Under Vehicle Car Search Mirror With Flashlight In Bangladesh

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Key Points Of Product

  • Inspection Your Vehicle:Generally  Under Vehicle Car Search Mirror With Flashlight is used To see if there’s anything at the bottom of the car.It has brought for you by Nobarun International Bangladesh. By this search mirror you can easily see at the bottom of the vehicle. if there are something harmful under the vehicle you can remove it and you can stay uncompromising about your security.
  • Multi Directional Wheels:This Mirror has a wheel. it is not only a one-way wheel, but you can easily move it from it’s one side to another side. Even you can use it from left to right, in front of the back by turn around.
  • Flashlight:At night when you want to search under a car, there is a flashlight to search it properly. This Flash light is very easy to adjust with the handle. This flashlight needs only 3 batteries, which lasts for a very long time.
  • Foam Grip Handle:To hold this Under Vehicle Car Search Mirror With Flashlight by hand there is a very comfortable foam grip, which makes it easy to hold and work for long time.
  • Different Shape:Different people have different kinds of cars. Moreover, vehicle’s height is an issue, for this reason such mirror are different types. In this example 6 inch to 12 inch is the shapes or higher then them.

Product Features

·         Clear Mirror/Curving Mirror
·         Good Illumination
·         Nice Handle
·         Easy Control

Product Specification

  • 08 in. Diameter (20 cm) convex mirror tilted for easy viewing


LED light bar ·         Bright LED light bar (x2), 15hrs run time
water tight push button
  • Mil spec water tight push button on/ off switch
  • Foam hand grip


  • Quick change standard 9V (x2) batteries located inside the pole


  • Telescopic, non-rotational, black anodized pole (4 sections)


  • Length 25” to 66” (63.5 cm to 167.5cm), non-rotational telescopic pole (5 pc.)


  • Weight: 4.5 lbs (2.0 kg to 4 kg)

Why Use This Product

Scenarios of Bangladesh a car owner has to stay with various anxiety for his car. In this example, starting from car Vandalism to theft, the vehicle owner’s opponents leave  Explosive under the car etc are more dangerous. Moreover  Without them, there are many other disturbance. As a result vehicle owner began to search his problems solution. And there are many solution for this type of problem in our country now. At least for security at the bottom of the car  Under Vehicle Car Search Mirror With Flashlight is used. A man can operate it very easily and if there are something under the vehicle, he/she easily can detect it. there are no more disturbance for using it. works  can easily be done by open and installing it. Moreover, It is a device that can easily be put in a place a little bit. For the safety at the bottom your car, the faithful Product Name is Under Vehicle Car Search Mirror With Flashlight

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    Nobarun International
     2 reviews
  • Khandaker Mahbubur Rahman

      Maddhapara Granite Mining Company Ltd.

    For vehicle entry security control purpose, we use this product in our office & warehouse. 100% satisfied with this under vehicle car search mirror. thanks nobarun international for this product, specially for delivery in our Dhaka office.

  • Tanvir

      Polar Ice Cream (Tejgaon)

    I bought a product from Nobarun
    Quality is awesome.
    Price is reasonable.

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