Self Balancing Rechargeable Hoverboard Scooter

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Key Points Of Product

  • Self Balancing Scooter: When the user ride on Self Balancing Rechargeable Hoverboard Scooter, it can be able to keep balance for the user in any riding situation. So, this is flexible to use and reliable too.this is the most advance technology product in Bangladeshi Market.
  • Color: Basically we have different color collection such as White, Red, Blue, Green, Black, Pink and some mixed color. But all the color is not available all time.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Battery Capacity is 4000 mAh.This Electric can carry you about 10 to 30 Km as this scooter set a high quality rechargeable battery to empower the device And Battery Lifetime is 1-2 years. 
  • Speed/Weight/Distance Covered: It can run about 20 km Maximum Per hour  caring about 110kg to 120kg (Load Capacity) on it and able to reach maximum range of 30-50km.
  • Intelligent Processing System: This device installed intelligent processor and chip for giving you high performance output.
  • Bluetooth Music: As this scooter support Bluetooth so, while riding on Self Balancing Rechargeable Hoverboard Scooter you can enjoy music to avoid long riding monotony.
  • Weatherproof: The user can use this scooter in any season including rainy season or in dusty reason too.
  • With Handle: You can see here our new Product: Hoverboard With Handle.
  • Warranty: Actually we want to give warranty for this amazing product, but we cant find relevant people for hoverboard servicing.That’s why we sale this product without warranty.

Product Features

·         Easy to operate and save time.
·         High quality battery added.
·         Intelligent processing and chip system.
·         Bluetooth music support.
·         Original High quality and durable motors.
·         Self-balancing technology applied.
·         Excellent design and color combination.

Product Specification

·         Product type·         Self Balancing Scooter.
·         Max payload·         110kg-120kg
·         Max speed·         15-20km/h
·         Mileage ·         40-50 km
·         Speed limit warning·         Up to 10Km/h
·         Permissible gradient·         10-15 degree
·         Battery Voltage·         36-42V
·         Working Current·         1.3A
·         Battery Rate·         158Wh
·         Battery Capacity·         4400mAh
·         Motor rated power·         2 x 350W
·         Charging Voltage·         AC 100-240V
·         Kinetic Energy Recovery·         70 percent
·         Bluetooth·         Yes
·         Product weight·         10kg
·         Product size·         58.400 x 18.600 x 17.800 cm

Why Use This Product

Self Balancing Rechargeable Hoverboard Scooter in our country, is a newer form of riding scooter by which the user can move to a distant place freely without walking and this product is now available in Dhaka Bangladesh.  Sometimes we goes to office or our school on foot but if the distance is a little bit longer in that case we can use the scooter for going to office or school or market or in anywhere else within 20-50 Km distance. You can use the scooter for riding enjoyment on the way freely with your friends together; that will give much pleasure and fun. This self balanced scooter is reliable because you will not fall down in sudden occasion as the scooter is made with intelligent self balanced technology. While riding at night keep on LED light for indication and direction. This Self Balancing Rechargeable Hoverboard Scooter is able to carry more than 100kg weight so you can ride on with something like bags, briefcase, files or anything else within this weight. The speed of this scooter can satisfy you; it runs maximum speed of 10km/h, so in case of going to your destination it could reach you in time.  As this self balancing scooter is single man user  and need one man walking space so you can use it through medium and light traffic. When the power of Self Balancing Rechargeable Hoverboard Scooter become low it will warn you before full consumption. As this scooter is only 10kg, so when the situation is not ride able you can carry it easily and reuse it in right situation. You can recharge the battery for the next ride; it’s included a high quality rechargeable battery. This scooter can save you a lot of money suppose you are to go 10km distance daily form your home 5 to 10 times how much cost you have to budget for rent of transport; how much cost will be in a day or in a month ? in that case if you use this scooter, you will see that a huge amount of money you can save through Self Balancing Rechargeable Hoverboard Scooter. The tires, motors, processors, chips, body and other parts are made strongly so that the user can use it longer time without feeling any tension. Sometimes it is seen that while riding a long distance about 10 or 15 kilometers, we become bore riding on; This scooter support Bluetooth system so you can enjoy your riding with music. Self Balancing Rechargeable Hoverboard Scooter is made with self balanced technology , so any aged people young to old including serviceman student, common people can get the benefit of using this fantastic product.

What is Self-balancing hoverboard?

You may find the hoverboard balancing mechanism a bit confused firstly, but it's quite simple. This is the beauty of a self-balancing hoverboard!

Using the four key parts like sensors, motor, logic board and gyroscope, the hoverboard self-balances itself soon when it gets off-balanced

How Does Self-balancing hoverboard works?

Self-balancing hoverboards have frames that turn in the middle. The electric motors and sensors that identify speed and slant point are in reality within each wheel. The gyroscopes get the information from the slant sensors in the wheels and carry it to the logic board, keeping the board upstanding consistently. There are switches below each foot pad that trigger an infrared LED light, which triggers a sensor. The light stays on when the rider keeps their feet level, allowing the logic board to realize not to run the motors. When the rider goes forward, the switch turns off the LED light, later the sensor allows the logic board know to turn those wheels. Because the motors are self-balancing of each other, a rider can really do hovers set up.

Is hoverboard worth buying?

You may find hoverboards a bit expensive, yet these are well worth the money if you consider everything before buying. It's quite sure that if you buy one hoverboard for your kid, you will snatch it from him for some fun someday!

Do Hoverboards still explode? 

Every hoverboard uses lithium-ion batteries since they are small in size. But the batteries do a lot of energy. Sadly, they are likely to get overheated and explosions. If a hoverboard explodes, that's sad news. A self-balancing scooter heat can damage a whole house.

Does riding a hoverboard burn calories? 

Yes, riding hoverboards burn calories. A 30 minutes’ ride can burn your calories up to 300 calories! It's essential to remember that several hoverboards will provide many results. However, S-shaped hoverboards may help you to burn your calories. Still, the way a hoverboard involves your muscles is surely a kind of exercise.

Should you wear a helmet on a hoverboard?

All the riders should wear a helmet to avoid injuries. So wear a helmet and ensure you chose the right one. We recommend children to wear helmets when riding hoverboards.

How do you control a hoverboard?

Step 1: Get on the hoverboard 

To secure the best control, put your every foot gently stroking the wheel covers. This supports to divide your weight over a broader area. Placing your weight closer to the center will make it more challenging to manage the hoverboard, so you will fall.

Step 2: Going forwards in a controlled way 

Ensure there’s enough space in front of you, and the surface you are riding on is stable. Don’t ride it in your room anyway!

Once your feet are on the hoverboard and you are stable and bent down lightly, then apply downward pressure with the toes. The pressure applied by your feet must be balanced.


Step 3: Going backwards in a controlled way

Do exactly the reverse of going forwards.


Step 4: Managing your hoverboard while turning

Get your hoverboard rolling into forward by implementing equal downward pressure with the toes.


Step 5: Going off without losing control

While getting off the hoverboard, you need to come to a full, controlled stop, then do the opposite of how you get in. Keeping balance with legs gently crouched, step behind with your left foot if you're right-handed. If it’s securely on the surface, do the similar with your right one.


How do you get on a hoverboard without falling? 

First and foremost, confidence is the key.

Being sure about your own capacity and being positive about the hoverboard is basic to rapidly make certain about the essential ability needed to ride the item. A few people adjust speedier than others and can ride the load up inside a heartbeat, others can take additional time, it truly relies upon the user and their confidence. In any case, all hoverboards are easier to ride and individuals of every age take 10 minutes to get the basics.

Next, actually stepping onto The hoverboard.

Itself can end up being the most testing part of the whole process. It is essential to consistently step onto the board with your favored foot, this is generally the predominant foot. A more extensive position is the best way to deal with taking while stepping onto the hoverboard as this will give you more balance and dependability, the hoverboard is less inclined to jerk as you take a more extensive position making it simpler for you to start riding.


What age is hoverboard for?

Generally, the official age requirement for the most hoverboards is about 8 years old and up.

How much weight can a hoverboard carry?

An 8″ hoverboard has a prescribed weight limit of up to 265 lbs. or 120 kg. A 10″ hoverboards have the highest weight capacity of 330 lbs. or 150 kg.

Can I leave my hoverboard plugged in overnight?

It's secure to leave hoverboards plugged in overnight since these batteries are not in danger of getting fire. Some hoverboards models even feature a fireproof for the batteries to defend you from risk.

Are Hoverboards for inside or outside?

The hoverboards are made to be used outdoors, not indoors. The footpaths are a safer choice for riding your hoverboard on.

What happens if you overcharge hoverboard?

Overcharging your hoverboard by 4-5 hours can drive to burning out the battery. It won't be as effective and will require to charge more often and for a long time.

What is self Balancing rechargeable hoverboard price in Bangladesh?

You will find self-balancing rechargeable hoverboard at a reasonable price 21,000 BDT

Where can I buy an electric hoverboard in Bangladesh?  

Nobarun International, a trustable company who supplies high-quality hoverboards all over in Bangladesh.


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  • Ahamed Minto


    May I have a test ride before buying it? Please tell me may I come to your office any Friday ?

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    I want to buy this product. What is the price......

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  • Alvi


    I am Alvi and i am from Khulna.
    Purchase this Self balance wheel on 28/11/2018
    Product is white color and color finishing is very much good.
    Running Smooth and good quality Product.

  • Asif Mahmud

      Baridhara J Block

    I but this product for my relative because it's a special Birthday gift for him.
    Product quality is good.
    i love white and hoverboard cooter color is also white.

  • Zia


    I just find a hoverboard for my brother.
    I got them and went to their office,collect the product
    Nice office and nice product.

  • F.M.Alamgir

      Nourish Polutry

    I am Managing Director of Nourish Poultry.
    I buy this for my factory.
    service is good.
    Battery backup is more then 1 hour.
    Color combination is awesome.
    Nice packing.

    and i am satisfied

  • Shamsul Alam


    Came from Savar
    Very Nice Product and i buy it for my Elder son.
    Thank you

  • Rafi


    Just search on google "Hoverboard price in Bangladesh"
    I got them and just went to their office.
    Looks good
    color is awesome
    Smoothly running
    Tubeless Tyre

    And i am satisfied.

  • Prottoy


    Came to Nobarun International Mohakhali DOHS Office.
    Test Ride and buy

    Highly recommended.

  • Monir


    Good Product
    I Buy hoverboard from Nobarun International.
    Their attitude is super professional.
    They deserve 5 star out of 5

  • Major Moin


    I got home delivery from them
    Product is good
    color is nice
    Wheel is tireless

    and i am satisfied

  • Abdur Rahim Molla

      Pink City (Dhaka)

    Bought a Hoverboard for my lovely SON.
    He is so much happy with red color.

  • Morshed


    Bought a Hoverboard to gift someone Birthday.
    Very good product and color Finishing is awesome.
    I buy a Blue color and this rechargeable hoverboard service is extra ordinary.
    Thank you nobarun bd

  • Abdul Malek

      Noria Thana (Shoriyotpur)

    I came to dhaka with my nephew for buy a Hoverboard.
    We came and test ride Hoverboard in Nobarun Office.
    We love the product.
    Thank you

  • Minhaz

      Baridhara DOHS

    I carry a hoverboard from Abroad i find a hoverboard charger in Bangladesh.
    No One can sale charger extra within hoverboard.
    At last Nobarun Save me.
    So much happy with their service.
    Good Luck Nobarun International

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