Spicy-Sweet Corn Maker Machine With Steamer

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Key Points Of Product

  • Body Material:The material of the Sweet Corn Maker Machine With Steamer is made of SS non-magnet 1.2 mm sheet along with SS non-magnet 1.5inch-15inch box. It is incredibly durable. It is also corrosion-free so it will not get rusted. You can easily prepare and serve corns thanks to the vertical design of the machine.
  • Multiple Flavor options: You can add different types of Masala to the masala bowl. You can use the sweet cone machine to make butter sweet corn, masala corn, lemon corn and so much more. Make sure to include the masala in the mug/mixer for mixing and adding different flavors.Different flavors make the corn taste differently so make sure to use a tasty masala.
  • Type & Size: There are two types of this amazing corn making machine. They are floor stand and table-top. The floor-stand can stand on its own while the table-top can be used by placing the machine on the table. If you want the floor-stand, then we can provide you that or if you want table-top, we can also provide you that. Our corn machine comes in two different sizes. The double machine has a length of 28inch, width of 24inch and a height of 33inch but if you pick the table-top, then the height would be 12inch. The single machine has a length of 22inch, width of 24inch and a height of 33 inch however, if you choose the floor stand, then the height would be 12inch. We have all these varieties so you can see which one is perfect for you.
  • Power Consumption: The Sweet Corn Maker Machine With Steamer double-sized one has two coils and each of them uses 300W so it consumes a total of 600W while the single one consumes 300W. Both respectively use less electricity than other corn machines. So, it works efficiently and saves you electricity. Both of the single and double machines need electricity in order to work.
  • Delivery: We will need 3-5 days to build the Sweet Corn Maker Machine With Steamer for you. Whether you require the table top or the floor-stand, we can provide it for you. You can order one that really fits your needs.
  • Warranty: We will provide 2 years of service support and warranty. If you have any further questions, then contact us.

Product Features

·        Durable & Long-lasting Design
·        Automatic Temperature Control
·        Variety Of Options
·        2-year Warranty

Why Use This Product

What is Sweet Corn Maker Machine With Steamer ?

A corn maker machine is a machine used to make sweet corns for people. We have two types of this machine: floor stander & table top. People can use this commercial corn maker machine to make sweet corn snacks at home or outside. This sweet corn maker machine also caters to the general public as a fast-food stand. If you want to start a sweet corn selling business, then this product is perfect for you.


What is a corn maker machine supposed to do?

Sweet corn is a popular snack among people. A corn maker machine lets you produce sweet corn without any problems. Our Sweet Corn Maker Machine With Steamer  lets you make sweet corns whether you are home or outside. It is meant for commercial usage. You can sell sweet corn to your customers at roadside or any other place. However, you can also use this at home to produce quality sweet corn snacks for you and your family.


How to use a corn maker machine?

First, put the corn inside a bowl. Then add masala inside the bowl or spice it up. Add some oil with a spoon. You could also use butter as an extra recipe. Then stir the bowl with a big spoon until it is ready. Afterwards, put the corn inside a mug and serve it to your family or your customers. The corns are going to be hot so be careful and try not to spill it. You may want to use glasses for extra protection.


What type of oil should you use in the Sweet Corn Maker Machine With Steamer ?

The kind of oil that you use will influence the flavor of the corn. The most used oil is coconut oil. It is usually known because it tastes better than other oils. Be that as it may, people who are health-conscious regularly prefer canola oil, because of its lower fat and cholesterol content.


What are the places where corn machines are mostly used?

The sweet corn maker machine is mostly seen on roadside, in front of schools, shopping malls, beaches and also in theatres. Though, you can use the Sweet Corn Maker Machine With Steamer at home, it is widely recognized for its commercial use. This is a highly demanded business so you can use this corn machine to get started.


Is corn a fruit?

To complicate things a little bit, many grains including corn are viewed as a fruit. This is due to the fact that they originate from the seed or flower part of the plant. However, vegetables are from the leaves, stems, and different pieces of a plant. In this way, corn is really a vegetable, an entire grain, and a fruit as well.


How do you clean the sweet corn maker machine?

Use a dry cloth or a paper towel to wipe away any excess oil or butter on the inside of the corn maker. Try not to use any cleaning agents, simply utilize the towel to remove any excess fats. You should clean your Sweet Corn Maker Machine With Steamer  to avoid any issues. If you do not clean it properly, it may lose its quality over the years. So make sure to clean the corn machine properly.

How many times should you clean the commercial corn maker machine?

You should wash your corn maker after you use it more than four times. If you keep your corn maker machine unclean for a long period of time, it may face issues. Thus, you may want to clean it accordingly and properly so that the machine works perfectly.

Can you use margarine oil to make corns?

Answer 9:No, you should not use margarine oil.  An oil with a low smoke point like margarine oil is risky for your health. These types of oil can burn your corns. They can also give your corn an unappealing smoky taste.

Can you use olive oil in the Sweet Corn Maker Machine With Steamer ?

Well, you can try olive oil in your corn machine. It has nutrition equal to canola oil since it is high in good mono saturated fat and gives the corn a richer flavor. However, olive oil has a low smoking point and will, in general, burn rapidly so it is very risky. (All kernels tried were cooked in the crank popper with 1 tablespoon of oil for every 1/2 cup of kernels.


How much is the wattage of the commercial corn machine?

The wattage of the Sweet Corn Maker Machine With Steamer  varies depending on the model you choose. Our double size machine has a wattage of 600W and our single size machine has a wattage of 300W. Both of them are reliable and consumes less power than other corn making machines. However, this corn machine completely runs on electricity.


How many types are there of the corn maker machine?

Answer 12: There are two types of commercial corn maker machine. One is a floor stander (for standing on the floor on its own) and another one is table top. Both of them are equally good and efficient for making sweet corns. We’ll need 3-5 days to build this machine for you.

Can you use vegetable oil in the commercial corn machine?

Answer 13: No, you should not use vegetable oil whatsoever. Oil affects the taste and the nutritional value of the corns you make. You should avoid vegetable oil due to the fact that it can’t stand the heat of the kettle and might catch on fire. It is a safety issue so you may want to avoid this oil.

What is the price of Sweet Corn Maker Machine With Steamer ?

Answer 14: You will find the commercial Sweet Corn Maker Machine With Steamer  here at a very reasonable price.Please call our official mobile no: 01711998626

Where can I buy Sweet Corn Maker Machine With Steamer in Dhaka Bangladesh?

Answer 15: You will find the commercial Sweet Corn Maker Machine With Steamer  here at a reasonable price! Call us or visit our website. We, www.nobarunbd.com provide all types of kitchen appliances and corn machines in Bangladesh.


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