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Unbreakable Material

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Parking Security Convex Curved Mirrors are unbreakable and are 200 times stronger than glass. It is not affected by any type of light ray and will not produce toxic fumes if burnt. Ideal for surveillance, these heavy duty, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate mirrors are ideal for areas prone to vandalism. So, if any car hit the mirror it springs back automatically but does not break. Moreover, the ABS plastic and soft PC are used to make this mirror surface.

Viewing Angle

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Convex Curved Mirrors will provide you a wide angle viewing. In blind spots, tricky "T" junction where two or more roads meet, drivers need angle view to drive the vehicle and avoid any kind of accident. The convex road mirror provides you 130-degree angle which appropriate for most of the situation. In case, you need to cover more area, you can install two convex mirrors on the spot.

Built in Hood System/Cap System

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A built-in hood or shield system made the convex mirror more durable and use worthy. As the convex mirrors are used at both; indoor and outdoor. Outdoor installed mirror has to face sun and rain continuously. Considering this matter, a Built in Hood System is constructed to shield from sun and rain and make it perfect for outdoor use.

High Visible Body Color

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In terms of traffic safety and security equipment, visibility is the most important thing. Similarly, convex mirror needs visibility to draw attention of drivers and passerby. For this reason, High Visible Body Color is used to make the Unbreakable Traffic Convex Mirrors visible from far. This mirror used traffic orange or yellow color which is highly visible at night and day.

Durable Mirror

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As the convex mirrors are used in tricky and blind roads side, accident prone areas, it need to be strong and long lasting. This type of convex mirror has a high durability. Unbreakable materials, built in hood system, high quality plastic frame made the convex mirror durable. It is scratch resisting, Shatter proof, high anti-impact, and weather proof, anti-UV.

Indoor & Outdoor Use

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The traffic convex mirrors for driveways can be used indoor and outdoor. You can use the mirror inside the parking lots and building compound. At the same time, you can fix this convex mirror outside; roads, outdoor garage, outside of parking lots, tricky and blind spots. Scratch resisting, shatter proof, high anti-impact, and ant-UV made it suitable for outdoor use.


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As the Convex Dome Safety Mirrors are used outdoor, it must to be weatherproof. The acrylic that used in this convex mirror is waterproof. All outer body materials are weather resilient. So, you can use it in the sun, rain and storm without damaging it.  The built-in hood also secures the Convex Dome Safety Mirrors from adverse weather.

Different Size Available

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Different size convex mirrors are available on the market. You can buy you required size of blind corner mirror for driveway which is adjustable to the installation space. You will get 24inches/600mm, 32inches/800mm, 39inche/1000mm size Unbreakable Traffic Convex Mirrors.  There is no specific qualification or condition to use any specific size convex mirror.

Installation Accessories

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Parking Security Convex Curved Mirrors needs to be installed on different types of place according to use. Considered the issue, this security Convex Curved Mirrors adopted easy installation system with its accessories. You will get adjustable bracket and nut-bolts which is adjustable to any kind of place. You can install the convex mirror on pillar, wall, or other constructions.

Area of Use

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The usages areas of convex mirrors are huge.  It is widely used at road corner, underground parking, large building to provide direct and angles views for drivers. You also use the convex curved mirror at shop, and big supermarket, the turning of the road, factory, parking lot and any other corner where need anti-thief. At blind spots and tricky "T" junction where two or more roads meet, this mirror is highly beneficial.

Product Special Features
  • Made By High Quality Material
  • Different Sizes
  • With Installation Accessories
  • 130 Degree Viewing Angle
  • Wide Angle Covered
  • Cap/Hood System
Product Specification



Viewing Angle

130 Degree

Available Sizes in mm

600/800/1000 mm

Available Sizes in Inches

24/32/39 Inch

Cap System


High Visibility


Installation Hook

Free For You

Using Area

Indoor and Outdoor




6.4 Kg (+-)

Mirror Type


Mirror Thickness


Frequently asked questions and Answers

Convex Safety Mirrors are round diameter mirrors offer the best visible solution, depending on the circumstances in a “blind spot” situation, parking lots, and son on.

Parking Security Convex Curved Mirror are commonly utilized at road corners, underground parking garages, and huge buildings to offer vehicles with direct and angled views. You may also use a convex curved mirror in a store or a large supermarket, at a road intersection, a factory, a parking lot, or any other location where anti-theft is required. This mirror is especially useful in blind areas and in problematic "T" junctions where two or more roads converge.

A convex mirror is a diverging mirror in which the reflective surface bulges towards the light source. They are not used to focus light as they reflect light outwards. The image formed by convex mirrors are smaller than the object but gets larger as they approach the mirror.

Convex mirrors are widely used as rear-view mirrors in automobiles and vehicles because it can diverge light beams and make virtual images. Uses of the convex mirror in a magnifying glass Convex mirrors are widely used for making magnifying glasses. In order to make a magnifying glass, two convex mirrors are placed back to back. Then it allows you to see angles view of tricky roads and other angles that are hindered by an obstacle.

Convex mirrors come in a variety of forms and sizes, making them appropriate for a variety of uses. Round, rectangular, and hemisphere and part hemisphere mirrors are also popular. Sizes are normally expressed as metric measurements (i.e. centimeters or millimeters) although mirrors imported from different countries will normally be measured in inches. Whatever the unit of measurement used, it will normally represent the size of the mirror lens itself, so the overall size inclusive of the mirror frame will be larger. Round mirrors are measured across the diameter, with popular sizes ranging from 300 to 1,000mm. You will get 24inches/600mm, 32inches/800mm, 39inche/1000mm size convex mirror from us.

Yes. You are allowed to use stand to fix the convex mirror at your needed place. Which mirror a volume of space need? is there any specific measurement?

Convex Curved Mirrors provide you a broad field of view. Drivers require angle vision to drive the car and prevent any sort of collision in blind areas, difficult "T" junctions where two or more roads intersect. The convex road mirror gives a 130-degree angle that is suitable for the majority of situations. Install two convex mirrors on the location if you need to cover a larger area.

Parking Security Convex Curved Mirror must be securely mounted to a pole, wall or other high point to deter vandalism and ensure road user safety. To install the convex mirror, you need to follow some instructions.

§  Completely drill out 4x holes at the appropriate distance (screws or dowel length +1cm)

§  Remove drilling dust

§  Insert 4x heavy-duty dowels into the wall (if necessary use a hammer)

§  Attach and fix wall bracket: Screw on 4x nuts with washers

§  Fully tighten 4x nuts

§  Attach the mirror to the wall bracket

§  Adjust the Mirror Angle to your favorite position

No, you do not need to buy installation accessories. This security Convex Curved Mirrors adopted easy installation system with its accessories. You will get adjustable bracket and nut-bolts which is adjustable to any kind of place. You can install the convex mirror on pillar, wall, or other constructions.

The convex mirror should be installed at a location that provides the best view of the road and the oncoming vehicles concerned. It is also necessary to test for a variety of driver eye heights, e.g. car, truck, etc. Mirrors should be positioned such that the driver required to give-way can see the conflicting vehicle in approximately the center of the mirror.

This sort of convex mirror is extremely long-lasting. The convex mirror is constructed of unbreakable materials, has a built-in hood system, and a high-quality plastic frame. It's scratch-resistant, shatter-proof, high anti-impact, weather-resistant, and UV-resistant. Undoubtedly it will sustain for 15-20 years.

No. The curved convex mirrors are unbreakable, highly weather and UV resilient. Moreover, due to build in shield, sun-storm-drain can not affect the mirror.

Usually, you could able to see the view within 3.5 feet-5 feet. can Using high visibility materials ensure long distance visible of the convex mirror. You can see the view if you see the mirror.

The convex mirror is made of acrylics to give the flexibility. General glass mirror can be broken by pressure or crash. As this mirror is aimed to use outdoor also, it is constructed by acrylics. 

Yes, acrylic is water-proved. So, rain can not harm the quality of the convex mirror.

No, acrylic easily cannot be scratched.

No, it can consume impacts, crashes, and hits and automatically spring back but cannot break.

Blind roads, T-transactions roads are suitable to setup convex mirror. In other word, the roads that are tricky and cured difficult to see the others vehicle movement are perfect to view angles by this convex mirror.

Convex mirrors give a wider field of vision; however, they make judging the speed and position of following traffic more difficult. Vehicles will appear smaller and further away than they actually are. Adjust the exterior mirrors so that you can get the best rear view with minimal head movements.

If you need to cover more area, you can install two convex mirrors on the spot.

No. Installation and setup are simple. Anyone can do this.

Convex mirrors are designed to reduce the effects of “blind spots” to help to give motorists a maximal view of traffic, especially in many different corner configurations. Convex mirrors help prevent collisions where dangerous corners exist, and provide surveillance views on a wide amount of square footage from a fixed observation point.

Visibility is the most essential factor in traffic safety and security equipment. Parking Security Convex Curved Mirror, too, require visibility to attract the attention of vehicles and passers-by. As a result, the Unbreakable Traffic Convex Mirrors are painted in a high-visibility body color to make them noticeable from afar. This mirror is painted in a traffic orange or yellow color that is extremely visible at all times of the day and night.

Convex mirrors first appeared in Europe during the Medieval-Renaissance period, when glass making was in its infancy (8th - 12th century). Convex mirrors are frequently utilized metaphorically in a number of important vintage oil paintings from this time period.

Outdoor traffic mirrors are manufactured in different countries including china. Some Large convex mirror importer of Bangladesh imports large/ small convex mirror for sale. If you need convex mirror, you can communicate with curved convex mirror supplier like Nobarun International.

We import all products from the international market. So, the price of products varies based on global price, tax, and VAT. To know the current price, please contact with our representative. They will inform you the latest market price of this product.

If you are in Dhaka, you can visit our office and see our products. You can buy your favorite product by cash directly. If you are outside of Dhaka city, you can buy our products through the courier by placing conditional payment. In this case, you have to pay 1000 Taka advance by bank account or bkash with your name and phone number. After the advance payment, we will send your chosen products through courier. You will receive products within 1-2 days. Customers have to bear all courier charges in this case.

If you come to our office, you can purchase products by cash payment. If you want courier delivery on conditional payment. You have to pay 1000 Taka advance by bank account or bkash. You have to pay the rest of the payment when you receive products.  

It depends on your product size. Normally, there will be 200 to 2000-taka charge based on product size.  

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, The Convex Parking Mirror Starting Cost is 8,500 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification, and other customization.

Here is the list for all size convex mirror price.

Best Quality 24 inch Convex Mirror

13,000 Taka

Best Quality 32 inch Convex Mirror

18,000 Taka

Best Quality 39 inch Convex Mirror

23,000 Taka

Product Reviews

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Shahina Yasmin

From on 14th Aug, 2018


Mostofa Hasan

From Building For Future Ltd on 25th May, 2022

Product is very very high quality and mirror visibility is fantastic. We are so much happy with nobarun international.

Sunnydale School

From Sunnydale Pvt. Limited on 24th Sep, 2022

180-degree clear view convex mirror instled by NOBARUN INTERNATIONAL.

Mr. Jabed

From Satmosjid Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka on 3rd Dec, 2022

Purchase 3 Nos Convex Curved mirror for our parking. Quality is very good.

Imperial Irish Kingdom

From Merul Badda on 13th Sep, 2023

very good quality mirror. we are so much happy with quality. 

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