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Auto Operation

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Digital Electronic Cash Drawer System work automatically. In a typical POS system configuration, the receipt printer sends a signal to the cash drawer, enabling it to open only when necessary. This auto operation minimizes the manual labor as well as time. Business become more efficient and reliable to customers.​

Huge Capabilities

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This cash register drawer has high level of productivity and capability. Notes and coins both can be loaded in its money containing tray. You will be able to load huge amount notes in its 5 note slot. It has a huge capability to contain coins also with 8 coin slots in the tray. You can extent or decrease the capacity of coin slot by adjusting the slot size.​


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Prepared with a high durability release mechanism and roller bearing wheel to ensure long lasting service. MTBF is over 2,000,000 Times which means Tested over 2 million transactions. Other Cash Register Trays have less MTBF than this one.​


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You need to connect the cash drawer with receipt printer or others to operate the drawer. This smart cash drawer has different interface to connect the drawer. You can connect the receipt printer through RJ11, RJ12, RS232, DC Ø 2.5/3.5 Jack. You can use any of them. You also can operate the drawer manually. You also have access to use customized interface.​

Body Material

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The POS cash drawer is made of thick gauge cold rolled steel & SECC. The whole body is made of heavy-duty steel. These steel gauge cold rolled steel has strong durability. Adverse weather cannot damage this kind of steel easily. There is a tray inside the drawer which is made of high impact plastic. High quality springs are used to make the movement smooth and easy.​

High Quality Spring

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High quality springs are used to construct the electrical cash drawer which enables the cash tray response the command smoothly and immediately. These springs are made of stainless steel and they are highly flexible to work. The meatal wire gripers are also attached with smooth working springs to hold down the notes.​

Lock System

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This digital cash drawer system is secured with three position key lock. 1-manual open, 2-auto open by printer/POS, 3- open by using key. Automatic open works when the receipt printer send signal to open the drawer. Without receiving signal, it remains closed. You can use key to open the lock if you need. This cash drawer also has option to open it manually.​

Tray Details

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Inside this Electronic Cash Drawer System, there is tray containing both slots; notes and coins. The tray has 5 note slots with metal wire grippers to stock notes. Similarly, it has 8-coin slots where you can load huge number of coins. Coin slots are comparably small than note slots but you can adjust the slot size according to you need. There is humanized design with sponger damper and tidy space for small tool storage. The cash drawer is made of shatter resistant plastic.​

POS Integration

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This cash register drawer allows you POS integration easily. This Digital Cash Register drawer is best achieved by developing both note and coin recyclers incorporated with any Point-of-sale system. POS integration may help your business grow effectively. Because this POS system enable you to manages business transactions, provides receipts, tracks inventory, and stores many types of transaction data.​

Easy to Maintain

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Maintaining the Electronic Cash Drawer System is simple and effortless. When you input the sale the cash drawer opens automatically by the signal of POS printer or receipt printer. When you need to open it, you can open manually or by drawer key. You can open the full cash tray and clean it appropriately. As the cash drawer is portable, you can easily move the drawer from one place to another.​


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The cash register drawer has a standard dimension. The measurement is 425(W)X 455(D)X 100(H) mm. This suitable allows you move the drawer easily from one place to another.​


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After buying the digital steel cash drawer, you will get 1-year service warranty. It means you do not have to pay for the services but you have to pay for required parts or equipment. After finishing one year, you will be charged for services and required equipment.​

Product Special Features
  • 350W*405D*90H mm
  • 4 Bill 8 Coin,
  • 3-position lock
  • Removable and adjustable Coin Tray
  • 0.8mm thick metal struction
Product Specification


350(W)x405(D)x90(H) mm / 13.7(W)x15.9(D)x3.5(H) inch


All metal construction


Textured hybrid power cost


Black, beige and custom type


Polyurethane for smooth operation


Shatter-resistant plastic

Currency Layout

3.4,5-Bill Metal Wire Grippers, 4,5,6.7.8 adjustable coin slots

Media Slots

1 Or 2


3-postion lock/4 functions:Locked open/closed,manual open,electronically driven


RJ11,RJ12,RS232,USB,DCφ2.5/3.5Jack,custom type

Micro Switch

Cash drawer status micro switch


USB trigger Serial interface trigger

Net Weigt


Gross Weigt

5.3 (kg)

Carton Size

455x405x140 (mm)

Frequently asked questions and Answers

Digital Electronic Cash Drawer System is an automated cash drawer that is designed to keep cash safely and operate automatically by the command of receipt printer or POS. At the same time, this cash drawer give security to your money and minimize manual labor, save your time.​

Printer Driven Cash Drawer This is your fancy automatic drawer of the most popular type. It plugs into your receipt printer and waits for the printer to tell it to open. The printer waits for your Point of Sale (POS) application to tell it to print a receipt and that yes, this transaction is cash money, so please open the drawer.​

If you are facing hassles regarding cash management you can use this Electronic Cash Drawer System and boost your business productivity. It will benefit you many ways-

  1.  Save your time.
  2.  Minimize manual labor.
  3.  Increase productivity of your employees.
  4.  Gives safety to your money.
  5.  Protect theft in your business.
  6.  Help you to decorate notes precisely.

The most important benefit that you get safety and security to your money. It helps you develop your business through well management.​

The cash drawer is an essential and highly visible component of any POS system. It is continuously in interaction with people. So, you should buy a cash drawer considering many things. Buying a cheap cash drawer may save your coast at first, but it will frequently generate annoyance and unhappiness, making the entire system appear bad. A high-quality cash drawer will still be one of the least cost components of a POS system, so choosing quality over pricing can benefit both you and your consumer.
When considering the purchase of a cash drawer, there are many criteria which should be considered to get the best fit for your customer. You have to consider the durability or life cycle first.

  •  A million-life-cycle cash drawer, with the above usage, will need to be replaced every 3 ½ years.
  •  A 1.5-million-life-cycle cash drawer, with the above usage, will last the customer 4-5 years.

 We offer you a highly doable cash drawer that has over 2 million MTBF.

Press the "Test Open Cash Drawer" button to see if your settings are working. These are your typical RS232 (serial) type cash drawers. They connect directly to the serial port and do not have pass-through capability. Do not "check" the intelligent cash drawer box if you use one of these.​

1. Avoid breaking coin rolls on the drawer front or the currency tray.
2. Do not clean roller bearings or slides with any water or substance cleaners.
3. Use a lint free fabric to wipe old grease.

  • The cash drawer is immediately linked to a receipt printer. The POS application must provide the appropriate opening codes to the printer, which will then deliver the signal to open the Cash Drawer. For the correct open codes, consult the manuals for your specific printer.
  • Verify correct position of the lock. To open electronically the lock would need to be in the 12 o’clock position.
  • Verify the correct end of the RJ-12 printer cable is connected to the cash drawer as well as the printer.
  • Make sure all packing tapes were removed from the cash tray and that no foreign objects are obstructing the cash tray from opening.

Open the cash drawer and remove the currency tray. Then, Place both hands on the front sides of the inner drawer and lift the cash drawer up. Pull the inner drawer all the way out of the cabinet​

Connecting cash drawer to the receipt printer is very easy. Take the cash drawer kick cable and connect to your cash drawer. Then take the other end of the kick cable and plug it into your printer.​

If you want to sell in an open-market setting, you'll need a cash drawer. Even if you don't plan on spending much money, you'd be amazed how many people prefer to pay with cash exclusively at gatherings like these. Using cash alone is a great approach to keep track of your expenditures. Many individuals appreciate the tactile aspect of currency as well.​

Actually, this amount depends on many things. It may better to decide based on the predicted volume of sale. You can consider the type of payment your customers make usually. You can store any amount of cash that the drawer can adopt.​

At the start of each workday, place a certain amount of cash in the drawer. Set it to the smallest amount that is practical in order to be able to make change for consumers. If your company takes credit and debit cards, you may be able to keep this sum quite modest.​

This square pos cash drawer is prepared with a high durability release mechanism and roller bearing wheel to ensure long lasting service. MTBF is over 2,000,000 Times which means tested over 2 million transactions. Other Cash Register Trays have less MTBF than this one. So, this serve for a long time compared to other electric cash drawer.​

Yes, operating digital cash drawer need no complexity. It does not need manual labor. It opens automatically when the receipt printer send signal to open. If you do not use any receipt printer, you can use key to open the drawer. You just need to rotate the key, then the drawer will open automatically.​

Before operating the cash drawer, you need to stock balance into the drawer. You can load money by some simple steps.

  1. You need to remove the cash tray from the cash drawer.
  2. You get 5 slots for installing notes and 8 slots for loading coins.
  3. Stock notes into the slots separately. For example – install all 1000 TK notes in a slot, install all 500 TK nots in a different slot, keep all 200 TK notes in another slot, put 100 TK notes in a different slot. Thus, finish installing notes into the cash drawer.
  4. Similar, keep all one-taka coins into a slot, install two-taka coins into a different slot, Load another slot with five-taka coins. Thus, complete stocking coins also. You may adjust coins slots if you need.

Small and medium size business often face shrink and loss due to corruption and internal theft in the business. This cash register drawer can prevent internal theft. Because, it does not allow anyone to open the cash drawer. It only open when the receipt printer allows and sent signal to it.​

Having stock or not and comparing to the world market, this products price can be up & down. But right now, The Cash drawer Starting Cost is 9,500 Taka Price in Bangladesh. If you want to buy, the price can be up & down depending on the size and Specification.

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