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Walk Through Archway Gate Metal Detector

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6 Zone Detection

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The most advantageous and interesting aspect of this pinpoint zone detector gate is its six individua control zones. Any unsafe object can be detected with this 6 Zone Detection. The relative height of the observed object is indicated by six detection zones, each with its own sensitivity adjustments. You have complete control over the sensitivity of zones. These six zones examine every aspect of the human body and ensure that the entire system runs well.​

Dual Side Detection

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walk through archway gate metal detector work from both side of the gate. It can detect metal when you enter the walk-through metal detector. It also works when anyone exit from the archway gate. It can alarm and check both entry and exits. This dual side detection feature will provide extra professional security to your company. You do not need to buy separate archway gates for entry and exit.

Audio & Visual Alarm System

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This High-Quality Archway Gate detector has both audio and visual alarming system. It alerts any dangerous object through the audio volume. At the same time, this metal detector uses visual alarm through clear LED lights. These lights denote the dangerous area with red lights. Moreover, there are Clearly visible pacing lights for „stop” and „go”. These audio and visual alarm make the operation easy for security individuals.​

Pinpoint Zone Detection

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This gate metal detector divides full body into different small zones to inspect the dangerous objects even it is small. This walk-through Gate Metal Detector use 6 pinpoints to detect metal. Even if anyone carry a needle, it can detect it. Other metal detectors are unable to inspect like this. Because, these detectors have no capacity to divide precise target location on the left, center and right side of the body from head to toe.​

Adjustable Sensitivity

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You can adjust the sensitivity of walk through archway gate metal detector. It will help you to operate the inspection according to your purpose. It the company wants to skip a particular zone or lower the sensitivity of a particular zone, they can adjust it easily. If a hospital authority wants not to inspect some particular meatal including needles, medical equipment, they easily can adjust the sensitivity.​

Head Counting

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The archway walk through metal detector has a head counting feature by which it counts the total number of people; how many people entered into the walk-through gate metal detector and how many people have exited. This High Quality Archway Gate also counts tracks and number of alarms. This feature helps you to inspect security more productively.​

Specious Passageway Interior

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Archway Gate Metal Detector’s passageway interior is standard in size. Measurement of the Passageway Interior Width 30” (0.76 m), Height 80” (2 m), and Depth 23” (0.58 m). This interior size allows people to enter and exit comfortably. Moreover, the specious passageway Interior will help you to detect potential harmful metal.​

Floor Mounting Option

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This unique archway metal meatal detector gives you an extra option. To install this walk-through Security Metal Detector, you can use Adhesive Floor Mounting Kit. At the same time, it protects your valuable floor and prevent movement of the unit. However, if you need to move this archway gate metal detector, you are allowed to relocate the walkthrough gate detector.​

Easy To Use

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The security gate metal detector is simple to use and operate. The modular design allows for a quick and simple assembly of its 4 sub-assemblies using only 8 screws and 3 internal electrical connections. Operators easily can adjust the level of sensitivity and customize other features according to your needs. Other technical functions are automatic. It requires minimal manual labor to operate the system.​

Product Special Features
  • Overhead Control Unit
  • Easy to be conveyed
  • Accurate location
  • High adjustable sensitivity
  • Adjustable Flexibility
  • Password protection setting
Product Specification







Inner Frame

2000(h) *700(W)*522(d) mm

Electrical current

AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz

Work environment



0 to 300

Frequently asked questions and Answers

Dual Side detector archway gate are high performing metal detecting gate that can detect metal by pinpoint detection, used for security check at entrance and exit.​

archway gate metal detector has a wide range of use at airports, government agencies, customs location, embassies, exhibition halls. It is also used at hospitals, transportation, logistics, courts, factories, schools, Universities, collages, and museums. In brief, this security walk through metal detection system is used in all security sites to check security and inspect dangerous metal.​

Walk through metal detectors are essential when there is a need to screen a huge number of people quickly, which is why they are used at airports. A single Metal Detector Arch is capable of screening up to 60 people per minute. That`s 3,600 per hour.

Metal detectors create a magnetic field by using a brief pulse of electrical current. The magnetic field will be reflected back to the machine if there are any metal objects present, such as a watch or a belt buckle. The return signal is detected by the machine and a beeping noise is produced to alert the agent.​

Yes. Archway metal detectors in six zones work on both sides of the archway gate. When you walk through the walk-through metal detector, it can detect metal. When someone exits through the archway gate, it also functions. It has the ability to sound an alarm and check both entry and exit points. This dual-side detection capability will provide your firm an extra layer of professional security. You don't need to acquire separate entry and exit archway gates.

walk through archway gate metal detector are used to detect dangerous metal at airport, hospitals, government agencies and other security areas. This metal detector gate detect metal through pinpoint zone detection. It is impossible to hide metal from this high-quality detector.

The most useful and intriguing feature of this high-security walk-through metal detector is the fact that it has six individual control zones for each of its six control zones. With our 6 Zone Detection, any potentially dangerous object may be identified. Each of the six detecting zones has its own set of sensitivity settings, and they all show the relative height of the detected item. Control over the sensitivity of zones is completely in your hands. Every element of the human body is examined by these six zones, which help to guarantee that the entire system is functioning properly.​

This metal detector separates the entire body into small zones to scan dangerous things, even if they are little. To detect metal, this walk-through Gate Metal Detector employs six pinpoints. It can detect a needle even if it is carried by someone. Other metal detectors are unable to perform this type of inspection. Because these detectors are unable to distinguish between specific target locations on the left, center, and right sides of the body from head to toe, they are ineffective.​

To install the Walk-through Gate Metal Detector, you can follow these steps.
Step 1: Open the package and place the left and right door panel of walk through archway gate metal detector on the ground as shown below.
Step 2: Connect the back beam with the left and right doors with bolts,
as shown below. Do not tight the bolts at this step.
Step 3: Open the host beam cover as shown below.
Step 4: Use the bolt to connect the front beam to the left and right door plate and tighten the left and right-side bolts, as shown below.
Step 5: Install the host on the adjustable metal bracket, the screws and holes on both sides of the adjustable metal bracket can be fixed and adjust the display Angle of the host, as shown below.
Step 6: Pass the host signal line through the beam hole, as shown below.
Step 7: Connect the host to the front beam with bolts, as shown below.
Step 8: Plugs in and tightened the signal wire, as shown below.
Step 9: Cover the beam.
Step 10: Lift the security door and move it to the position. Connect the power cord on the side of the door panel and press the power switch to enter the working state, as shown below.​

Step 1: Connect the power supply
Step 2: Press the OK button to access the interface for entering the password.
Step 3: Enter the correct password and access the program setting menu, which consists of 12 submenus
Step 4: Select Sensitivity on the program setting interface by pressing the up or down arrows and then the OK button. The interface for configuring the sensitivity is shown. You can adjust your required sensitivity.
Step 5: From the alarm setting interface you can adjust the alarm volume, tone and other options.
Step 6: Chose your location from the program setting interface and press the ‘Ok’ button.
Step 7: Select your language and press OK button.
Step 8: On the program setting interface, press the up or down button to select Time and press the OK button.
Step 9: On the program settings interface, use the up or down arrows to pick Zone, then click the OK button. Then, using the up and down arrows, pick the detecting zone mode, and then hit the OK button.
Step 10: On the program setting interface, press the up or down button to select Records and press the OK button.
Thus, using the program interface you adjust anything want. Use up or down arrows to select your desired option.​

Archway Gate Metal Detector’s passageway inside is standard in size. Measurement of the Passageway Interior Width 30” (0.76 m), Height 80” (2 m), and Depth 23” (0.58 m) (0.58 m). This interior size allows individuals to enter and exit the building without difficulty. Furthermore, the spacious passageway Interior will aid you in the detection of potentially dangerous metal traces.​

Walk through Gate Metal Detector can detect small metal objects. Even it can alert operator about a single needle.​

Archway Gate Metal Detectors are highly secured. It is impossible to hide metal from this detector.​

You can increase the range of your metal detector by adjusting sensitivity of the detector. You have also access to decrease the range of sensitivity.​

Yes, you can calculate how many persons have entered and exited from the metal detector gate in a month or a specific event. When using the archway walk through metal detector, it features a head counting feature, which counts the entire number of people, including how many people entered and how many people departed the metal detector at the gate. It also keeps track of the number of tracks and alerts. This feature allows you to conduct a more productive security inspection.​

Some companies buy cheap metal detector who have low budget and need limited features and options. If you want high security, you should buy metal detector of well-known brand like Garret.​

Yes, you can mound the walk through archway gate metal detector on the floor to get stable performance. The Adhesive Floor Mounting Kit is required for the installation of this walk-through Security Metal Detector. At the same time, it safeguards your expensive floor and prevents the unit from moving. Nonetheless, if you need to reposition this archway gate metal detector, you may do so without affecting the walkthrough gate detector's location.​

Pinpoint zone detection is an amazing feature of archway metal detector gate. This enable the system to small object even a needle.​

You can identify metal detection in several ways. Archway Gate Detector with Audio and Visual Alarm System - High-Quality Archway Gate Detector with Audio and Visual Alarm System It raises the loudness of the audio to warn of any potentially harmful objects. At the same time, this metal detector employs a visual alert system comprised of bright LED lights. The danger zone is denoted by the use of red lights on these lights. There are also well visible pacing lights for "stop" and "go" that are clearly marked. These audible and visual alarms make it simple for security personnel to carry out their duties.​

Different walk through archway metal detector manufacturer all over the world produce walk through metal detectors for sale. walk through archway gate metal detector supplier sell these archway machine detector gate.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, The walk through archway metal detector starting cost is 65,000 Taka price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.

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