Zebra ZXP Series 3 Dual Side ID Card Printer in Bangladesh

Key Points Of Product

  • Dual Side ID Card Printer: Alongside single side printing, Zebra ZXP Series 3 Dual Side ID Card Printer enables dual side printing at a time and saves massive amount of cost and workload of the user.
  • Ensure High Quality Printing: Combination of Zebra Value Class printers and Zebra Performance Class Printers are used as the mechanism of Zebra ZXP Series 3 ID Card PrinterThis is how high quality is ensured.
  • Super Fast Productivity: You would love to know that this amazing printer has ability to print 750 cards (single-side) and 180 cards (Dual side) by only one hour.Now you can also print all the Student ID Cards,University Cards,Membership Cards etc.
  • Additional Accessories: We also sale Card Printer Ribbon, RFID Card, PVC Cards,Cleaning Cards, Zebra Printer Covers are available as additional accessories which are also unquestionably of superior quality.
  • Warranty:We provide 1 year after-sales warranty  for this highly efficient dual side ID card printer(without Printer Head).

Product Features

·         Dye sublimation thermal transfer direct-to-card
·         ZRaster host-based image processing technology
·         Full-color or monochrome printing
·         Single- and dual-sided printing
·         750 cards per hour monochrome single-sided
·         180 cards per hour full-color YMCKO single-sided
·         Edge-to-edge printing on standard CR80 plastic cards
·         Dual side ID card printing facility producing vivid, high-quality full color printing on single side cards as well
·         Stylish, state-of-the-art mechanism enriched, productive and a profitable ID card printer
·         Compact design makes it fit in the workplace greatly
·         The most cost effective printer in the Zebra ZXP Series
·         Ability to print gift cards, membership cards, personalized cards and access control cards
·         Eco-friendly ribbons help keeping the environment more healthy for human beings

Product Specification

·         Width ·         7.9"/201 mm
·         Height ·         9.3"/236 mm
·         Depth ·         14.5"/368 mm
·         Weight (product) ·         12.2 lbs/5.53 kg
·         Ethernet connectivity ·         Built-in 10/100
·         Operating Temperature ·         60º F/15º to 86º F/30º C
·         Storage Temperature ·         23º F/-5º C to 158º F/70º C
·         Operating Humidity ·         20% to 65% inclusive, non-condensing
·         Storage Humidity ·         20% to 70% inclusive, non-condensing
·         Operating power type ·         Single-phase AC power

·         90V~264V AC RMS and 47-63 HZ (50-60 Hz nominal)

·         FCC ·         Class A

Why Use This Product

The brand Zebra has already been a widely accepted and acknowledged brand for sustainable quality ID card printers. To add to the glory, one of the revolutionary products in ID Card printing field around the world is going to be the Zebra ZXP Series 3 Dual Side ID Card Printer, even though it is an emerging product here in Bangladesh till now, the potential is nowhere anyhow baseless. For a superior professional quality ID card printing experience that both are efficient and cost effective, that both are reliable and long-lasting solution to the ID card printing task and that both are greatly professional at work and eco-friendly in nature, the Zebra ZXP Series 3 Dual Side ID Card Printer is the name of such an excellent ID card printer. The most cost effective ID card printer in its class, this brand new printer is a combination of the two powerful Zebra Values Class printers and Zebra Performance Class printers which defies all the confusions of not being a high quality ID card printer. Two of the most amazing benefits that this Printer holds are surely the dual-side at a time printing ability and its cost-effectiveness. Normally ID card printers don’t often come with this feature of dual-side printing, one-side at a time printing is the most common feature. But the advanced technological mechanisms used in this product enable such kind of a time-effective feature and thus adds to its value. One single print at a time results in a complete printing of a ID card through this feature. Then again, Zebra ZXP Series 3 Dual Side ID Card Printer comes with the feature of being the most cost effective printer in its class. The eco-friendly Load-N-Go™ drop-in ribbon cartridges made to function in the product keeps the environment healthy and environmentally sound which is a huge competitive edge for the product. On the other hand, when the question of productivity arises, you would love to know that 750 cards per hour monochromic printing (single-side) and 180 cards per hour full-fledged color YMCKO (single-side) is the capability of This Printer to print at a time! Batch production of ID card printing just has got a better way of doing through this compact-shaped printer. Its compact shaped fits it into any office environment smoothly and takes a reasonably lesser area, and is quite handy to carry wherever you might wish. USB 2.0 standard, Windows Drivers supported and built-in 10/100 Ethernet connectivity makes it furthermore user friendly and cost-cutting professional office product. Another key point for any ID card printer is its usability. The Zebra ZXP Series 3 Dual Side ID Card Printer covers this part of the product’s utility as well! You can print gift cards, membership cards, personalized cards, access control cards etc on PVC and composite surfaced sheets through this ID card printer. This leaves you worry-less to run a business firm in terms of any kind of professional card printing. More day-to-day and social usability aspects of this Printer  can be printing ID cards for school/college/university goers, ID card for patients admitted in any hospital, security personnel in the civil defense and law enforcing organizations and so on! 16-character LCD display, a complete professional set-up, print resolution of 300 dpi (11.8 dots/mm) and the print speed of 195 cards/hour (color) and 700 cards/hour (monochromic), the Zebra ZXP Series 3 Dual Side ID Card Printer is set to rule the Bangladeshi market as Zebra brand’s previous version of printers have become obsolete and non-compatible in the market. For a super fast, super quality, highly user friendly and satisfactory ID card and other different kinds of card printing, Nobarun international proudly presents and strongly recommends Zebra ZXP Series 3 Dual Side ID Card Printer as the most cost effective printer in the category for our invaluable customers all around Bangladesh and overseas.

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