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Self Balancing Rechargeable Hoverboard Scooter

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Safest Mode of Transportation

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Self Balancing Hoverboard Scooter provide safest riding for its rider, kids or adult. Self-balancing system is safer for both children and adults since they give greater control and reduce the chance of damage while also making riding more fun. You no longer have to be concerned about your children falling off their hoverboards. You can direct and maintain the scooter by self-balancing which make your ride easy and safe.​

Intelligent Control System

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This two-wheel electric mobility scooter used the easiest and smart controlling system. This electric mobility scooter adopted self-balancing controlling system. Which means you can control the movement of the scooter by yourself; direct the movement of your scooter by moving your body instantly. This system is quite stable and provide excellent control over your scooter. Accelerate with assurance, brake swiftly, and spin with ease to achieve your goals.​

Strong and High Wheel

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Usually, the height of wheels for Electric Hoverboard Scooter with starts from 6 Ince. To ensure the safety and extra comfortless, eight to twelve Ince wheel are used to construct the Hoverboard Scooter. High quality and heavy-loaded materials are used to make the tire of the wheels, as they bear a lot of jumps and bumps of the track. Smooth and strong wheels of this hoverboard scooter will ensure you comfortable moving.​

Two Heavy Duty Motor

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There are two durable and strong motor of 2000Watt. The high quality of motor ensures continuous riding without any damage. The motor of the twin wheel scooter has a top speed of 18 kilometers per hour. As a result, you may go around with it quite simply in surrounding areas. Don't be concerned about it since the speed with which you may quickly get past this obstacle will not bother you.​

Included Audio Speaker

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There is also a Bluetooth speaker on the Self Balancing Hoverboard Scooter. You can play your favorite song by connecting phone or other devices. This high-quality speaker will make you riding more enjoyable. It will restrain you from being bored while riding the hoverboard scooter with foldable. So, buy this scooter and enjoy your riding with your favorite songs and music.​

Weight Bearing Capacity

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Rechargeable electric hoverboard scooter has fabulous load capacity. It has 20kg-120kg weight bearing capacity. This capacity will facilitate you smooth riding. You can load up to 120kg on this hoverboard scooter with reflected colors.​

Decorative Colors

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Electric hoverboard scooter without handlebar has different lucrative colors that attract you. For example, you can choose red, blue, green, yellow, pink, white, black or any other color for you scooter. Al most al colored electric scoter hoverboards are available. Besides that, you will get mixed color hoverboard scooter. You will get some attractive colors for kids as well as for adults.​

Parts Available

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The hoverboard scooter will give you a high-quality charger which help you recharge the scooter quickly and efficiently. Other parts or associated materials are also available on the market. You can buy the anytime. Besides, you will get services free for one year. You also can ask for parts hoverboard scooter with reflected colors.​

LED Lights

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Different color-lights and reflectors are adopted on this wheel and front of the heavy-loaded hoverboard scooter. Lights utilized on the wheel make a decorative look when you ride the scooter at night. The lights also help you see the road while riding at night. The reflectors are reflected when they come into light; which ensure safety as well as good looking.​

Product Special Features
  • Easy to operate and save time.
  • High quality battery added.
  • Intelligent processing and chip system.
  • Bluetooth music support.
  • Original High quality and durable motors.
  • Self-balancing technology applied.
  • Excellent design and color combination.
Product Specification

Product type

Self Balancing Scooter

Max payload


Max speed



40-50 km

Permissible gradient

10-15 degree

Battery Voltage 


Working Current


Battery Rate


Battery Capacity


Motor rated power

2 x 350W

Charging Voltage

AC 100-240V





Frequently asked questions and Answers

Electric Hoverboard Scooter is a two-wheeled scooter which is powered by electricity offer riding for kids and adults. Transport on hoverboards or self-balancing scooters may be tailored to the individual's needs. Two motorized wheels are linked to a pair of articulated pads, on which the rider's feet are placed, and the whole thing is powered by electricity. Usually, it is used to move little distances and internal distances. Self-balancing Hoverboard scooter has become popular and trendy today.​

Self-balancing Rechargeable Hoverboard Scooter provides the safest riding experience for its riders, whether they are children or adults. Self-balancing systems are safer for both children and adults since they provide better control and minimize the risk of injury while also making riding more enjoyable. You don't have to worry about your kids falling off their hoverboards anymore. You can steer and maintain the scooter by self-balancing, making your journey simple and safe.​

Most of the time, the height of the wheels on an electric self-balancing hoverboard Scooter begins at 6 inches. The Hoverboard Scooter is constructed with eight to twelve (8 Ince to 12 Ince) inch Ince wheels to guarantee maximum safety and comfort without sacrificing performance. The tires of the wheels are made of high-quality and heavily loaded materials since they have to withstand a great deal of the track's jumps and bumps. The smooth and sturdy wheels of this hoverboard scooter will provide you with a smooth and pleasant ride.​

Yes, Self Balancing Hoverboard Scooter are completely safe for children. In reality, they were originally intended to be enjoyed by children. Ensure, however, that your child or girl is wearing the necessary safety equipment when riding. This comprises protective gear such as a helmet, knee and elbow pads, and maybe a pair of gloves, among other things​

It is, however, recommended that you avoid using your gadget on a rough surface because it may pose a risk to it or possibly cause it to malfunction. During your ride on this hoverboard scooter, you will have plenty of leg room thanks to the spacious unit and 10-inch height wheel. It is illuminated with LED lights, which makes it particularly attractive at night and make your journey safe.​

Despite the fact that many of us are accustomed to charging our tablets, cellphones, and other electronic gadgets while we sleep, it is not recommended that you do so with hoverboards. For the most part, hoverboards will require between two and four hours to charge entirely. Although genuine, safe hoverboards manufactured by reputable firms are designed with batteries that do not continue to draw power from the outlet after they have been fully charged, it is advisable not to keep the hoverboard plugged in.​

This is a gadget that just plugs in and works. The installation of the hoverboard scooter is simple and does not necessitates any special skills. You just turn on the scooter and star riding.​

Hover boards have been more popular since they were first demonstrated as a fictitious means of transportation, only to be realized as a reality as a result of technological advancement. It began as a celebrity craze, but has now spread to the streets and homes of everyday people, becoming a widespread phenomenon. It has been in use and in demand for a number of years; nevertheless, it has been plagued by a number of problems that have caused a decline in its sales and demand. There have been complaints of injuries from riding the board, it has been ruled dangerous after a handful of them have burst, and there have been rumors of the notion of banning them, all of which have contributed to the board's downward trajectory. This handlebar control or Self-balancing Scooter is now available on the market after overcoming all of these challenges and rising from the ashes. Although it is not as popular as it once was, it is still available and popular among children and teenagers. Hover boards, which are ideal for people (particularly the working class) who wish to travel short distances while still looking hip while doing so, have re-emerged effectively and are expected to continue to be a popular mode of transportation for the imaginable future.​

This two-wheeled electric mobility scooter was controlled by the simplest and most intelligent control system available. The self-control system was used on this electric mobility scooter. This means that you can direct the movement of your scooter by moving your body right, left, front and back instantaneously, and you can control the movement of your scooter by moving the handle bar.​

There are two 2000Watt motors that are both long-lasting and powerful. The high-quality motor means that you may ride for an extended period of time without experiencing any problems. The dual wheel scooter's motor has a peak speed of 18 kilometers per hour, and it has two wheels. As a consequence, you should have no trouble getting around with it in the local region. Because of the speed with which you will be able to swiftly move over this hurdle, you will not be bothered by it.​

On the Self Balancing Hoverboard Scooter, there is also a Bluetooth speaker. By connecting your phone or other devices, you may listen to your favorite music. This high-quality speaker will make your riding experience more pleasurable and joyful. The hoverboard scooter with foldable will keep you from being bored while you're riding the scooter. So, go ahead and get this scooter and enjoy your riding experience while listening to your favorite songs and music.​

The electric hoverboard scooter comes in a variety of fascinating colors that will draw your attention. For example, you may customize your scooter with whatever color you like, including red, blue, green, yellow, pink, white, and black. Electric scooter hoverboards in a variety of colors are available for purchase. In addition, you will receive a hoverboard scooter in a variety of colors. You can find some vibrant hues that are suitable for both children and adults.

The load capacity of a rechargeable electric hoverboard scooter is incredible. It has a weight bearing capability ranging from 20kg to 120kg. This capability will allow you to ride more comfortably. This hoverboard scooter with reflected colors has a carrying capacity of up to 120 kg.​

An excellent charger for the hoverboard scooter will be included, allowing you to recharge the scooter fast and effectively. Other parts or materials that are related with the product are also available on the market. You can purchase the item at any moment. In addition, you will receive services for a period of one year at no cost. You may also request parts for your hoverboard scooter that have reflected colors.

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, Self-balancing Electric Rechargeable Hoverboard Scooter Starting Cost is 15,000 Taka price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification, and other customization.

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Mr. Prottoy

From Dhaka on 17th May, 2018

​Nice product and very fast whatsapp chat response by Nobarun int.

Mr Moin

From Dhaka on 9th Jul, 2018

My daughter like Pink color, so i love this colored hoverboard.

Mr Rony

From Dhaka on 13th Nov, 2017

Good product with nice color and finish touch.
highly recommended this company. they have another some useful gadget item.

Abdur Rahim Molla

From Pink City Dhaka on 24th Jul, 2018

I love red color and This electric hoverboard quality is so Good good good
Really fast communication by whatsapp. Thanks to Nobarun international company.

Mr. Morshed

From Uttara Dhaka on 11th Aug, 2018

Highly Recommended seller 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻They have beautiful office and mannered stuff.

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