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Heavy Duty Anti Slip Car Stopper Wheel Chock Block Price in Bangladesh

Product Code: CPM 1001

Price: 3,000 Taka

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High Quality Material

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This Heavy Duty Anti Slip Car Stopper Wheel Chock Block is made of rubber. It is very durable and it will last you for a long time because your vehicle cannot damage any rubber material. It is corruption-free. It is also water-resistant. So, water and dust will not be able to damage it. You can use it for cars, trailers, RV, trucks, etc.

Load Capacity

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This Anti Slip wheel chock block has a huge load capacity. It can block vehicles that have a weight of 120 tons. It does not slip and it will be able to stop any heavy or light vehicle successfully.

Easy To Carry

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This wheel chock block is very easy to carry. You can carry it to anywhere you want. You should keep this with you so that your car or whatever vehicle you have does not roll or move automatically when you have parked it. By using this Anti Slip wheel chock block, you can stop your car from moving on its own so that it does not cause any accidents.

Reflective Color

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This chock block has a mix of black & yellow. It looks stunning and the color has a beautiful reflection. The color is very much visible from distance to avoid accidents. However, we can also provide colors according to your requirements.

Portable Use

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This Heavy Duty Anti Slip Car Stopper Wheel Chock Block is very portable so you can keep it with you in case you need to use it. You never know when you are going to get your tire punctured so you may as well keep this wheel chock block with you because it is lightweight and portable.

Anti-Slip Surface

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This Anti Slip wheel chock block will not slip while it is being used. You can use it to block your car wheels from rolling and it will not slip because of its durable design. It will stay locked and stop your car from moving. It does not matter if the surface is dry or slippery. This wheel chock will keep blocking your car from moving until you unblock it.​​

Area of Use

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You can use this Heavy Duty Anti Slip Car Stopper Wheel Chock Block in any location you want. It is perfect for ensuring the safety of your vehicle. If your car is parked at a downhill position, you need to place the chocks in front of the front wheels. If your car is at an uphill position, you need to place the chock blocks in the front and the back of a single wheel.

Product Special Features
  • Long-lasting material
  • Anti-slip surface
  • The chock block will not slip on any surface
  • Large Load Capacity
  • Reflective & Stunning Color
  • Portable & Easy to Use​
Product Specification






240 x 165 x 195mm


Yellow & Black


Engineering Rubber


5kg (+-)

Suitable for

Car, Bus, Truck etc







Frequently asked questions and Answers

Chocks are blocks or wedges that you can use to secure a wheel so that you can stop it from moving. They can be elastic, urethane, metal, or otherwise wood. Wheel chocks play a significant role because it guarantees safety. If the car keeps moving on its own while it is parked, it may crash or hurt someone. So, this equipment helps you so that you can avoid those types of circumstances.

Chocking a car wheel depends on the car that you want to and where it is parked. Place the chocks against the tire and ensure they're snug and in the center of the tire, never to one side or the other. You should follow a similar method in case you're using wheel chocks on a trailer you're storing. Keep the trailer attached to the vehicle that is towing it. Place the vehicle in park and engage the emergency brake. Install Anti Slip Car Stopper Wheel Chock Block on the two sides of the two wheels of the trailer safely. Then you can detach the trailer from your vehicle.

Wheel chocks must be placed downhill and underneath the vehicle's center of gravity. On a downhill position, place the chocks in front of the wheels that are in front. On an uphill position, place the chocks behind the rear wheels. On a level surface, place the chocks on the front and back of a single wheel. 

Wheel chocks are wedges of solid material placed closely against a vehicle's wheels to prevent accidents from happening. Chocks are placed for safety as an extra for setting the brakes. The bottom surface is covered in rubber in most of the times to improve grasp with the ground.

You should be using two chocks. The standard rule is that Heavy Duty Anti Slip Car Stopper Wheel Chock Blocks should be placed under the rear wheels, which implies two chocks ought to be used. Chocking only one wheel isn't enough.

Park the car on a flat and hard surface. Then you should chock the wheels. Totally make sure the car is parked. After that, find the jack point. Mostly, cars have a jack point on each side behind the front wheels and in front of the back wheels. This will usually next to the rocker panels. Place the jack underneath the jack point and then raise the jack. Lift the car off the surface. When you are done doing your work, then lower the car down.

You should use wheel chock wheels when you park your car in a uneven position so that you prevent your car’s wheels from rolling. Wheel chocks are used to keep a vehicle from rolling when it is at downhill or uphill surface. Wheel chocks are also frequently used with large-sized, parked trucks to ensure the vehicle doesn't roll and cause harm to anyone or any property. Off-road chocks can be used in construction when builders need to park in areas that don't have roadways yet and the land is not even. Furthermore, planes use wheel chocks to keep them from moving from their parked spot.Wheel chocks are used for safety and to avoid any accidents. Chocking, otherwise called blocking, is used to keep trucks and trailers from unexpectedly moving, such as rolling or overturning, while workers are stacking, emptying, hitching, unhitching or servicing the vehicle

Anti Slip Car Stopper Wheel Chock Block should be sized according to the size of the tire and should be roughly 1/4th the height of the tire. If your tire has a height of 36 inches, your wheel chock ought to around 9 inches high and fit snugly underneath the tire.

A wheel chock is used so that you can prevent any sort of accidental or unintentional movement of your vehicle. When you park your vehicle it is supposed to stay there but if the surface is downhill or uphill grade, it may tend to move on its own. This wheel chock prevents that from happening so that your vehicle does not collide or damage any property accidentally.

Wheel chocks must be placed downhill and beneath the vehicle's center of gravity. On a declining surface, position the chocks in front of the front wheels. On an uphill surface, position the chocks behind the rear wheels. You should always use wheel chocks in pairs.

If you get a punctured tire on a hill and can't coast without killing the tire totally, park near the curb, turn the wheels towards that curb and safely block the wheels that are on the downside in order to stop the vehicle from rolling.

Yes, you will be glad to know that this Anti Slip wheel chock block is incredibly durable so it will not break easily. These wheel blocks are made from strong materials so they are very long-lasting.

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, The Heavy Duty Anti Slip Car Stopper Wheel Chock Block Starting Cost is 2,500 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.​

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