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Plastic Trolley Basket with Wheels and Handle Price in Bangladesh

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Body Material

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If you want a product’s good service, then your material should be of high quality. Our plastic trolley basket with wheels and handles was made of high-quality polypropylene plastic. We can call it PP in short formate. It’s low warpage, good hot melt fluidity. That’s why our product is much stronger and able to take heat prevention. The weight of this plastic shopping basket is very low because of the plastic material. 

Load Capacity

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The load capacity of this plastic shopping trolley is 45L. You can take 50-60 liters load by this basket if you want, but it will reduce the possibility of long-term service. It will not be damaged in 10-15 years if you do not take something too heavy. It might be damaged with a high load. ​

Product Size

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It has different sizes, but we are working on the standard size to think about the market of Bangladesh. The dimension of this plastic shopping basket with the wheel is 65 cm in length, 45 cm in width, 46 cm in height. For this standard size, it’s easy to carry for all kinds of people There is a chance to get pain in the waist if anyone bends down. But there is no need to bend down. It’s a very user-friendly product. ​

Handle for Pulling

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There is a long handle for pulling this wheel system plastic shopping trolley, that’s why different kinds of people can carry full of the basket easily. There is no need for extra pressure to bring one place to another because of a plastic rugged handle.​

360 Degree for Easy Movement

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You can move this plastic basket with wheels and handles from left to right and back to the front easily. The performance of this trolley is depending on the wheels. The capacity of this trolley should be 45L. So that you can carry all the grocery products easily by using this plastic trolley basket with wheels and handles. It has 4 wheels including 4 nuts in every wheel. It keeps this basket stronger.​

A Handle for Carrying by Hand

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Besides the pulling handle, this plastic basket with wheels and handles has another strong handle for carrying by hand. You can easily carry it by hand. If your hand sweated or mixed up with a liquid substance, your hand will not be slippery because of this strong handle grip. It has a plastic rugged handle. It’s user-friendly products for all kinds of all ages people.​

Attractive Design and Color

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This plastic rolling shopping basket with handles was made with attractive design and color. Color can be customized by the demand of customers. This product was made in such a way that it will be applicable for any kind of super shop, grocery shop, medical shop. Travel agencies, star-rated hotels, etc. Your company’s logo can be printed on both sides of this plastic trolley basket.​

Overlapping Storage

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Suppose, you bought 10pcs of a plastic shopping basket for your shop. If these 10pcs of trolley baskets are randomly used by customers then your space will unsuitable for use. Think, if these 10 pcs of trolley baskets are decorated one by one from the top then you can keep this in a small space. That’s called overlapping storage.​


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 It is weatherproof. If you keep this plastic shopping trolley basket under the sun or in the rain, it will be not damaged. If you keep this on ice or at a tolerable temperature, there is no chance of melting. Even it will be not damaged if you soak it in water. Simply, this excellent feature was made by thinking of all kinds of people. ​

Area of Use

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Suppose, you are decorating a library. You can use this trolley basket for moving books from one place to another. For your e-commerce business, you can decorate and move your little things by using this trolley. There are lots of super shops are used this plastic shopping trolley. Even many grocery shops, medical shops, and star-rated hotels have to demand to buy a plastic basket with wheels​

Frequently asked questions and Answers

This plastic trolley basket is made of high-quality polypropylene plastic. Which is called PP. This is a product of super shop/supermarket. It has two strong handles, one for pulling and another one for pick up. It has 4 wheels which are made of rubber. You can move this wheel system Plastic shopping trolley from left to right and front to back.​

Yes, our plastic shopping basket with wheels is much stronger with rubber wheels. You can fall it from up to down, it will not be broken. You know what? The plastic rugged handle is most suitable to carry. That’s why this is an auto choice for the customers in our country.​

Yes, our plastic trolley basket is very friendly to use. A customer can easily carry it by hand or roll it on the floor. This plastic trolley basket with wheels and handles is very lightweight for all kinds of people.​

At this present, there is available only one color (red) with attractive design at our stock. If you need a different color we can arrange it. We have also different kinds of the plastic basket with wheels and handles.​

The load capacity of our plastic trolley basket with wheels and handles is 45L. If you give it to overload, then it might be damaged. Keep it under 45L. You will get long-term service.

The customers of a super shop/supermarket are using this trolley basket for carrying the grocery items easily. If you give them any normal basket (without trolly), they can be feeling bored. They can feel uncomfortable because they can’t move the basket. So, our Plastic Basket with Wheels and Handles can give your customer more comfortable. They can collect all kinds of goods in a basket with wheels and a strong handle easily.​

Especially this plastic trolley basket with wheels and handle can be used in the supermarket, super shop, grocery store. Normally it’s not much needed at home. It is also used in executive agency offices, big star-rated restaurants, hotels, warehouses, medical shops, etc.​

This trolley basket is made of polypropylene plastic (PP). Which is a very soft and flexible type of plastic. Yeah, it’s safer than other plastics. For moving left to right, back to front it has 4 strong wheels. The wheels are made of rubber.​

This plastic trolley basket with wheels and handles will not be damaged by ice or rain. Even it’s safe from high temperatures too. So, if you keep using it carefully, it will remain strong for a long time. We think it will not be damaged in 10-15 years. You will surely win if you buy a plastic basket with wheels.​

This is an imported product. It’s made in china. They supply high-quality products at a reasonable price. There are different kinds of countries in the world are made plastic trolley baskets. Like as china, Malaysia, turkey, etc. Nowadays, we are producing this product with native technology.​

This Plastic Wheel Basket with 4 Wheels is nicely designed. Easily it attracted by customers. If the customers are not feeling comfortable, they don’t go to your shop next time. So, for customer advantages, you need to keep a plastic trolley basket with added wheels and a strong handle. They can be pulling it smoothly like as luggage. It can move left to right, back to front because of 360-degree wheels. It can load strongly and does not break easily. It’s very easy to assemble and disassemble in your shopping mall, grocery store, etc.​

Yes sir. You can easily move these Plastic Rolling Shopping Baskets with Handles around the shop because of four strong wheels. This wheel can dance on the floor.​

No. If you keep it in a clean place it will not be damaged. Just be careful with hair/yarn. That’s why please check the wheels occasionally. Being low weight, all kinds of all ages people feel comfortable using this plastic trolley basket.​

The size/dimension of this plastic trolley basket with wheels and handles is approximately 45.72 inches in length, 38.1 inches in width, 33.02 inches in height.​

Yes, you can pull it on a paved road carefully. I Hope, the wheels will not be damaged. Even if there is water on the road, you will not get much trouble with this plastic trolley basket. But you will get 100% good performance at shopping /supermarket /store only.​

Almost 1.8 kg. For this low weight, its suitable to used both as trolley and basket for all kind of ages people.​

The maintenance cost of this plastic trolley basket is very low. The wheels are made of rubber with stainless steel nuts. When the wheels are damaged or broken, you can replace them very easily from around. These products are very cheap price.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, The plastic trolley basket Starting Cost is 1,500 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.​

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Mashqura Akter

From on 19th Jun, 2021


Raisul Islam Tuhin

From Nikunja Bazar on 7th Feb, 2022

buy 5 pcs trolley basket with wheel.

red color and quality is awesome.

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