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Customized Capacity

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Cattle Carcass Lifting Hoist Machine is used to lift heavy parts of the carcass in a slaughterhouse. These cattle lifting hoist meets the various demands on strengths and hardness. It has a dual-line operation, which increases stability and load capacity. The capacity of this carcass lifting hoist machine is 100 kg to 800 kg approx.​

Pure Copper Motor

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A motor is very important for any kind of machine. This abattoir electric wire rope hoist adopts a complete copper motor covered by aluminum alloy housing that is durable. As it is made of premium copper that helps with heat dissipation and stable output power. Immune from corrosion. This 1500w motor features with high-efficiency and low noise. The copper is highly conductive which means it provides higher power while operating.​

Durable Aluminum Material

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This carcass remote hoist machine is designed with a rugged steel shell and equipped with aluminum alloy housing. It is also equipped with a premium alloy steel hook for duel line operation. It has a high-strength carbon steel cable. This lifting hoist machine can provide long-term usage and ensure durability with stability.​

Single/Double Line Steel Wire Rope

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This slaughter hoist machine has braided wire ropes which are made of carbon steel material. This rope will not Twist or rotate to the opposite side. There are two kinds of steel wire rope. One is used in the single-line operation (can load up to 400kg) and the other one double-line (up to 800kg) operation. This durable rope can prevent overheating, which ensures safe operation.​

Controlled By Wired Remote

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This rope hoist machine for carcass is controlled by a wired remote. It is very suitable to hang out a cattle-heavy part -no need to climb ladders. You can load or drop from a safe distance through this wired remote with an emergency stop button. This wired remote features a waterproofing cover to protect from the wet environment. It makes the whole process easy and convenient.​

Energy-Saving Power Design

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This Cattle Carcass Lifting Hoist Machine can supply 3 phase electricity. You can save electricity as your demand. The frequency of this machine is 50 Hz. It provides strong power with lower electricity consumption. This hoist machine adopts premium gears to force smoother with lower sound. The lifting hoist is made of very reasonable materials.​

Other Durable Parts

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This electric chain lifting hoist has a premium mounting case that is made of high-quality steel material and is rust-resistant. 2 heavy-duty weighted professional lift hooks with high tension. They are capable of heavy use. It has a perfect gearbox that is made of an alloy steel shell. A 36-voltage electric cabinet has been attached to this machine: to ensure the security of electricity supply and reliable operation.​

Secure Lifting

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The motor stops automatically lifting when the hook touches the red frame. Prohibited the chains from overloading, carbon steel wire rope is less liable to twist off, which ensures better service than other products. Just press the red button on the wired remote to stop the machine under emergency circumstances.​

Safety Protection

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This cow electric wire-rope hoist machine is designed with a built-in safety braking. It will not overheat due to its durable material and silent internal cooling fan. For protecting against any harm, an operator needs to put on safety goggles and gloves. It has a lift strap that is made of polyester and can prevent shock to protect you from any injuries.​

Low-Cost Maintenance

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For long service life of the Cattle Carcass Lifting Hoist Machine is to be properly maintained on the premises. It should be kept in a clean and dry place. Electrical lifting hoist machine having been lubricated with high-temperature lithium grease when it produces. So, no internal lubrication is needed. Check the conditions and tightening of the nuts securing the steel cable clamps. Periodically check the motor stops switch and push button switch are in good operating conditions.​

Easy to Use

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The out structure of this Lifting Equipment Carcass Hoist Machine is very simple. It can maneuver with one hand. Compact and lightweight design makes the electric lifting hoist winch convenient to place wherever it is needed. It can be used horizontally or vertically as you need. It has an ascending button and descending button. The hoist machine allows you to lift the load with no manual effort.​

Area of Usages

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This lifting winch machine is perfect for lifting a cattle carcass in a slaughterhouse. Besides slaughterhouses, it can applicable addition for multiple occasions, such as an automotive garage, food production, building construction, industrial area, warehouse, railway maintenance, cargo as well. It can efficiently save time and space.​

Frequently asked questions and Answers

Carcass lifting hoist machine is used to lift cattle carcass from killing box grid plate to overhead automatic convey rail. With this machine, you can also lift quarter carcasses or half carcasses for further processing. This is an ideal machine for a construction site, mine field, lifting in factories too.​

Our product is made of durable materials. Compact designs, including premium alloy steel hook, aluminum alloy housing. Carbon steel wire rope. The motor is made of pure copper which is rust-resistance.​

1. 1-3 phase electric copper motor.
2. 6.6 ft remote control cord,
3. Limit device
4. Stop bracket and Line blocker,
5. Strong Pully Hook,
6. Carbon steel wire rope etc.
7. Electric control box
8. Low-pressure control switch​

Electric hoist machines can be used as a single line and double line. The load capacity of a single line operation is 1200 lbs. and the load capacity of a double line is 2200 lbs.​

The lifting speed of our hoist machine is 8 m / min.​

The length of this carbon steel cable is 12 meters / 39.5 ft long.if you want more long cable then we will give you.

No. not. This slaughter hoist machine comes with a wired remote with 6.6 feet long cord.​

Yes, this industrial remote comes with waterproof, anti-fall, and dustproof. So that, it covers for a harsh environment.​

Yes, this remote controller cord is available in our local market.​

The speed of this rope hoist machine for carcass is not variable in up/down.​

No sir. You can’t operate this abattoir electric wire rope hoist machine while the remote fails. You have to buy another remote.​

Yes, it’s very easy to install. We provide two extra lifting straps for necessary usage. Just use a rectangle or square metal bar to fix the hoist. Remember one thing, the bar’s width and height shall not overcome the inner size of mounting brackets. Before installed, proper hoist work is recommended. The work area should be must clean and well lighted.​

Do not use this carcass remote hoist machine under the sky. But if there is a chance of too much moisture, it could be a hazard to the unit and the operator. It will be an issue if there is wet weather. We recommend always using it indoors only.​

Yes sir. You can plug it into a regular wall socket.

This electric chain lifting hoist machine can lift 600 kg easily if you use the double method. The double line has a capacity of 1ton.​

The lifting winch machine has a control panel that belongs an ascending button and a descending button. It can allow you to lift the load without any manual effort. This lightweight design makes the hoist machine convenient to place wherever it’s needed. The stop bracket/line blocker helps prevent the wire cable from retracting too far on the spool and causing any damage to the spool, cable, or hoist. Do not try to remove the line blocker. Lift straps can prevent shock and protect anyone from injuries. It can be used horizontally or vertically as you need.​

The hoist machine will stop there if the powers go out and it will be holding weight.​

It can be used in hotel and home decorations, engines, trees-woods, autos, and so on. This is an ideal electric winch for far-ranging scenarios in heavy equipment loading.​

The max power consumption is 3 HP.

The weight of this carcass lifting hoist machine is 18 kg. Diameter is 16.1 inch: 5.9 inch: 9.3 inch.​

1. Keep children at a safe distance from the cow electric wire-rope hoist machine.
2. Use goggles for eye protection, gloves to protect hands when handling lift hook, pulley hook, or cable.
3. Before each use inspect the machine for any damage please check the full hoist, wire cable, lift hooks, power cord, or socket plug. Do not use damaged lifting hoist equipment.
4. Do not pull the steel cable to disconnect the plug.
5. Do not operate this Cattle Carcass Lifting Hoist Machine outside in wet conditions, rain, snow. Electric shock, damage, or injury may occur if you use it in an outdoors harsh environment.
6. Do not operate if the cable is frayed or appears damaged. Replace the cable before use.
7. Do not spray water on the full body of the hoist or wire cable.
8. Do not wipe the worn cable with a damp cloth. Used only compressed air to clean the wire cable
9. Unplug the power cord when not in operation.
10. Moreover, do not exceed the rated capacity even while testing a load.
11. When motors become uncomfortably hot to touch, stop the hoisting immediately. Let it to be cool down a few times.

12. Make sure the remote-control cord and power cord are always out of the way of the load.

This Lifting Equipment Carcass Hoist Machine is very popular for Heavy Load capacity. It usually has a high combined hoist and trolley combination. For quieter operations, you can save your worker from sound pollution. It goes a long way in protecting their hearing. It can improve the level of productivity in your slaughterhouse or other places. This electric lifting hoist machine helps in reducing work-related costs. Some hoists allow you only for vertical movement, but this machine alloys you to be able to lift heavy cattle or quarter carcasses or other things both vertically and horizontally. The equipment of this hoist machine is flexible. It can be easily used everywhere. This equipment is very safe to work with.​

The power of this hoist machine is 1.5 KW. This machine provides strong power with lower electricity consumption.

Yes, this Cattle Carcass Lifting Hoist Machine has an emergency stop button. Only stops when you let off the button.​

Yes, it is.

1. Plug the power supply into an extension cord.
2. Test the hoisted without load. Make sure the wire cable ascends and descends properly.
3. Make sure all the connections are secure.
4. Clear the Area within 12 meters of the wire cable.
5. Start hoisting. Keep the wire cable under tension.
6. Hoisting operation will be stopped when the load on grounded.
7. Disconnect the wire cable safely.
8. Rolled up the wire cable. Make sure that any rope is already on the drum.
9. Secure the hook and lifting strap.
10. Clean and inspect the machine for the next operation.​

No, this hoist machine doesn’t make any sound pollution. It adopts premium quality gear to force smoother with lower noise.​

The maintenance cost for this Cattle Carcass Lifting Hoist Machine is very low. Because it has been lubricated using high-temperature lithium grease when manufactured. So, no internal lubrication is required. Use a wet cloth to clean the exterior surfaces of the winch. Use a soft brush to remove any dust and oil.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, The Cattle Carcass Lifting Hoist Machine Starting Cost is 2,75,000 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the feature, specification and other customization.​

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