X-Ray Luggage & Baggage Scanner Machine

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Key Points Of Product

  • X-Ray Inspection System: The scanner is able to show you directly what is in the bags on the display; so you can easily understand everything.
  • High Speed Data Acquisition: With the help of advance features of X-Ray Luggage & Baggage Scanner you can collect the data with high speed mode.
  • Different Tunnel Size: The tunnel size is variable so you can buy from 505 to 810 mm size tunnel in the market.
  • Using Area: This most useful X Ray Luggage & Baggage Scanner can be used in many places like railway, airport, custom, port, School, Collage, University and other places.
  • Optional Features: The device include few more advance facilities such as High Density Area Alarm, Black Box, TIP Threat Image Projection, X-Auto Sight Contraband Auxiliary Recognition System, OTP Operator Training Program, One Key to Shutdown, Environment Protection and Energy Saving

Product Features

·         Fantastic high quality image.
·         Multi-functional image processing system.
·         Advance technology of Multi-Energy penetration.
·         Big tunnel facilities
·         High speed scanning process.
·         New X-Ray protection technology.

Product Specification

General Specification
·         Brand·         Astimage
·         Model·         EI-8065D
·         Tunnel Size·         810mm (W) x 650mm (H)
·         Conveyor speed·         0.2m/s
·         Conveyor Height·         285mm
·         Max. Load·         200kg
·         Resolution·         Typical :40AWG

·         Standard: 36WAG

·         Penetration (steel)·         Typical:32mm

·         Standard:30mm

·         Spatial Resolution·         Horizontal: ф1.0mm

·         Vertical: ф1.3mm

·         Resolution·         17”LCD 1280 x 1024
Image Processing System
·         Display·         Colorful and Black & white
·         Saves capacity and pull back·         100,000 images/infinite review
·         Picture resolution·         1280 x 1024
·         Processing & Gray Scale·         Any constituencies 1 ~ 32 multiple enlarge, full Screen continuous check.
X-Ray Generator
·         Anode Voltage·         160KV (adjustable)
·         Beam Direction·         From the top
·         Cooling & Running Cycle·         Sealed oil cooling & 100%
·         X-Ray Sensor·         Multi-Energy l photoelectric diode array detector
Installation data
·         Size·         2888mm (L) x 1110mm (W) x 1675mm (H)
·         Weight·         800KG
·         Working Temperature·         0ºC to +45ºC
·         Power supply·         AC 220V, 50±3 (Hz)
·         Certification·         EU CE certification, USA FCC certification
·         Place of Origin·         China

Why Use This Product

Today we will discuss about a successful and effective X-Ray Luggage & Baggage Scanner. The security in everywhere is most important matter in our daily life. Wherever we go we need to be secured. The criminal activities are rapidly growing not only in our country Bangladesh,but also all over the world. Criminals often carries arms, drugs, or illegal something for exporting to the other country. They export those things through station, terminals, or airport. If you use Luggage & Baggage Scanner in those places or other places like this; if the luggage or bags are scanned you can view all the legal or illegal things. So, this X-ray scanner is going to be the most helpful in your purpose. Now, I am going to show you the extraordinary features of the product why this can meet your requirement? The X-ray scanner has large size of tunnels for passing the big luggages and baggage’s so; it is standard size in almost all the station or the airport. It is also capable of keeping maximum load of 200kg. It has 17” LCD display with standard graphics quality. The height of the conveyor is 285mm. This Scanner includes colorful and black & white display for scanning views. It is capable of storage unexpected amount of about 100,000 images and able to infinite review. The conveyor speed is very fast, it is almost 0.2m/s; so using this device is saving will save the valuable time of the passengers. This X-ray scanner is capable of scan on high speed with the conveyor speed. The using area of X-Ray Luggage & Baggage Scanner is huge you can use the X-ray scanner in railway, airport, custom, port, School, Collage, University and other places. The scanning result and data analyzing process is very much accurate and dependable. The uses of X-Ray Luggage & Baggage Scanner have already been used in lots of places. Using this device huge amount of illegal material are detected in the terminals and airports and in many other places.  So, if you wish to secure your system you can fully depend on this trustworthy device. Usually we have such a conception that these types of device are only use in some important places or in some developed country, the idea is totally wrong this X-Ray Luggage & Baggage Scanner is widely being used all over the world and specially in Bangladesh lots of people are already using This  X-ray scanner.


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    We total purchase 2 Pcs luggage & Baggage scanner from Nobarun International.
    Their support is awesome.
    Highly recommended

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