrier Gate System does not break by normal hits and damages. But heavy crashes can damage these booms. In this case you can use crash rated car barrier. Those barriers can consume heavy impact hits, and crash.

If the boom is broken down, you should change the boom. Replace new one.

If the bar does not rise or fall check whether the power plug is connected or not. If the power plug is disconnected, connect that. If the connection is okay, you can do it manually by emergency key.

This automatics car barrier system consumes low energy. Because it consumes only when it rises or fall. It needs only 220 volts to function. Based on a general estimate, it may cost only 200-300 TK.

If a short-circuit happens inside the housing, the system will be stopped automatically. Because MCB is installed in this machine. It helps avoiding any kind of dangerous accident.

Straight arm car barriers are used in many places including parking lots, heavy traffic areas, commercial offices, entries of commercial and residential areas.

No special tools required for installation of barrier arm, service and maintenance free installation.

Installing Automatic Car Parking Barrier Gate System is simple. You can install it in two ways- Right-installation, and left installation.
It implies install on the left side, then the boom close by the right side. It is "left-installation. By contrast, you can install on the right side, then the boom close by the left side which is known as Right-installation.

If something obstructs falling of boom, it automatically rises to the end position. Similarly, if it happens while rising, the boom automatically goes down to avoid any kind of accident.

Yes, you can install the straight arm car barrier on a sloped place or at parking ramp. But this kind of installation requires civil work. You need to level the place then install the straight arm car barrier.

Arm car barrier system take very short time to compete the total operation. It takes 1-6 seconds to be rise or fall. You can customize the time according to your need. Adjusting 3 seconds is the best practice.

No, it does not fall without pressing body button or remote.

Automatic Car Parking Barrier Gate System works automatically. When a car come to enter the gate, you can open the barrier without moving from your place. Similarly, when a car wants to exit, you can open raise the boom gate sitting in your guard room. Thus, car parking barrier save your time and manual labor. Automatic boom gates are a popular way to manage vehicle entry. They are preferred over sliding or swing gates because they open more faster, allowing vehicles to enter the grounds while preserving security.​

There are many types of automatic boom gates, all with different features and varying duty cycles. These types include –
1. Straight boom
2. Folding boom
3. Fence boom.

Different sizes are available for straight boom. In terms of folding boom gate, there are 90-degree folding boom, and 180-degree folding boom. On other hand there are two types of fence boom. They are- two fence boom, and three fence booms.​

Arm lengths of boom barrier range from 3 to 6 meters. You can choose your required size based on your demand. 4 meters boom barriers are considered standard size.

A manned security station, keypads, or sensors are often used to operate a boom gate. Boom gates can also be opened remotely or using mobile applications.

When your business or facility is expecting a high volume of permitted traffic, this solution help you maintain traffic easily and effectively.

Boom gates are made to last throughout a lifetime of constant use. They are extremely hardy and the motor is rated to withstand constant use without heating. Rapid Automatic access has a lifetime warranty on all workmanship and 12-month warranty on equipment. So, this total system has a long durability.

Automatic Car Parking Barrier Gate System installation may divide in several location including entry station, exit station, and monitoring station and the parking lot. First, Install the entry station which includes smart barrier, loop director, other optional devices. No employees need here. Install the display at the entrance. Second, Install pay station, barrier, loop director and other optional devices. Third, set up the base station of data collection and management and monitoring the process. Finally, install sensors and cameras in the parking lot, exit and entry station and connect them to the base station’s hardware and software.

There are 9 different colors available including black, red, orange, and so on. You are free to choose your favorite color. Traffic orange color is recommended for clear and sharp visibility.

Yes, you can use Automatic Car Parking Barrier Gate System if height of celling fit for the arm length. Otherwise you can use folding boom gate.

The motor works -40°C to +75°C.

There is a cooling fan that adjust the required temperature of motor working.

If you need to adjust the rise and fall limit, you need to follow these steps.
• Unblock the automation.
• Rotate the balance spring manually to increase or to diminish the traction.
• Fix the locking nut and block the motor reducer.

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, Car Parking Barrier Starting Cost 65,000 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.​

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