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High Sensitivity

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Held Metal Detector Wand has high level of sensitivity. It can detect all dangerous metals from tiny handcraft weapon to foil-wrapped drugs. This metal detector wand can detect guns, knives, razor blades, box cutters, and other forbidden metals by its high sensitivity. For example, Garrett Handheld Metal Detector it can detect medium sized pistol from 9" distance; razor blades from 3" distance; large knife from 6" distance; foil-wrapped drugs and tiny jewelry from 1" distance.​

Light and Sound Alarm

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Both light and sound alarm are available in this hand-held metal detector wand. This LED light and sound alarm inform you about metal detection. You can change the alarming mode according to your need. There is a on-off which can switch the metal detector from sound alarm to light alarm, or from light alarm to sound alarm. It fits to work in different environments.​

Rechargeable Battery

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Security wands metal detector can be recharged easily. You can charge the battery by rechargeable battery kit without removing the battery from the security wand. In addition, Single 9-volt battery provides up to 100 hours of normal operation and Optional rechargeable battery provides up to 45 hours on a single charge.​

Easy Operation

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Hand Held Metal Detectors are simple to use since they are low in weight. They can be simply held in hands using the provided handle, and the detector can be simply maneuvered through the body to check for any suspicious metal object or weapon. Sensitivity adjustment and alarm mode changing methods are easy; it just needs pressing switch.​

Weatherproof Rubber Handle

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Metal Detector Mitts have weatherproofed rubber handle which can protect the wand from adverse weather. Operators sometimes get tired and hand became sweated. At this moment rubber handle can protect the wand. Moreover, this rubber handle makes the operation comfortable for detectors and guards.​

Sensitivity Adjustment Feature

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Some applications may require a sensitivity setting other than the nominal factory setting. In this case, Garrett Handheld Metal Detector Hand Held Metal Detector Wand allow you to adjust the sensitivity level according to your needs. You may need to decrease the sensitivity in order to skip some allowed and non-violent metal. It will boost the productivity and usefulness of the Hand-Held Metal Detector Wand.​

Detection Mode

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Using this security metal detector, you will be benefited by its different detection mods including sound alarm, light, and vibration mode. You can use operate the hand-held metal detector with light and sound and light signal simultaneously. By contrast, you also can switch the detector to the light and vibration mode. You can change these modes according to your environment. It will increase efficiency and security.​

Area of Use

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This hand-held security mitts are used to Detects ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless-steel weapons, contraband, and other metallic objects. This product is used at Airports, Correctional Facilities, Arenas, Public Buildings, Private Buildings, Schools, Special Events, Loss Prevention, nuclear Facilities, Transportation Terminals, Courthouses, Corporate Security, Historical Landmarks and other security areas.​


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We provide 1-year warranty. You will get any kind of services free for one year. After expiring the service warranty, you have to pay for services. If you need any kinds of equipment, you have to pay for that product.​

Product Special Features
  • With holster for easy carrying.
  • With charging function, charge time 4-6 hours.
  • High sensitivity
  • Security Handheld Metal Detector
  • Alarm and Vibration
  • Laboratory Instrument, Test Equipment,
  • Electronic Instruments ,Weather, Metrology.​
Product Specification


About 50KHz


Sound-light or vibration-light








Security Safety Checking


9V Battery or Li battery




3.7V Li battery

Frequently asked questions and Answers

Hand held metal detectors are designed for quick and efficient body search scanning for knives, weapons and concealed metal objects. Hand held metal detectors are often used in conjunction with walk-through metal detectors, enabling operators to scan a person’s body to locate exactly where metal objects are concealed.​

This hand-held security mitts are used to Detects ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel weapons, contraband, and other metallic objects. Garrett Handheld Metal Detector You can use this product with your walk-through metal detector. It will detect where is the metal exactly located.​

Operating the metal detector wand is simple. You can follow these steps.
1. Turn on the detector by setting the power switch to the ON position. The Green Alert Light will illuminate and the Audio Alert will sound to indicate the unit has been Turned ON.
2. Adjust sensitivity if you need.
3. Move the wand within approximately one inch from the typical person or person being inspected.
4. Turn of the detector if you when you finish the inspection.​

Metal detectors actively detect the presence of metallic items by using electromagnetic fields. A hand-held metal detector wand is made up of two main parts: a transmitter coil that generates the electromagnetic field and a receiver coil that detects electromagnetism. An electromagnetic field is formed around the transmitter coil, extending approximately 20cm from the security wand. If a metal object falls into the created electromagnetic field while the wand is being passed over a subject's body, a further electromagnetic field is created around the hidden metal object. The receiver coil detects the new electromagnetic field and sends an alarm to the operator.​

Start scanning from one side (right side /left side) and fish at another (right/ left side). Make sure you have scanned front and back side of the person or body. Garrett Handheld Metal Detector Pay special attention to the belt line, ankles, pockets and underarm areas. When scanning the head, pay attention to elaborate of bulky hair styles or head gear.​

It has Large 8" (20.3 cm) scan surface. The measurements of the metal detector are- Width 3.25" (8.3 cm) Thickness 1.625" (4.1 cm) Length 16.5" (42 cm) Total Weight 17.6 oz (500 g).​

You will get this service free of cost for one year from our company. After that, you can fix any kind of problem by the help of customer service by paying required payment.​

These important tips will help you operate the wand metal detector.
 Always test the detector before operation.
 Sweep the detector across a known metal object, and verify detection with audio, vibratory, and visual feedback.
 Use in the MOMENTARY LOW mode will desensitize the detector.
 Use the Momentary Low switch only after the detection of metal, and the verification of the absence of a larger metal object.
 The metal detector must be IN MOTION, sweeping across the target area, to detect the presence of metal.
 Avoid making physical contact between the subject and the detector.​

wand metal detector can detect metal with high sensitivity. For example, Hand-held metal detector Detects-
 medium sized pistol from 9" distance;
 large knife from 6" distance;
 box cutters from 5" distance;
 handcuff key from 4" distance;
 razor blades from 3" distance;
 a 22-caliber long rifle cartridge from 2" distance;
 foil-wrapped drugs and tiny jewelry from 1" distance​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, USA Made Original Garrett Handheld Metal Detector starting cost is 19,500 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.

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