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Polypropylene Body Material

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The longevity of a product depends on the body material of the product. If your product is made of high-quality material, your product will certainly give you long service. Yes, our Plastic Hand Shopping Basket was made of high-quality polypropylene plastic. In a short format, it is called PP. This material is low warpage, has good hot melt fluidity, non-toxic. This basket is much stronger and can able to take heat prevention. Since it’s a non-toxic material, it’s very safe to keep and store vegetables and fruits.​

High-Capacity Shopping Basket

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This plastic hand shopping basket is small in size but can carry large loads. For small size, any person can bear it. It’s a high-capacity shopping basket. The load capacity of a plastic handbasket is up to 20 liters and 32 liters for stainless steel handbasket. Please do not use it with a high load. If you do not take an extra load, it is expected that nothing will happen to the product in the next 10-15 years. For the goods carrying job, it’s an idea basket.​

Food Grade Plastic

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This Plastic Hand Basket is made of high-quality material which is polypropylene. It is well-known as anti-toxic material. The basket has a handle that is made of stainless steel. These Polypropylene plastic and SS both are food-grade materials. So, it’s very safe to keep and store all kinds of vegetables, fruits, etc.​

Portable Plastic Or SS Handle

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This plastic and ss both handles are portable. It’s an excellent feature of this Heavy duty hand basket. After lifting the basket, the handle bears all the total weights of the shopping basket. Handles should be made with rugged constructions. This basket is plastic-made but doesn’t break quickly. You can put the large-scale food/goods hassle-free. If you need a regular handbasket, you can buy it from us.​

Modern Hollow-Carved Design

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This plastic basket is designed with a Hollow Carved design. You can use this basket in your garage, home, or commercially easily. For hollow carved design, the light air can come and go out. This design helps to let water inside the basket out and keep the goods or food dry. It’s very easy to lift and carry as the basket has handles on both sides. Handles can be plastic or stainless-steel type. A basket with a single handle is also available. Plastic Hand Shopping Basket has pop cardboard that allows you to paste advertisements or brand names.​

Comfortable Size and Lightweight for Carrying

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The plastic handle hand basket is made of premium plastic. Which is a durable, washable, triangular shape, and very lightweight. We are always prioritizing the convenience of our customers. It’s not too small not so large. The dimension of this plastic shopping basket is 15.5 inches in length, 11 inches in width, and 8.5 inches in height. Each basket is lightweight. It is around 500 grams in weight.​

Space Saving Storage

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This High Quality Plastic Shopping Basket has a convenient space-saving design for efficient storage. Whether commercially or at home, it will look disguised if the baskets are randomly placed. Think, these baskets are decorated one by one from the top then you can keep this in a small space. That’s called an overlapping storage system. So, these shopping baskets are ideal for small items as well as tight spaces. Besides the space-saving, your time, and money will also be saved.​

Easy To Carry

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Generally, Folding boxes and transport baskets are great for easy to carry, and in every sense of the word -it’s super handy. The rugged structure can make shopping easy and flexible. The customer doesn’t have to push anything and nothing trails behind. While the lightweight design is easy to utilize when you have a lot to carry. The handles are comparatively thin, that’s why all kinds of people can grip these handles easily.​

Attractive Color

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As an owner of a super shop, you have to think about products color. Any bright color can fit in all environments. Bright color and design that not only is harmonious to your shop but will also enhance the look so your customer will take notice. If the Plastic Hand Shopping Basket is looking attractive color, your shoppers will be happy & feel good about the shopping experience. Green, Red, Blue, and black shopping baskets are available in stock.​

Suitable For in Any Weather

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The shopping basket is usable in any condition. It is weatherproof. If you keep this basket under the sun or in the rain, it will be not damaged. If you keep this on ice or at a tolerable temperature, there is no chance of melting. Even it will be not damaged if you soak it in water. Highly recommended to buy this Best Quality 2 handles shopping basket.​

Area of Uses

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This shopping basket is more comfortable and labor-saving, anti-skid, and burr-free. This is great for both carrying and storing goods. There are lots of super shops are used this plastic /stainless steel shopping basket. Perfect for grocery shops, medical shops, convenience stores, bookstores, cosmetics stores, boutiques, and star-rated hotels.​

Frequently asked questions and Answers

The plastic shopping basket is made of polypropylene plastic. Can be cleaned by wiping it down with a wet towel. It is widely used in supermarkets / super shops. The basket has strong handles on top. The handles are attached from both sides of the basket. The handles are movable.​

This shopping basket is made of polypropylene plastic (PP). Which is a very soft and flexible type of plastic. Yeah, it’s safer than other plastics. It is also called propene plastic. Some of the handles are made of stainless steel. These plastics and ss are food-grade materials.​

The types of baskets are more effective for your shopping. It has a simple shape with a more attractive coloring design. The capacity of a plastic shopping handbasket is up to 22 liters.​

Our Plastic Hand Shopping Basket is made of eco-friendly plastic, which is anti-UV, and waterproof.
The specialty of this sturdy plastic basket is below:
1. High-quality PP material.
2. High capacity, can be used to store fruits and vegetables.
3. Can be used to wash vegetables & fruits.
4. The base is designed to be able to quickly flow out.​

This best basket features a portable design with two comfort handles that make it easy to carry.
The size of our suitable shopping basket is approximately 15.5 inches in length, 11 inches in width, and 8.5 inches in height.​

You get bored if the weight of the basket is much higher than the total goods. Don’t worry about our plastic hand shopping basket. It is made of polypropylene plastic, which is very soft, and flexible. That’s why the shopping basket is light weighted. It’s under 500 gram.

Yes, our Plastic handle handbasket is much stronger. You can fall it from up to down, it will not be broken. You know what? The plastic rugged handle is most suitable to carry. That’s why this is an auto choice for the customers in the super shop. The body of this basket has adopted a hollow-carved design which can help to let water inside the basket out. It’s skid-resistance and burr-free. Several reinforced ribbings at the bottom are more durable.​

This Best Quality 2 handles shopping basket will not be damaged by ice or rain. Even it’s safe from high temperatures too. So, if you keep using it carefully, it will remain strong for a long time. Though it is made of plastic material, however, it doesn’t break quickly. Because being strong enough, it gives you longer performance. We think it will not be damaged in 10-15 years.​

The Plastic Hand Shopping Basket is widely used in the super shop. It is a better way for your customers to carry their goods and for the merchant to increase their sales. The Basket can be more budget-friendly. It can load strongly and does not break easily. It’s very easy to assemble and disassemble in your shopping mall, grocery store, etc. The capacity of this small basket is up to 20 to 22 liters. It’s a stackable basket. A small space is required to store. It’s a more comfortable and labor-saving basket. This shopping basket is lightweight so that all kinds of people can carry the basket easily. It has adopted a hollow-carved design, which can help to let water inside the basket out. Color and logo can be customized. It’s an ideal basket for all kinds of the super shop and supermarkets.​

It’s very easy to store these Heavy duty hand baskets. These baskets are decorated one by one from the top then you can keep this in a small space. They are ideal for small items as well as tight spaces.​

The stainless-steel handle is more effective to carry. Stainless steel is resistant to oxidation corrosion. Steel has a much higher tensile strength than plastic. Compared to steel “Heat resistant”, even a high heat resistant polymer plastic isn’t very resistant to heat at all. With a steel handle basket, you can load heavy stuff than a plastic handle basket.​

Folding boxes and transport baskets are widely used in super shops, supermarkets, grocery shops, medical shops, convenience stores, bookstores, cosmetics stores, boutiques, star-rated hotels, etc., etc. Besides, commercially, it can be used at home. You can use it in the library to store the book, you can use it hospital to keep the medicine.​

You can get 3 types of colors in our stock. Red, blue, black. But the Red color will be much suited to your super shop or supermarket. It’s the standard color.​

This Plastic Hand Shopping Basket is made with strongly designed. The maintenance cost of this plastic basket is very low. Just you have to clean the basket with a dry towel. These products are very cheap price. It will be attractive to look if baskets are regularly cleaned.​

Yes, our local companies are manufactured this shopping basket. You can get the local basket from us at a cheap price. Besides local baskets, we are importing Chinese High Quality Plastic Shopping Basket as well.​

Yes, This Plastic Hand Basket is safe. This shopping basket is made of food-grade polypropylene plastic and stainless-steel handles. Both materials are safe for food.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, The Plastic Hand Shopping Basket Starting Cost is 450 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.​

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