Under Vehicle Surveillance Inspection System in Bangladesh

Key Points Of Product

  • Flexible Installation: The setting up of Under Vehicle Surveillance Inspection System is easy, you can set it up permanently and temporarily.
  • Real Time Inspection: This surveillance inspection camera provides accurate and real time images of all the vehicles to the terminal device.
  • Camera Functionality: The system included two types of cameras, 2 underground IR cameras for viewing lower portion of the vehicle and 2 are above ground cameras for recognizing the number plates. These cameras take sharp and clean image.
  • Ultra Durable Technology Applied:The manufacturer of Vehicle Surveillance Inspection System produce this device in such a high technology that the device will serve longer time.
  • Number Plate Recognition Technology: This surveillance inspection is able to track and recognize the number plate of the vehicles on the moving state.
  • 100% Vehicle Security Ensured:With the help of this surveillance inspection system you are getting the tracking data of the moving vehicles.

Product Features

·         Flexibility for installation and operation.
·         Securing real time viewing.
·         Transmit clear and high quality image.
·         Stable scratchproof and sharp lens.
·         Permanent and portable installation faculties.
·         Longest lasting durability.

Product Specification

Embedded Screening part
·         Camera sensor ·         Line scans CCD, resolution:5000 x 2048 pixel, power supply 24VDC, 3A
·         Illumination ·         LED, Power spply: 24VDC, 150W
·         Size ·         1200mm x 350mm x 300mm
·         Operating temperature range ·         -20ºC to +60ºC
·         Input ·         2 channels induction coil
·         Output ·         1 channel switch type 12VDC
·         Communication port ·         RS485, Ethernet(optional)
·         Operating temperature ·         -10ºC to 55ºC
System Host
·         CPU ·         Intel(R), Celeron(R)CPU
·         Memory ·         E3400, 2.6GHz, 2G (4G optional)
·         Graphic ·         512M
·         Harddisk ·         SATA2 Hard Disk 500G
·         Dual LAN ·         USB 2.0 (Up to 2 pices)
·         Monitor ·         22” LCD, resolution up to 1920 x 1080
·         Certificate ·         CE, FCC, RoSH
·         Place of Origin ·         China (mainland)

Why Use This Product

Security is an uncompromising question in our life in small places or in big places security should be must high. But in some cases the security can play a very important role otherwise the system would be in danger. Under Vehicle Surveillance Inspection System is a security management system for vehicle’s inspection. This device is able to serve you security of any types of vehicles in your uses area. This surveillance inspection system is mostly suitable for the security of defense facilities, government buildings, Embassy compounds, Energy plant entrances, Correctional / prison facilities for sally ports, Underground parking garages, Residential complex, palaces and presidential residence, Hotel, casinos and resorts, stadium, public events venues, office complex, insurance claim centers, borders and parking lots etc. The Under Vehicle Inspection System can show you real time images, so you can watch every moment and movement of the vehicles. Setting up this camera in your places is very simple and it needs only one foot wide section, this device includes many cameras and lights for the perfect places to get the entire views. The cameras and lights are waterproof, its designs for rugged terrain an rough weather and able to operate under extreme temperature. The significant feature of Under Vehicle Surveillance Inspection System are driver image camera compatible, automatic license plate recognition system, Video can be transferable over wireless, IP or optical fiber.  This inspection camera device also has flat panel LCD display, LEDs has 100,000 hours of operating capacity. You can permanently install the device or temporary that’s your choice. All the steel ramps can be capable of 48-ton load performance. The power and cabling accessories are standard with all system; in case of cabling no need of wearing the building or heavy complexities.  Ramp can be expanded or reduced in size in 1 foot only and each ramp can be configured with or without cameras scratchproof and user-replaceable camera has well protective lens. The uses of Under Vehicle Surveillance Inspection System can secure your uses areas fully and confidently. This surveillance inspection system would make you tension free in case of security for your buildings or uses areas. The Under Vehicle Surveillance Inspection System is serving its duty to the people with great respect accurate performance. When there is a question of pin point security, in this case Vehicle Surveillance Inspection System incomparable. This device can ensure you maximum security that you expect from it. If you eager to get more information or decide to purchase call us 01611758787

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