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Motorized Retractable Folding Collapsible Gate

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Perfect Gate

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Motorized Retractable Folding Collapsible Gate is able to ensure high entrance-security in different places such as industrial areas, factories, hospitals, highways, confidential areas etc. The height and width of retractable gate is 6 feet and 2 feet respectively. Hence no unauthorized vehicle or person can enter. As it is made of very strong materials, so it becomes a perfect gate.​

Various Control System

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​Commercial automatic expandable gate has various smart control system. It can be controlled by push switch, remote, mobile app etc. So, you can control it from near as well as from far according to your choice. Even you can make it full-automatic by smart integration. If power supply is unavailable, you can use the electric collapsible gate manually as well.​​

Powerful Robotic Motor

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The motor used in electric collapsible gate for driveway is very powerful. Its output speed is 43-45 rpm. It can operate from -35°C to +50°C temperature. One exciting feature of the motor is its auto overheat protection. If the temperature of motor rises up to 120°C, the power becomes off automatically and it again starts working after temperature becomes low.​

Heavy-duty Materials

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Automatic retractable gate for security is mainly made of two heavy-duty materials such as stainless steel and aluminum alloy. One of the most common materials used in retractable gate is aluminum 6063-T5. For highly advanced materials, Motorized Retractable Folding Collapsible Gate it never rusts and corrodes. It also does not fade color. As a result, it can be used for many years without significant problems.​

Effective Moving

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Industrial automatic retractable gate is very effective in moving. Its moving speed is 18 meter per minute which means it can be opened and closed within few seconds according to the standard size. As a result, user do not have to wait for long time. So, automatic expandable gate can ensure effective security for the place where it is used.​

Durable Wheels

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Motorized Retractable Folding Collapsible Gate has number of wheels for moving of retractable gate. There are two sided wheels in this gate which are suitable for both rail and non-rail line. All these are made of casting aluminum and special rubber. That’s why the wheels become very strong and durable. As a result, they can be used for many years.​

Smart Sensors

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Heavy-duty electric flexible gate has few sensors for effective use. It has an anti-bumping sensor for which it can avoid collision. If there is any obstacle during closing process, it will automatically stop from 30-40 cm away. Hence it ensures safety of different objects. Moreover, there is an alarming sensor which makes alarm when somebody tries to climb over gate.​

Fully Retractable

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Automated commercial collapsible gate has an exciting feature and that is, it is fully retractable. The gate opens by folding itself. As a result, it does not take up space around. So, you need only a straight place to install it. Moreover, the folding quality of the gate is so smooth that it makes very low sound during folding process.​

LED Display and Light Indicator

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Electric flexible gate for factory has smart LED display screen. It can be standard 8bit static screen or optional 500bit rolling screen. You can customize words in English that you want to display. Date and time can also be displayed. Besides, Motorized Retractable Folding Collapsible Gate there is a light indicator in the gate. During the movement of retractable gate, the light begins to twinkle.​

Multiple Design and Color

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Stainless steel collapsible gate driveway can be of many designs and colors. It is mostly designed with stainless steel cross blanket and silver color. But there are many other designs of steel sleeve with different colors like black, red, grey etc. Different type of reflector is also used in the gate to make it visible at night or in dark.​

Product Special Features
  • High lateral strength
  • Optional brake for additional security
  • Puncture less tyros
  • Easy to man oeuvre
  • High visibility reflective strips
  • Zone off areas quickly and safely
  • Flexibility to bolt multiple scissor gates together for extended lengths
  • Compact design for easy storage and transit
Product Specification



Open Style



Hot Galvanized & power


As per Request


As per Request


100 mm(4’’)*100mm (4””)


As per request




Wrought iron


1 Year

Frequently asked questions and Answers

Retractable gate is one type of gate which can be folded. During the opening process, Motorized Retractable Folding Collapsible Gate begins to fold from one end. Nowadays this type of gate is becoming popular in all over the world.​

A gate is meant to secure a place from unauthorized entry. Remote control electric expandable gate is able to ensure security of the place where it is used because of its height and strength. As it can fold itself, it takes up only straight space. So, it saves space around. Moreover, it can be operated automatically. You do not need to push the gate to open. As a result, it becomes a smart gate system to be used for outdoor security.​

Electric retractable driveway gate has many advantages to be used. It ensures high quality security to a place by its size and strength. As it is retractable, it does not take up space around. As a result, you need low space to install it. Its motor and other body materials are very strong enough to be used for many years effortlessly. The retractable gate ensures smart controlling system. You can control it in different automatic ways. There are few sensors in it which make the gate very convenient to use. It can be moved very smoothly and hence does not make noise while moving. For all these, the retractable gate is getting demandable to users.

Automatic expandable gate can be two types according to its moving capability: with rail line and without rail line. You can choose any type according to your needs.

Motorized Retractable Folding Collapsible Gate has no standard size. It can be of different sizes based on the place. In most cases, the dimension becomes: Length 22 feet, Width 3 feet and Height 5-6 feet. But you can choose other size of gate as well.​

The thickness of the steel sleeve of automatic retractable gate is around 0.9 - 1 mm. Hence the sleeve becomes very strong and eventually make the gate heavy-duty.​

The length of the electric collapsible gate depends on the place where it can be used. Its maximum length is 40meter. This type of gate is usually used in large industrial areas.​

Commercial automatic expansible gate has a very powerful motor. Its output speed is 43-45 rpm. Hence it can work very fast

The working temperature range of the motor of commercial heavy-duty electric retractable gate is high. It is able to operate from -35°C to +50°C temperature. As a result, it can be used in low temperature as well as in high temperature. It is suitable to be used in all over the world.​

Yes, there is overheat protection in the motor of electric collapsible gate for driveway. If the temperature of motor rises up to 120°C, the power shuts off automatically. When the temperature becomes low, then it starts again.​

Motorized Retractable Folding Collapsible Gate opens and closes with effective speed. Its moving speed is about 18 meter per minute. So, it can be opened and closed within few seconds if the length of the gate is standard. As a result, you do not have to wait for long time.​

The most common color of retractable outdoor gate is silver. But there are many other colors of gate such as black, red, grey etc.​

Yes, there are reflectors in the automatic outdoor expandable gate. They are set in the steel sleeve of the gate. The reflector gives benefits a lot. It makes the gate visible at night or in the dark. Besides, the collapsible gate looks very beautiful at night due to the reflectors.​

Yes, there is an LED display screen in the heavy-duty electric flexible gate. It is used for displaying necessary instructions and information. It helps user to use the gate in convenient way.​

The LED display can be 8bit static screen or optional 500bit rolling screen. Hence 500 English words can be displayed in the rolling screen. So, you can display necessary information in the screen. You can customize the words as well.​

Yes, the LED display screen of automatic sliding gate opener is waterproof. Water cannot make any problem to the screen. So, the gate can be used in all weather.​

Motorized Retractable Folding Collapsible Gate can be controlled by push switch, fingerprint, card, remote, mobile app etc. So, you can control the gate in your convenient way.​

Remote control is commonly used in automatic flexible gate to open and close the gate. The maximum distance to use remote control is 50meter. By this distance, you can easily open or close the collapsible gate.​

As automatic retractable gate for security ensures high entrance-security, hence it is getting popular nowadays. It can be used in different places like industrial areas, factories, hotels, hospitals, highways, confidential areas etc.​

Yes, there is windproof hook in the industrial automatic retractable gate. It is set in bottom of the nose display of the gate. It helps the gate to be protected from strong wind.

There are two strong materials used in the automated commercial collapsible gate such as aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Among them, aluminum 6063-T5 is very common material to make the gate for its high durability.​

Yes, commercial gate driveway is rustproof because of its body materials. It also does not get affected by corrosion. As a result, its color does not fade away. So, it can be used for many years with its original look.​

The power voltage of automatic flexible gate is 220 volts. As this voltage is very common, the gate is suitable to use in outdoor across the country.​

The power of Motorized Retractable Folding Collapsible Gate can be 300 watt to 740 watt. As a result, it does not consume electricity much. So, it is a cost-effective system.​

Yes, we import remote control electric expandable gate for security. We provide China-based retractable gate which is very famous in all over the world.​

Motorized Retractable Folding Collapsible Gate is almost maintenance-free. As the body components of the gate are highly durable and advanced, there is nothing to be worried about its performance. You should just make sure that the sensors works perfectly.

We provide 1 year service warranty with electric retractable gate. If any problem happens to the gate by this time, you will get proper service within short time.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, Motorized Retractable Folding Collapsible Gate Starting Cost is 3,500 Taka (RFT) Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.​

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