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Real Time Monitoring GPS Tracker Device

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Price: 4,500 Taka

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    Real Time Tracking

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    Real Time Monitoring GPS Tracker Device has real-time tracking option. You can see exactly where is your bike at any time at any moment. You can monitor where your bike goes 24/7 through it. So, there is no chance for someone to steal your bike.​

    No Monthly/Yearly Charge

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    Once you install the motorcycle GPS tracker, you do not have to pay extra or hidden charges or there are no monthly or weekly charges at all. You just enjoy the benefits after installing the tracker.​

    Geo-fencing Facility

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    Geo-fencing Facility is the most attractive and interesting feature of our GPS vehicle tracking device. This feature will let you set the custom mileage or custom distances. Such as if you set it 100 meters/ 1 km, then the engine of the bike will automatically go off after reaching the desired 100 meters or 1 km.​

    Advanced Features

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    It is one of the best motorcycle trackers in the market because it has not only these features, it also comes with advanced features like lock/unlock/remote operate/start off numerous options. All advance feature including here for future plane.so use this apps for your company security.​

    User Friendly App

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    All these processes like seeing the exact location of your bike, setting up the distance and the advanced features work through an app. The app is very simple and easy to use. Anybody can use this app. This software is easy to use so everyone’s work is easy is use. And all the problems are solved in the right way.

    Pop-up Notifications

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    You will get notified through text message, if someone tries to start your bike. Although the alarm will be ringing. You can quickly view the content of a notification and perform available actions from the notification popup windows. For example, if you receive a message while watching a video or playing a game, you can view the message and reply to it without switching the screen.​

    Control by Mobile or Laptop

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    You can connect Real Time Monitoring GPS Tracker Device with your phone, computer or laptop to get the most benefits. And yes you have to connect with these devices to track your bike means to enjoy the benefits of real time tracking option.​

    Product Special Features
    • Online Lifetime 24/7 Live Platform
    •  Engine OFF/ON By SMS
    •  Voice Listening Service
    •  It can take power supply from car 
    •  cigarette lighter or car storage battery.
    •  It can position even when the signal is weak.

    Product Specification




    Waterproof, Anti-shock


    Motorcycle, Automotive




    GPS+Anti-theft+ real time tracking



    Special Feature

    Precise Locator



    Frequently asked questions and Answers

    GPS tracking gives you the precise area of your bike. They are easy to use and work with each bike available. GPS tracking devices use GPS to rapidly record their areas and after that remotely transmit that area to your cell phone, through a local server, at regular intervals. This data incorporates the area alongside the bike's speed and heading of movement.​​

    A GPS tracking system is a navigation system normally maintained by a moving vehicle or person that makes use of the Global Positioning System to track the vehicle's movements and determine its location.​

    This network includes a range of satellites that use microwave signals that are transmitted to GPS devices to give information on location, vehicle speed, time and direction.​

    Real Time Monitoring GPS Tracker Device is one kind of GPS tracking device that helps to track the location of your bike. It not only tracks the location, but also helps to monitor where your bike goes. It prevents stealing the bike from you all the way.​

    By using our Real Time Monitoring GPS Tracker you can prevent your bike from being stolen. You will get notified through text message if someone tries to start your bike. Although the alarm will be ringing. Our GPS tracker can help in jamming biking. An unauthorized person trying to start a motorcycle soon discovers that it is not so easy. A text pops up on the phone and an alarm installed in the bike cuts off the power supply to the engine, thereby jamming the bike. As we have mentioned, You can see exactly where is your bike right now 24/7.​

    The theft of advanced motorbikes is on the ascent, in light of the fact that contrasted with vehicles it is a lot simpler to take and ride away on a bicycle without raising caution. Fortunately, there are amazing, watchful and spending well-disposed motorbike tracker gadgets accessible as well, that won't just keep a mind your motorbike or bicycle's security yet additionally give you access to data like journey hours, mileage, speed reports and more. Powerful motorbike trackers can be introduced in your vehicles carefully, and will immediately educate you and ready police experts on the off chance that the bicycle is moved without your authorization. In addition, exact GPS and VHF based radio following methods you can distinguish the area of Real Time Monitoring GPS Tracker Device your motorbike close to the theft.​

    The tracking device is very small in size. It does not require much effort to install such a device. These GPS tracking devices are manufactured not to be easily seen by anyone, most if not all are designed this way. Being visible takes away its ability to protect your motorbike. Thus, installation is done to ensure its well-hidden.​

    It basically depends on the complexity of your motorcycle. Installing a GPS tracker like our Real Time Monitoring Tracker Device will not take more than 30 minutes.​

    Since you can, inviting a professional to install your tracking device is advised. This is a safer option in the event of any fault after installation. However, if you are well versed in the connections of your motorcycle, you can install the device on your own.​

    GPS tracking helps you maintain control over your motorbikes that are important for moving inventory or performing customer service. Moreover, it enables you to track the precise location of your bike or vehicles which eventually lends a hand in maintaining control over them. When it comes to making a capital investment, every owner wants to save his vehicles from being stolen or misplaced. But, if it happens, then a Real Time Monitoring Motorcycle GPS Tracker can be very helpful in finding your asset and getting it back within hours.​

    few theories recommending the multifaceted nature of vehicle following framework have undoubtedly fended off numerous individuals from profiting its advantages. Real Time Monitoring GPS Tracker Device Nonetheless, the truth of the matter is very inverse, since present day GPS following frameworks are cleverly built and offer the usability.​

    Smartphone, laptops and tablets are virally in use these days. One of the most excellent features of using a Real Time Monitoring Motorcycle GPS Tracker is that it is compatible with mobile phones, and is as easy to use as other applications on a mobile phone.​

    Once you install the motorcycle GPS tracker, you do not have to pay extra or hidden charges or there are no monthly or weekly charges at all and with safety they also give you an excellent value for your money because of it normal monitors your motorcycle and gives you a total report of the range covered, gas consumption and much more. This allows you to decrease the gas and labor cost.​

    Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, The Real Time Monitoring GPS Tracker Device Starting Cost is 4,500 Taka price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.​

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